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It's not an obligation

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Walter from Orange Park, FL:
Do personal seat licenses (PSL) count toward the average ticket price that a team charges? I wanted to bring that up to show just how much of a discount we get here in Jacksonville because we don't have to pay PSLs.

Vic: PSL charges do not count toward a team's average ticket price.

John from Jacksonville:
"The plain, hard truth is that this town must over-achieve, as it was expected to do when the franchise was awarded, and it must happen now, not 15 years from now." You mean now, as in this year? That's obviously not going to happen. Even Jaguar management has said as much. I was given the impression that Jax was getting a pass on this season due to the economy, but it better not happen again. Is that incorrect?

Vic: A pass? What does that mean? I am thoroughly confused. Going to a football game isn't an obligation. It isn't something you have to do. The Jaguars don't call roll. They won't send a note home to your mother if you're not there. You go to a football game because you want to do it. That's why the NFL put a team here, because it thought there were thousands of people who wanted to go to the game. The economy is bad everywhere and these attendance problems didn't just start this year. Earlier this week, an "Ask Vic" reader sent me the link to a column I wrote nine years ago.

Al from Fruit Cove, FL:
In answer to Sebastian from San Antonio, you said about the Jaguars' defense, "This is going to take some time," but then you said, "There is no time!" Are you implying urgency for the fans but not the team?

Vic: Al, I was just trying to have some fun. Instead of spending the whole week in anger and despair, I thought I'd provide a video diversion that might lighten the mood. You wanna pass, too, don't you?

Chris from Libertyville, IL:
Buford said, "We must deprive the enemy of the high ground." What would you consider the "high ground" in the NFL?

Vic: The quarterback is the high ground. When you have the quarterback, you hold the high ground.

Dane from Gainesville, FL:
When was the last time the Jaguars sold out a home game?

Vic: If you're talking about having sold every ticket in the building that isn't covered, I think you have to go back to the Indianapolis game on Oct. 22, 2007.

Michael from Jacksonville:
"I'm tired of the Texans disrespecting the Jaguars." You want respect, you go earn respect. The Del Rio Jaguars haven't earned anyone's respect, least of all the Texans that own them. You have to do more than just have a little luck and a weak schedule, like Miami of last year or the Jags the year before. I thought you would know that. Some things don't change, company man. LOL.

Vic: Oh, Michael, you hurt me. Now I'm going to feel bad all weekend and probably until next Wednesday, when I get my paycheck, but it'll be better then, because it's a really big check.

Vincent from Jacksonville:
If it means anything … this column has become something we can take solace in.

Vic: Take that, Michael. I am loved.

Kevin from Jacksonville:
Wouldn't coming out in a four-WR set every play help to spread out the defense and prevent defenses from disguising blitzes against us?

Vic: It would worsen the problem because you'd be creating open spaces for pass-rushers such as Dwight Freeney and Mario Williams to maneuver, and you'd be inviting stunts and blitzes and all sorts of pass-rush games.

Greg from Lake Oswego, OR:
Are you surprised by the local blackouts for both the Lions and Raiders? Is there concern for these teams relocating?

Vic: There is for the Raiders. I would expect them and the Chargers to be serious candidates for relocation to Los Angeles. The Lions play in a big market that also has Major League Baseball, the NBA and the NHL. Detroit has always been a great sports town, but it's tough to overcome 19 consecutive defeats and not having been to the playoffs since 1999 at a time when unemployment is at 27 percent and two of the market's three-largest employers are bankrupt. The Lions aren't going anywhere. The NFL wants them right where they are.

Dave from St. Augustine Beach, FL:
Is the attitude or chemistry in the locker room this year different than last year?

Vic: Absolutely it is. The attitude and chemistry in the Jaguars' locker room is fantastic. You couldn't ask for a better bunch of guys but, as I said last year, attitude and chemistry don't win for you. Talent wins for you. The talent was too old last year and it's too young this year, but too young is better than too old because too young can get old enough, too old will never again be young enough.

Trey from Macclenny, FL:
Do you think the NFL was looking at Jacksonville to be the next Green Bay when we were awarded the franchise?

Vic: Yes and it still can happen.

Jake from Jacksonville:
Vic, 40,000 fans at the game is a problem beyond repair. Sure we might have a season where we sell out due to a great opponents schedule, but the base has proven they are not loyal, like comparable markets.

Vic: That's not true. The base has been very loyal and the Jaguars acknowledged that base this year with the 15-year pins, etc. The problem is the base is too small. It needs to be greatly increased. The Jaguars have found themselves in a yearly struggle to replace season-ticket holders that don't renew. Every year, it's lose one, recruit one. That's called churn and the Jaguars have too much churn. Why do so many people fail to renew? That's the big question. In my opinion, one of the reasons they haven't renewed is because they've seen they can stay at home and see the game on TV. That's gonna change this year and I'll be interested to see what impact it'll have on ticket sales next year.

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