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It's better this way

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Mike from Houston, TX:
I'm a Texans fan, but I love reading your column; by far the best on any NFL site. After seeing David Carr and Leftwich close up, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each quarterback, in your opinion, and who do you see being the better pro five years from now?

Vic: Mike, I don't think I'm qualified to be as specific as you want me to be, but I think it's obvious that David Carr has one major flaw in his game that threatens his career: His release is too low. That was the rap on him coming out of college and it appears to me to have been a very valid concern. Against the Jaguars, Carr had at least five passes deflected at the line of scrimmage. For that reason, I'm inclined to believe Byron Leftwich might be a better bet, but we need to see a lot more of Leftwich before we can pronounce him flawless. I will make this one observation of Leftwich: He seems to be more of a touch passer than a drive-the-ball kind of guy. What will that mean? We'll have to wait and see.

Jim from Tampa, FL:
Thanks for keeping me informed since I moved to Tampa. Are rushing yards by a quarterback or rushing touchdowns by a quarterback included in the calculation for quarterback rating?

Vic: No; what you're calling "quarterback rating" is more accurately described as "passer rating," and it does not include rushing.

Michael from Jackson, MS:
When an offense is in a hurry-up mode, how much time is allowed by the defense to get across the line of scrimmage before they are called for offside?

Vic: The call wouldn't be offside. It might be delay of game, but more likely the officials would just stop the clock until the defense was ready to go. The answer to your question is "a reasonable amount of time." There are no set time limits. It's up to the officials to decide whether the defense is stalling.

Kyle from Jacksonville, FL:
All this rebuilding year stuff is nonsense. I think rebuilding is just an excuse to lose. If they start bad next year, is that a rebuilding year? What do you think?

Vic: I think you're wrong. I think people who understand the salary cap and have a working knowledge of personnel are able to adjust their expectations in a reasonable manner. The preseason magazines didn't seem to have a problem doing it.

Scotty from Milwaukee, WI:
I am a Jaguars fan; not a player fan, but a fan of the team. Many people don't realize you can't be a fan of the players. Players come and go, but hopefully a team stays. The Leftwich era has begun. Brunell was good and I believe he has a few years left in him in the right kind of system. Football is a business and people should see this; you can't have favorites. You don't draft a first-round quarterback to sit on the bench. What do you think of what I have said?

Vic: Essentially, you're correct. To a large degree, in the salary cap era it's about the uniform, not the player in it.

Garo from Jacksonville:
I agree with you that the play you would like to have back was Armstead's hit on Mark Brunell. But my beef isn't with Armstead, it's with Tom Coughlin for playing him in the third quarter of a meaningless preseason game on artificial turf.

Vic: Mark Brunell was injured with seven minutes to play in the second quarter.

Jared from Edison, NJ:
Now that we won, what was that drastic thing you were going to do if we lost?

Vic: Well, Jared, understand that I was just trying to build a little suspense and have a little fun in a season that was going downhill. So, I hinted that if the Jaguars didn't get a win against either San Diego or Miami, I might do something drastic during the bye week. Here's what I had in mind: I was thinking about guaranteeing a win against Tennessee. No problem there; talk's cheap. But what would I do if the Jaguars lost? I hadn't decided, but two possibilities were: Locking myself in the Bud Zone or having the stump moved into my office and not removing it until the Jaguars won a game. There was also a suggestion that we conduct a contest to name the dare. It might've been fun, but I like it better this way.

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