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8106.jpg Senior Editor Vic Ketchman followed the action live as the Jaguars took on the Dolphins at Landshark Stadium in Miami. Here's what he wrote.

5:26 PM
Hi, everybody, and welcome to the preseason. I'm at Landshark Stadium, in a press box that is without air-conditioning at the moment, and I'll be splitting pregame time between here and the radio booth. Here's a bit of preseason trivia: This is the latest the Jaguars have ever opened the preseason. Welcome aboard.

7:37 PM
Jaguars inactives are: Mike Walker (ankle), Derek Cox (groin), Don Carey (shoulder), Montell Owens (knee), Scott Starks (hamstring), Tim Shaw (groin), Mike Thonas (hamstring), Jonathan Lewis (ankle).

7:37 PM
Miami won the toss and will defer. Enjoy the game.

7:38 PM
Rashad Jennings and Alvin Pearman back to receive the kickoff.

7:39 PM
Jennings returns the kick 26 yards to the Jaguars 22.

7:42 PM
On third and 13 David Garrard throws incomplete toward Troy Williamson. Garrard got pressure up the middle. Adam Podlesh gets off a short punt. Miami starts at its 48-yard line.

7:43 PM
Atiyyah Ellison is starting at tackle in place of Rob Meier.

7:44 PM
Three and out. On third down, Derrick Harvey dropped into coverage. Chad Pennington had a receiver open over the middle but couldn't get it to him.

7:45 PM
Following the punt, the Jaguars will start at their 21. Brian Witherspoon fielded the punt.

7:48 PM
Garrard throws complete to Williamson. The ruling is catch and fumble. The Dolphins did not challenge.

7:48 PM
Garrard is sacked.

7:51 PM
Incomplete on third down. Garrard got pressure up the middle again.

7:51 PM
Podlesh punts again. The Dolphins start at their 35.

7:54 PM
If it's possible, Pennington may have lost arm strength in the offseason.

7:55 PM
Pennington converts on third down. Harvey did not drop, he rushed.

7:56 PM
Pennington to Ted Ginn at the Jaguars 30.

7:57 PM
Sean Considine came up to stop the run for little gain.

7:58 PM
Three-man front gets gashed. First down at the Jaguars 18. Harvey was five yards outside.

7:59 PM
I'm seeing a lot of three-man fronts, and not just in passing situations. The Jags are in a three-man front on first down; Dolphins call time out.

8:01 PM
Rickey Williams is called for holding.

8:03 PM
Field goal try from 48 yards is good.

8:04 PM
The Jaguars are using the exact defensive alignments they've shown in practice. Harvey is being used quite a bit with his hand off the ground.

8:07 PM
Jones-Drew is done for the night, more than likely. Greg Jones is in the game and he takes a screen pass for a short gain.

8:07 PM
Garrard to Torry Holt for a first down.

8:10 PM
Garrard averts the sack but he pushed it forward to no one in particular. It was a risky move.

8:10 PM
Podlesh gets off a great punt and Zach Miller covers it, making the tackle on the Miami one-yard line.

8:12 PM
Pass interference against Brian Williams on a deep ball. He was beaten down the sideline by Ginn. The ball is out to the 37.

8:14 PM
Ginn runs the end around for a first down at the Jaguars 49.

8:15 PM
That's the end of the first quarter. It appears Chad Henne will replace Pennington at quarterback. Justin Durant has a strained hip flexor.

8:16 PM
Durant won't return and Russell Allen has taken his place.

8:17 PM
Considine missed Ronnie Brown in the backfield.

8:18 PM
On third and five the Dolphins run. Huh? Now they punt.

8:19 PM
Garrard is out, replaced by Todd Bouman.

8:22 PM
Vince Manuwai is in the game. That's a good sign.

8:23 PM
Bouman throws complete over the middle to Jarett Dillard. Gain of 13.

8:23 PM
Bouman to Williamson for a sizable gain. This is a big start for Bouman. He needs to play well in the preseason to hold his job.

8:26 PM
On third-and-one Jennings gains nothing. Josh Scobee is attempting a 43-yard field goal. It's good.

8:31 PM
Rickey Williams runs for a first down. Most of the Jaguars defense are twos.

8:32 PM
Considine, Reggie Nelson and Brian Williams are still in the game.

8:36 PM
Henne hits a big ball for 20 to the Jaguars 32. Jake Long is dominant.

8:38 PM
Henne throws short for a first down at the 20.

8:39 PM
Henne to Patrick Turner for 10. It's third and one.

8:40 PM
Williams gets the first down. Tack a facemask on. The ball is at the five. Brian Williams tugged the mask.

8:41 PM
Henne to Lousaka Polite for a yard. Henne is very accurate.

8:41 PM
A run gets nothing. The Jaguars are playing well against the run.

8:43 PM
Williams dropped a touchdown pass. It was a beautiful throw by Henne.

8:43 PM
The Dolphins settle for a field goal.

8:46 PM
Eugene Monroe is in the game. Bouman throws complete to Nate Hughes. Monroe provided the pass-protection.

8:46 PM
We're at the two-minute warning. The Jags are at their 43.

8:48 PM
Bouman to Williamson at the Miami 31. Bouman is sharp. He throws incomplete to Dillard to stop the clock.

8:50 PM
On third and eight, Bouman's pass is deflected and caught by Williamson for a first down.

8:51 PM
Williamson has had a strong camp and he's putting his stamp on a roster spot right now.

8:53 PM
Jennings was open for a touchdown and Bouman didn't get the ball to him.

8:57 PM
Scobee is on for a field goal attempt. It's good from 36 yards.

9:01 PM
That's the half. I have just a few thoughts. The pressure was on Bouman and he responded. Williamson looks like the real thing. The talent difference between Pennington and Henne is remarkable.

9:13 PM
We're underway.

9:15 PM
Derek Landri pours through for a sack. HIs guy whiffed.

9:15 PM
Miami ran it on third and long. This is pretty boring.

9:20 PM
The Jaguars go nowhere. Bouman looked wild in that possession.

9:24 PM
Henne is on the money for a sizable gain.

9:26 PM
Intercepted by Witherspoon. It was tipped by Tyron Brackenridge. We're in a downpour right now.

9:28 PM
Pass interference against the Dolphins. Tiquan Underwood was mugged.

9:29 PM
A lot of the threes are in the game on both sides.

9:31 PM
Touchdown on a screen pass to Chauncey Washington is nullified by holding.

9:32 PM
We're in a penalty fest right now. Play has deteriorated.

9:33 PM
Scobee is good from 43.

9:34 PM
The rain has stopped.

9:36 PM
Jaguars kickoff coverage has not been great.

9:39 PM
The Dolphins were a feel good story last year, but I don't see anything special in them tonight. Truth be known, they appear to be a team in rebuilding, which was masked last year by a weak schedule and the wildcat.

9:40 PM
Touchdown! Henne to Ernest Wilford of 33 yards. Gerald Alexander missed the tackle on the sideline. Good for Ernest, bad for Gerald.

9:43 PM
If I were the Dolphins, I'd make Henne the starting quarterback and get on with it.

9:45 PM
Every play is another penalty. Come on, guys.

9:47 PM
Bouman to Zach Miller for a first down.

9:49 PM
Personal foul on Miami. First down for the Jags. Ooh, that was pretty weak.

9:50 PM
Interception. Underwood was looking inside and the ball was thrown to the outside. I don't know who was right or wrong.

9:51 PM
Pat White is in the game, as a regular quarterback.

9:54 PM
Pat White isn't much of a passer, but his foot speed is outrageous.

9:56 PM
Interception. Pete Ittersagen catches a deflection. Paul Smith is at quarterback.

9:57 PM
Bouman was 10 of 18 for 130 yards, no touchdowns and one interception. We're at the end of the thrid quarter.

10:01 PM
Dropped by Miller. They're going for it on fourth down. Incomplete for Dillard.

10:04 PM
That was a beautiful throw by White but it was dropped. This has evolved into bad football.

10:09 PM
Smith to Pearman for a first down.

10:10 PM
Interception. Smith threw way behind Greg Estandia. It was weakly thrown.

10:16 PM
The Jags hold on fourth-and-one at their 25.

10:18 PM
Smith to Clarence Denmark for a first down.

10:19 PM
Josh Vaughan is a pretty good-lookin' back. He's got a shot.

10:19 PM
Smith to Miller for a first down at the Miami 23. The Jags have a chance to win this game.

10:20 PM
It's third and six. If they miss, I can't imagine Jack Del Rio ordering a field goal.

10:21 PM
Smith to Pearman at the 10.

10:23 PM
Jennings has a groin strain.

10:26 PM
Incomplete on fourth and goal. The pass was intended for Estandia. As I said, Jack wouldn't dare kick.

10:29 PM
Run for a first down by White. The clock will go down to the two-minute warning. The Jags have two times out remaining.

10:33 PM
It's thrid and one. A first down here and I'll be gone.

10:33 PM
First down. Bye.

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