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It's an 'I told you so' pick

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Dave from Orange Park, FL:
What's happening with the proposed " Vic" golf tournament?

Vic: How about this? A golf tournament on Thur., Aug. 19, a reception that evening and a ticket to the following night's preseason game against the Bucs. I'll get some former Jaguars players, maybe even coach Del Rio, to spend some time at the reception. We'll even do an "Ask Vic Live!" We'll try to swing an attractive rate on a hotel room for those who need it, and we'll put the whole package together with scaled-down options for those who don't want to golf or don't need the room. Affordability will be the big issue. I am not a big spender. At some point we'll throw this out there on to get some feedback. If enough people are interested, we'll do it. I promise you, the golf course will be first rate. I don't play goat farms.

Scott from Canandaigua, NY:
I was just wondering how our kickers are doing? Do you think Josh Scobee will live up to his fifth-round value?

Vic: Seth Marler has been favoring a groin pull and Josh Scobee was not present at this week's passing camp, so I can't offer much of a report on either one of those guys. Jeff Chandler has shown me a strong leg. The ball jumps off his foot and he gets it up quick. Accuracy and consistency are the main issues with him. He interests me, especially since he's a Jacksonville native. This team needs a local-kid-makes-good story.

Mike from Silver Spring, MD:
I'm coming to Jacksonville this summer for training camp. Do you have any suggestions on the places to go, like the beaches and stuff?

Vic: The beaches are sensational. If you're a beach kind of guy, I suggest you try them all.

Patrick from Morgantown, WV:
I know you are tired of all of the uniform talk, but I have a question about home/away uniforms in all other sports. If I'm correct, the NFL is the only league where the teams wear their colors for home games. Why isn't this the case in the NBA, MLB, etc? It just seems it would make more sense to represent with your colors, not white.

Vic: The NHL is doing it now, too, and that's the result of the emphasis on merchandising. Fans are spending a lot of money on team jerseys and fans aren't inclined to buy the team's white model, so NHL teams are using their home games to showcase and market their dark jersey. I'd be surprised if the NBA doesn't follow the NHL's lead, but baseball is a different matter. Baseball teams have traditionally worn white at home and off-white or gray on the road, and fans seem to prefer those combinations over deep colors. Baseball's rich and glorious tradition remains its most marketable commodity. Baseball fans love old; old players, old uniforms, old ballparks, etc. As far as teams wearing white at home, there are a couple of theories: White makes you look bigger, and some owners like the idea of their team's fans getting a look at the visiting team's colors. Again, I ask, does all of this really matter?

Kevin from Jacksonville:
The player profile on St. Louis Rams star Leonard Little lists him as a linebacker at 6-3, 257 pounds, however, I commonly see and hear him referred to as a defensive end. Which is it?

Vic: Leonard Little is a DPR (designated pass-rusher), and that means that whether he's lined up as a defensive end or as a linebacker, everyone knows what he'll be doing. Little is what the Jaguars want Jorge Cordova to become. You can call him whatever you want, but his job is to rush the quarterback, and the quarterback must go down, and he must go down hard.

Andre from Jacksonville:
What do you think about Peter King from saying it will be a Seahawks-Jaguars Super Bowl?

Vic: I think Peter sees something in each team that he likes, and that has allowed him to make a prediction that has caused people to raise their eyebrows and wrinkle their nose. We all like to say "I told you so," and Peter's pick has distinct "I told you so" upside. I don't think he'd put money on it, but I also don't think he would've made that pick had he not seen something in each team that he likes.

Greg from Winter Park, FL:
If there was a complete NFL re-draft and every current player was eligible for re-selection, who would be the top 15 picks?

Vic: What an interesting question. Based on having seen their guy in one mini-camp, would teams pick somebody else if they had another chance? That's a great question. I bet there would be a few teams who would make a different choice. I'll bet Cleveland wouldn't trade up again.

Mike from Orlando, FL:
What is your take on the "Run and Shoot" offense? Is any team going to start using it again soon? My understanding is that the 1996 Falcons were the last of the breed. Would it be good for the Jags?

Vic: The "Run and Shoot" is a dink-and-dunk offense that provides little in the way of big plays or excitement. It shrinks the field and does little to scare defenses. In the 1996 game between the Falcons and the Jaguars, which ended in "Morten's Miss," the Falcons threw the "Bubble Screen" so often it started to become painful to watch. The positives to the "Run and Shoot" are a high completion percentage and time of possession average. The negatives are few big plays and a small margin for error. Touchdown drives are likely to require 12 and 14 plays, which means a penalty or a sack will probably kill the drive. It's not a good "red zone" offense, either. It's great for high school, but doesn't fully utilize the skills of a professional football player. The '96 Falcons were the last NFL team to use it. I can't see Jack Del Rio using it. It's a sissy offense.

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