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I'm glad you asked

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Tommy from Jacksonville:
Will you be doing your excellent job of reporting from both the morning and afternoon practices from training camp? I look forward to those reports.

Vic: The regimen will be the same as in years past. Training camp reports will be posted following morning practices and will be updated through the day as news presents itself. Vic (different Vic) from Jacksonville:
Why do many people consider Mark Brunell old? I mean, what about guys like Jeff Garcia and Boomer Esiason? They didn't hit their primes until they were Brunell's age?

Vic: Concerns about Brunell's "age" have to do with the wear and tear his body has endured, and the fact that he has lost the mobility that was so much a part of his game early in his career. In 1995 and '96 (including playoffs), Brunell rushed for a combined 963 yards and seven touchdowns and had six runs of 20 yards or longer. Since the knee injury he suffered in the 1997 preseason, Brunell's rushing stats have been about half of what they were in '95-'96. Last year, Brunell rushed for 207 yards, the second-lowest total of his Jaguars career. That's the reason there's concern for his "age." It's not about his chronological age. It's about the wear and tear on his legs. His arm appears to be as strong as ever. His mental skills are obviously those of a veteran quarterback hardened by big games and the pressure that accompanies the position. The question has been and remains: Can he be as successful as he was early in his career without the scrambling ability that made him so feared?

Derek from Fort Dodge, IA:
On average, how many questions do you get a day and how do you pick what questions to answer?

Vic: I get about 25 questions a day. Of course, that figure increases dramatically following a game such as the one against Cleveland last season, and in June it dips to its usual low. I'm glad you asked about the selection process. You've given me the opportunity to explain to fans who may be frustrated their questions don't appear. First of all, I read every question. None are deleted without being considered for publication. The decision boils down to two main considerations: Is it new and will the answer add something to the column in the way of information or entertainment. The majority of questions not used are rejected because they have previously been answered. For example, "What will happen to David Garrard now that Byron Leftwich is the quarterback of the future?" is getting real old. I've weighed in on that one a couple of different times. Here are some other no-no's for getting your question published: Don't editorialize, keep it short and resist the urge to blame everything on the play-calling. Try to have fun with this forum. That's what interests me the most.

Mike from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Given Boselli's understanding of his position, do you think we could see him as a position coach in the near future?

Vic: I raised that possibility to Tony during my conversation with him yesterday and he laughed. Clearly, he doesn't see himself as a coaching type. Tony made it clear his post-football interest is in serving his church ministry.

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