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I'm not a 'Ring' guy

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Dave from St. Louis, MO:
It seems that every year the football games on Thanksgiving are ones I'd rather not watch. Can you explain why Dallas and Detroit always host the home games?

Vic: Thanksgiving football is a long-standing tradition in Detroit. It leaped into prominence on a national scope in 1962 when, in a nationally-televised game, the Lions handed the Packers their only loss of the season. So that's the foundation on which the tradition of Thanksgiving football in Detroit is built. Dallas volunteered itself for Thanksgiving football and the NFL eagerly accepted so it might fill the four o'clock slot. Then the Cowboys made that move a big hit when a backup quarterback named Clint Longley threw a dramatic long touchdown pass to beat the Redskins in the final seconds of the 1974 game. Remember, most teams aren't champing at the bit to play on Thanksgiving. It's not the day of choice for season ticket holders.

Rob from Jacksonville:
I have a question I have always wondered about. Can you help me? What exactly is the difference between a waive, a release and a cut?

Vic: They are three ways of saying the same thing.

Nick from Jacksonville:
Do you think the Jaguars will begin a "Ring of Fame" like other franchises have done and, if so, do you think Tony Boselli would be the first honored into the "Ring?"

Vic: If and when the Jaguars adopt the "Ring" thing, yes, I would expect Tony Boselli to be the first inductee. It's a cute, little marketing tool but I find the "Ring" concept to be a little cheap. I prefer a team Hall of Fame within the stadium or its grounds. The Packers have a real beauty. In my opinion, it's a more thorough way of honoring special players, moments and the memories they produced. A name and a number stuck on an upper-deck façade don't do it for me. Plus, who gets left out? Hall of Fame exhibits incorporate so many more players and, thus, touch fans more deeply.

Hank from Jacksonville:
What is the most important thing a defensive tackle must possess? Is it strength, speed, quickness or technique? I bet it's a mix, but what have the best defensive tackles ever had that you could point out?

Vic: Power and quickness would probably be considered the ingredients most common to all great defensive tackles. But I'll throw in one more: instinct.

Matt from Albany, NY:
Do you think the Jaguars will retire number 71?

Vic: Given the NFL's rules on the usage of numbers at specific positions, it's nearly impossible to put numbers out of service these days because you'll probably run out of numbers at certain positions. If you retire Tony Boselli's number, then do you retire Jimmy Smith's? And then what about Keenan McCardell's? Where does it stop?

Kyle from Palmyra, VA:
What role do you think LaBrandon Toefield will play in this coming season for the Jaguars?

Vic: He's expected to replace Stacey Mack as Fred Taylor's primary backup.

Jacques from London, England:
In your last column's response to John's question regarding Tony Boselli making the Hall of Fame, you said "it may be a long, long time before the Jaguars can offer another candidate." What do you think of Jimmy Smith's chances?

Vic: I have to believe Jimmy Smith will be considered one day for Hall of Fame candidacy. His numbers from 1996-2001 are sensational and make him worthy of consideration, but wide receiver is loaded with big-number guys. Over the same period of time, Marvin Harrison's numbers are almost identical. Would you consider Harrison a Hall of Fame candidate?

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