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I admit, it's terrible

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Calvin from Jacksonville:
What are the Titans trying to do with Eddie George? Will they benefit from keeping him? Do you see any advantages or disadvantages?

Vic: One of the most difficult decisions franchises have to make is when to move on. That's an especially difficult decision when it involves players of Eddie George's esteem. We're talking about the identity of the franchise for much of the last eight seasons. In my opinion, that's why the Titans are wavering. They know it's time to move on but it's difficult to do because of their attachment to him. There's that little voice inside that says, "one more year." One of the strengths of the Patriots franchise has been its ability to make that decision. Their courage in clearing out players has kept their roster young and their salary cap healthy. It's time for the Titans to embrace the Patriots' philosophy. In my opinion, if they delay this decision another year, they will only have delayed their recovery. It's time to move on.

Lee from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I'm looking forward to your "Ask Vic" convention. Thanks, again, for taking this on. My guess is that it will be a tremendous success and become an annual event. My brother-in-law and I wish to participate in the golf, reception and game, but our wives would only like to be involved in the reception. Will this be allowed?

Vic: I'm glad you brought this circumstance up. This is, yet, another possibility we hadn't considered, and we need to know all of these things before we present the official registration form. Our intent is to bring people in, not keep them out. We have a meeting today on the design of the official registration form. I'll present the circumstance you've raised.

Josh from Las Vegas, NV:
I've got a bet going that the 49ers will have a better season (record-wise) than the Jaguars. With all of the bias aside, who do you think will have a better season and why?

Vic: I see a 49ers team with a major question mark at quarterback. I see a 49ers team that lost its star play-maker, Terrell Owens. I see a 49ers team that didn't do much in free agency to improve itself. On the plus side, I think their draft offers real upside. They traded down into the bottom of the first round and selected Oklahoma State wide receiver Rashaun Woods, then picked Alabama guard Justin Smiley and Pitt cornerback Shawntae Spencer in the second round, and Hawaii defensive tackle Isaac Sopoaga in the third round. Given their original position in the draft, I think they maneuvered themselves into something better than expected, but those picks aren't likely to make the difference this season. Frankly, my expectations for the 49ers this season aren't very high.

Frederico from Milan, Italy:
My question pertains to your "Ask Vic" wardrobe. Dude, in all of the pictures you are wearing the same not-so-exciting blue-grid shirt! Is this an Einstein-like thingy where you don't want to steal too many brainwaves away from your column? I'll be at the "Ask Vic" golf tournament. Dude, sport something that would make Keenan McCardell proud. Otherwise, a "Sports Fashion 101" section may be required.

Vic: You're going to come all the way from Italy to Jacksonville to play in a golf tournament? All right, then bring me some Euro fashion. You're right about my wardrobe; it's terrible. I've always wanted to dress like Frenchy Fuqua, but I never had the courage. I'm not into the Keenan stuff. He looks like he's trying out for the "Dave Clark Five." No, I like Frenchy's goldfish-in-the-heels look.

Don from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
I was listening to a nationally-syndicated sports talk show the other day and the host said the Jaguars are among the top eight teams in salary cap "dead money." Can this be true?

Vic: That wouldn't surprise me. They took on $7 million in "dead money" when they cut Tony Brackens.

Gigi from Fiji Islands:
Please settle a dispute we are having here in my village. I say the NFL football is made from actual pigskin. My uncle says it is made from cowhide and man-made materials. Can you give us the answer and the history of the football with any material changes. Thank you.

Vic: The "Official Playing Rules of the NFL" describe the football as having a "rubber bladder enclosed in a pebble-grained leather case." That leather is cowhide and the bladder is obviously composed of man-made materials. I don't know the evolution of the materials used in making the football, but it was originally made from the bladder of a pig. That's why it has affectionately been referred to as the pigskin. My fondest recollection of the NFL ball dates back to the days when it was referred to as "The Duke," which was burned into the face of the ball. Hmmm, sounds like a trivia question. OK, folks, why did they call it "The Duke?"

David from Port Orange, FL:
Hey, Vic, this golf tournament sounds great. Please go through with it. I have a foursome waiting to go: my best friend and his dad (who are Bucs fans), and me and my dad (Jags fans). We are looking forward to it.

Vic: We have every intention of going through with it, provided the response warrants it. We won't know what the response will be until we post the official registration form, but I will offer this alert to those who want to play: Spots in the golf tournament will be limited, so, if you want to play, it might be a good idea to be ready to go when the form is posted. I think you'll find it affordable.

Jay from Annapolis, MD:
I asked a similar question before with no response, so, I will try again. Every team has a question mark: the Colts defensive secondary, the Titans salary cap, the Texans offense lead by Carr and Davis, etc. I think our question mark isn't third-down defense, but our inability to win on the road last year. What additions to our roster do you feel best address this question mark?

Vic: Not winning on the road is a result, not a cause. In my opinion, this team's greatest concern is for its pass-rush, which goes right to third-down defense. Sack the quarterback and get the other guys off the field and you'll win anywhere.

Daniel from Jacksonville:
I know Rashean Mathis is a young corner who seems like he has the potential to be good, but I'm not completely sold on Juran Bolden. He's the projected starter and I have read about him having the tools to be good, but he was released from Atlanta, which had a less then stellar defense last year. Will he really be an improvement over Fernando Bryant or is it just a risk Del Rio hopes pays off?

Vic: First of all, Juran Bolden was not released by the Falcons. He was signed by the Jaguars in free agency. There's a big difference. I think the original hope was that Bolden would take the starting left cornerback job, which would leave Rashean Mathis at right corner. But Bolden has been inconsistent through spring drills and I think the plan now is for Mathis to move to left corner and for Bolden and Dewayne Washington to compete for the right cornerback job. The right corner is referred to as the "squat corner." He plays a lot of zone, whereas the left corner runs all over the field in man-to-man coverage. What's most important for the Jaguars is that they find a capable left corner. Mathis has the athletic ability to be a left corner.

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