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I'll take any kind of sack

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Eric from St. Augustine, FL:
Do you see a little Roger Craig in Rashad Jennings, except bigger?

Vic: No, I see Ronnie Harmon.

Steve from Raleigh, NC:
In 2007, in the playoffs, Garrard was the man. If it wasn't for a couple of dropped balls, we might have been in the Super Bowl. Do you agree?

Vic: Yes, I do agree. If the Jaguars had the receiving corps then that they have now, they might've won that game in New England.

Chance from Kalihi, Oahu:
The question about Rex Ryan made me laugh. In essence, what do you think about a football coach using coarse language? Do you start to get the feeling most of these fans would break down and cry if they had to sit through as much as a film session with a real coaching staff?

Vic: Times change and we have to change with them, and I struggle with that. I want life to be just as it was when I learned the rules. I remember talking to Tom Coughlin about this one day. We were talking about being a demanding coach and he was telling me how demanding his coach at Syracuse, Ben Schwartzwalder, was. I told him that's how he learned to play and coach football and then they changed the rules on him, and Tom nodded his head. Rex Ryan is merely acting as the coaches that taught him acted. I had a high school coach who liked to say, "You couldn't block a toilet seat," and I've repeated that line probably a thousand times. I lived in a town that had distinctly ethnic neighborhoods. Your ethnic heritage was defined by the neighborhood in which you lived. One of those neighborhoods was called "Ducktown." One day, the coach took exception to the play of a particular player and playfully said, "Are you the dumbest (ethnic slur) in Ducktown?" The kid said, "No, sir, there are dumber ones than me." We all laughed and the coach put his arm around the kid and told him to do it again and this time do it right. It's a fond memory, but if that scene occurred today, the coach would be fired and the school would be sued. We all have to change with the times. I think Rex Ryan is going to learn that at some point.

Andrew from Jacksonville:
Of all the Gene Smith cuts last year (Fred Taylor, Tony Pashos, Brian Williams, Drayton Florence, Matt Jones, Jerry Porter) is there one that anyone could really argue against?

Vic: You'll never regret getting younger.

Dan from Florence, OR:
Speaking of accounting, congrats on your 2,000th "Ask Vic." Keep up the good work and sorry it wasn't your best week.

Vic: Are you kidding me? Did you really keep count of them? We've done 2,000? Wow!

John from Jacksonville:
Do you have any pulse on the lack of focus on the rushing game? With only 68 yards and 2.4 yards per carry in two preseason games, it seems the focus/concern is still primarily the quarterback and the defense. Are the Jags also shifting the focus of their offense to the passing game and not as concerned about the rushing game?

Vic: Teams tend to concentrate their preseason efforts on that which they believe needs the most work. In the Jaguars' case, that would be defense and the passing game, since the Jaguars had a top 10 running game last season. I think they believe they can get back to having a strong running game whenever they wish to do it. In the first two preseason games, teams are just calling plays; they don't game-plan. They will game-plan for this week's game, so your questions can be better answered next Monday.

Shon from Bryan, TX:
Complete this sentence: If I were Brett Favre, I would …

Vic: Keep doing this as long as somebody is dumb enough to let me do it.

Olin from Palm Beach Gardens, FL:
I agree with your notion that the Jaguars should not embarrass themselves with tacky stadium gimmicks, however, the Dolphins have no such qualms. They've outdone even the "Orange Carpet" this time. Four hundred seats have been removed to make way for a South Beach-style dance club overlooking the game. Some season-ticket holders are upset over having their seats relocated, but at least Lebron James will have a place to party. Whatever happened to just going to a stadium to watch a football game? Shouldn't that be enough?

Vic: How's that working for them? I can't remember the last time I watched a Dolphins game on TV that I didn't see a sea of empty orange seats. I remember those dolphins swimming in the end zone of the Orange Bowl. This is a crazy league. Some teams don't even have cheerleaders, but they have waiting lists for tickets that their ticket-holders' grandchildren won't be able to penetrate. Other teams do everything but have a jet land on the field and deliver the coin for the coin toss, and they can't sell all their tickets. Hey, you either wanna watch football or you don't.

Joe from Fleming Island, FL:
Injuries aside, don't you think it may be important to make a final decision on who the front five on the offensive line is going to be on opening day, so they can work together for a few weeks? In your mind, has the decision been made?

Vic: The decision hasn't been made but I think they know who their starting offensive linemen are going to be.

Jake from Jacksonville:
Does it make sense to call Alualu and Kampman's sack a coverage sack? Henne just held onto the ball too long.

Vic: I don't care what you call it. At this point, I'll take any kind of sack: potato sack, knapsack, ransack, Hackensack. On draft day, when the Jaguars made defensive linemen their first four picks, I got sack fever and I predicted the team would at least double its sacks total of last season. I failed, however, to consider that the Jaguars lack an important ingredient in getting sacks: the extra rusher. I'm talking about the blitzing linebacker or safety. It's very difficult to get "home" with a four-man rush. It almost always requires a fifth or sixth rusher to sack the quarterback, and the Jaguars haven't shown me that they have that guy. I think the pass-rush from the defensive line is going to be greatly improved, but I may have been overly optimistic in my sacks expectations.

Adam from Jacksonville:
Looks like Gene Smith was right about Sean Lee. He had a team-high eight tackles in his preseason debut. What have you heard about him from the Cowboys?

Vic: They've loved him since they saw him in OTAs. A talent evaluator doesn't just define his skill with the players he picks, he also defines his skill with his evaluations of the players he couldn't pick.

Carl from Jacksonville:
I really like this Austen Lane kid. He made some nice plays Saturday night. Can he push for a starting job?

Vic: Yeah, I think he can. I saw a guy on Saturday night with a lot of range in run-support, and I think he's got pass-rush upside, too. I loved him on draft day and actually thought the Jaguars would pick him with the Larry Hart pick. What I need to see now is a guy who can stay healthy. Lane hasn't been able to do that and it's held him back.

Braden from Jacksonville:
I think that victory cannon should be tossed in the garbage. What do you think?

Vic: I think the Jaguars are doing everything they can from a marketing standpoint to sell tickets. If they thought shooting me out of that cannon would sell tickets, they would.

Jodi from Fleming Island, FL:
How does the NFL justify charging full price for a preseason game when one of the teams is deliberately trying not to win? The two-point conversion would have been tried in a regular-season game, that you cannot argue.

Vic: This is professional football. It's time we learned how it's played. You don't put your players at risk in an overtime period in a preseason game. You would be ridiculed around the league if you had done something like that. If you need that kind of sophomoric crap to get your money's worth from a preseason game, then this isn't for you.

Don from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
The Miami Dolphins are a team to watch as a Super Bowl contender. They are at the three-year point of a total rebuild. They are a smash-mouth football team with a good quarterback.

Vic: I completely agree.

Jordan from Charlotte, NC:
If you had to say right now who the top four wide receivers are, who would be on the list?

Vic: Mike Sims-Walker, Mike Thomas and Tiquan Underwood are my top three. Once Jarett Dillard makes a full recovery, he would be number four.

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