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HGH good for soccer

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Wally from Jacksonville:
Is there a limit to the number of seasons a player can be assigned to practice squads?

Vic: Three years is the limit. A player is no longer eligible for the practice squad if he's spent three years on the practice squad or if he's ever been on the 45-man active roster for nine games in a single season.

Ryan from Clyde, OH:
Has there been any NFL head coaches that have gotten promoted to GM?

Vic: Vince Lombardi did. In 1968, Lombardi stepped down as head coach and became the Packers' general manager. He was already experiencing health problems and those close to him think he may have known the abdominal pain he was experiencing was more than just indigestion. He only lasted one year as GM. In '69, Lombardi became part owner and head coach of the Washington Redskins. A year later, at age 57, he died of colon cancer. Why did Lombardi leave the Packers? Probably because he didn't have the heart to do what he knew he would have to do: He would have to start cutting the players that made him the great coach he was. It was something at which Chuck Noll also struggled. How do you cut a guy who came out of a hospital bed for you on the morning of the Super Bowl? You don't. I'm talking about Dwight White. Noll couldn't cut him and, just like that, the emperor had no clothes. For Lombardi, it was Paul Hornung. Lombardi had to make the painful decision to leave Hornung unprotected in the expansion draft. The worst part, however, was just ahead. Lombardi was going to have to replace Bart Starr. It was time to move on.

Caleb from Jacksonville:
Deji Karim seems to be turning a lot of heads in OTA's. As someone who has seen him play, is he as quick as reporters have said?

Vic: No, we're just making that up.

David from Jacksonville:
"If they were playing the World Cup in my backyard, I'd close the blinds." Such a sad point of view; very uncultured and narrow-minded.

Vic: I don't care. Any sport in which you use your head to hit the ball but you can't use your hands is too nonsensical for me to have any interest in it. It seems as though soccer would be perfect for people who take HGH.

Moshe from Mexico City, Mexico:
I have a baseball question about perfect games. Imagine a pitcher didn't allow a hit, didn't walk a batter and struckout everybody, but in one of the strikeouts his catcher fails to catch the ball and the batter escapes to first base and he is the only player on his team who reaches base in the entire game. Will that be a perfect game?

Vic: Nope.

Gabe from Jacksonville:
I've been going through the police blotter and I can't find a single Jaguar on there since Gene Smith took over. Wonder how come the local papers aren't writing about that? Must be too boring of a story.

Vic: They're not writing about it because not breaking the law is expected behavior. When breaking the law becomes so prevalent that lawful behavior becomes news, we'll have a big problem. Your question would indicate the Jaguars did, in fact, have a big problem.

Tonga from Inglewood, CA:
Against what offense is the "nickel defense" used?

Vic: Three-wide sets immediately come to mind. You might also use it against a team such as the Colts, that uses a tight end more as a wide receiver than as an in-line blocker.

Chris from Crestview, FL:
As a younger American who loves your column, I, too, tend to get wrapped up in the hate. I wonder why and read your column and think we need a better way. Then BP, fresh off posting huge profits, destroys the Gulf and all they say is sorry. Then the major corporation I work for (off making $2.2 billion last quarter) says they are going to lay off 12,000 hard-working souls to save a little more money. Well, I'm going to find that mountain you were on a few years ago.

Vic: The corporate world has done us great harm over the last 10 years. From Enron to AIG to BP, they have devastated our lives, our economy and, now, our earth. If you wanna get angry, get angry at them. This has to stop.

Robert from Jacksonville:
How close are we to signing our draft picks?

Vic: It's too early to say they are close. Contract signings usually start right before the start of training camp.

Steve from Jacksonville:
Reading about the Vikings stadium situation is unbelievable. Minnesota's problem is they can't get the taxpayers to pony up literally hundreds of millions for a new facility, a tall order even in a great economy. Here in Jacksonville, we have a top-tier stadium and are having trouble filling it. It seems like we have the easy task.

Vic: As I have said, the last city to lose an NFL team based solely on attendance problems is Dallas. It lost the 1952 Texans at midseason due to horrible attendance and mounting financial losses. You could also make a case for the early-AFL Dallas Texans that moved to Kansas City and became the Chiefs, though that was when that league was new and unstable. Nearly all of the other relocations – Browns, Oilers, Colts, Raiders, Cardinals, Rams – were the result of stadium issues. We do not have a stadium issue in Jacksonville. This is solely about attendance.

Brian from Jacksonville:
You are granted ownership of an expansion NFL team. What is higher on your priority list, finding a top-notch general manager or hiring an elite head coach?

Vic: Both positions are critical to a franchise's success, though I wouldn't be looking for an elite head coach, I'd be looking for a young coach on the rise. I don't think I'd have a problem finding the right guy for either job. I would probably be more concerned with finding the right guy for the personnel position because you want him to be for the long haul, whereas it's likely in today's football culture that you'll probably have to fire the coach. It's a sad fact of today's culture that coaches are offered up as sacrifices. That's why I think they should always be paid more than the personnel director. First and foremost, I would want a personnel man who shares my vision for and commitment to the future. I don't want somebody making short-term decisions for the purpose of saving his job. I want a guy who projects the careers of prospective draft picks well into the future and makes his picks according to those projections. In other words, I want a guy with an eye toward value.

Michael from Silver Spring, MD:
Apparently my generation believes that an athlete is a man with a huge head, large breasts, back acne and bone spurs in his elbows. I am so embarrassed.

Vic: Don't be embarrassed. They must protect this house.

Brett from Jacksonville:
What is the Jaguars' interest in current free agent O.J. Atogwe?

Vic: Nobody knows.

Andrew from Orange Park, FL:
Whenever they have a UFC event, they like to show celebrities in attendance on TV. Well, this past weekend, they showed Snoop in the crowd. He was sitting by a man wearing khakis. Before I could do a double-take, the camera moved off him. I was thinking maybe that was you.

Vic: I told Snoop to pull his hat down lower.

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