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It's cold-black, baby

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Brett from Indianapolis, IN:
Jaguars fans have Colts envy and until and unless they ever beat the Colts on a regular basis, their stupid remarks will have to satisfy them. The Jaguars and their fans claim to be tough but fail on a regular basis to teams they claim are soft, which means they don't know what they are talking about. I can't wait for the Colts to kick their (butt) again this year so Jaguars fans can begin dreaming of next year.

Vic: And then you can get ready for another postseason choke job.

Ben from Cape Coral, FL:
Obviously the game this week is a must-win in order to get off to a good start. Looking at the schedule, do you think a 2-2 start with those tough first four games would be a successful start?

Vic: No, not based on the heightened expectations and demands Jack Del Rio has created for this team. I don't think 2-2 would hurt the Jags, but I don't think it would be reason to stand up and cheer, either. Three wins in the first four games would be reason to cheer.

Richard from Goshen, IN:
What happened to the fuel bar being updated? It hasn't been updated since Aug. 19.

Vic: The fuel bar's gone, Dick. It's time to play football.

Stephen from Jacksonville:
I listened to some members of the media talking about the Reggie Bush situation and eventually their conversation got to the topic of paying college athletes. They seemed to favor this and said the athletes are exploited and deserve to get paid. This bothered me a lot because, when this topic comes up, everyone seems to forget that the players are rewarded for their efforts. They get fully-paid tuition, books, tutors, food, room and board, and a lifetime of memories. If they really need extra money, then perhaps they should get a summer job. If anything, it's the universities that are exploited. What do you think?

Vic: I'll leave the exploitation question for higher minds to decide, but I will say this: Scholarships and their associated benefits fit every IRS criterion for revenue, yet, no taxes are collected. Maybe somebody should insert that into the conversation.

Chris from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
The more I watch Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton, the more I realize that this is a special player. Does he remind you of anybody?

Vic: He reminds me of Michael Dean Perry. I'd like to say something else: I'm not fond of the name "Pot Roast." Knighton is a very athletic, skilled and intelligent man. "Pot Roast" makes him sound like some kind of feed-me machine. It couldn't be less appropriate. He's one of the kindest, most accommodating, engaging and well-mannered players I've ever covered. He may be chateaubriand for two, but he's not pot roast.

Ray from Jacksonville:
With this game having the importance that it does, will the Jags open up the offensive playbook and deliver a shock and awe message or will we just try and stick to a conservative game plan and hope we execute properly?

Vic: Shock and awe? How about the Jaguars just run the ball until the Broncos start getting those obligatory early-season leg cramps that seem to happen to the teams not accustomed to playing in Florida in Sept.?

Pat from Point Edward, Ontario:
Have you ever considered doing a live chat? I think it would be neat if you did it for an hour and a half or something once a week. Keep up the good work.

Vic: Ryan Robinson tried to set it up for this week but I guess it wasn't doable. He'll keep workin' on it.

Dexter from Jacksonville:
I wonder if the city is growing up with the team.

Vic: I sense something this week that goes beyond the normal enthusiasm for a season-opener. I sense that this town is ready to embrace the Jaguars, but I also sense that it needs a reason to do that. It's up to the Jaguars to give the fans a reason.

John from Houston, TX:
Living in Houston, I hear a lot about Houston quarterback Case Keenum. Is he a possibility for the Jaguars?

Vic: Keenum is one of the top quarterback prospects. He's got adequate size and an NFL skill set. I have no doubt he'll have another statistically eye-popping season. Oddly, the performance of Kevin Kolb may determine where Keenum is drafted. If Kolb has a big year, it'll nullify David Klingler's and Andre Ware's failed careers. If Kolb, however, was to lay an egg, Keenum could face a strong bias against Houston quarterbacks.

Andrea from Jacksonville:
I definitely think Sunday's game is huge, however, I am hesitant to put so much emphasis on it. I'm afraid that if we lose this game, most fans will think the season is over already. Some perspective?

Vic: That's why it's so big. Jaguars fans are on the edge. They need encouragement. More disappointment won't help the cause.

Lance from Jacksonville:
Do you think Reggie Bush should give up his Heisman Trophy?

Vic: No, because that would only serve to further tarnish the trophy. It's taken some hits in recent years from the USC guys, and I think the trophy has suffered more than the men who embarrassed it. Creating gaps in its history would only cause people years from now to ask what happened in 1968 and 2005? Why make the trophy bear the embarrassment? It was awarded in all good faith and innocence.

Joe from Jacksonville:
I have one question. Is it scary to you that in order to sell out our stadium it takes a backup quarterback on an opposing team to do so?

Vic: You must not have listened to "Jaguars This Week" last night. On the show, I reported that I had acquired information that the half-pack that doesn't include the Denver game has out-sold the half-pack that includes the Denver game 2-1. Being that there's been no single-game ticket sale for the Denver game, it's a fact that there's no evidence to suggest the Broncos' backup quarterback has driven ticket sales for this game. All of the evidence suggests that the preponderance of fans that will attend Sunday's game are coming to see the Jaguars, not the backup quarterback. I'm sure a lot of them are also Tebow fans and will wear his jersey, but hard ticket-sales facts do not support the notion that he's driving sales.

Bryan from Jacksonville:
You are a salty, crusty man. I think it fitting you are sponsored by a seafood company. I always wondered why your car had that funky smell and you were followed by legions of cats. Mystery solved. I used to think Lageman was pulling pranks on you or that you used "eau de chum" cologne.

Vic: No, it's fish. I can't get enough fish. Love it.

Matt from Jacksonville:
One of the advantages of being the home team is we can choose what color jerseys to wear and, being in a hot-weather city, it seems to me we are throwing that one away by not wearing white at home anymore. The first couple of years under Jack, we did, and we always did under Tom and were quite successful. Why don't we wear white at home anymore?

Vic: Wow! We made it all the way to Thursday before I got my first uniform-sissy question. Why are they not wearing white? Because the team made an organizational decision to display its colors at home games, which is the home team's prerogative, and teal is the Jaguars' primary color. It is their identity. The team also decided to wear teal for home games because Reebok, the uniform manufacturer, devised something they call "cold-black technology," which manufactures and treats the fabric fibers in such a way that the Jaguars will be "as cool or cooler than somebody else wearing a white jersey," according to equipment manager Drew Hampton. That was the main reason the Jaguars switched to teal at home for all games; the technology allows them to display their primary color more often, which promotes their brand, without causing their players to feel as though they're overheating. I can also tell you that a few years ago an exhaustive study on the effects of heat on colors was conducted and the scientific results were that color has no bearing on temperature. I don't expect anyone to believe that because I'm sure they've all done their own scientific studies, such as wearing a black-wool sweater on a hot day and deciding it was much hotter than wearing a white t-shirt, but facts are facts and the experts that did the study said you can wear any color you want.

Will from Jacksonville:
Why do teams sometimes choose to not disclose the draft picks involved in trades? What's the harm?

Vic: They're paranoid about information. They figure there's nothing to be gained by providing information they're not required to provide. It's just that simple. Now put yourself in a reporter's position. He's trying to acquire information from a subject that is bound and determined not to provide it. Fun, huh? I can remember years ago playing a little Tuesday game with Chuck Noll. I'd see him after his conference call with the media covering that week's opponent and I'd ask him how his conference call went. He'd smile and say, "not much information was passed," and I'd think to myself: Why do we even do these conference calls?

Paul from Arlington, VA:
Since the season officially begins tonight, can you give us your pick for the Super Bowl? I have Green Bay over Indy.

Vic: I'll go with Atlanta over Baltimore.

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