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It's training camp

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Thom from Jacksonville:
A friend of mine is a Steelers fan and insists "Big Ben" did nothing wrong because riding a motorcycle was not forbidden in his contract. Isn't there a section in every NFL player's contract forbidding them form doing anything (other than playing football) that has "significant risk of physical injury?"

Vic: In the "Standard Player Contract," in paragraph three, which is entitled "other activities," it says: "Player will not play football other than for the club, or engage in any activity other than football that may result in significant risk of personal injury." The "Standard Player Contract" governs salary, not signing bonus. According to the "Standard Player Contract," if Roethlisberger was incapable of playing this season, he could lose his 2006 salary ($655,500).

Tom from Bonita Springs, FL:
What came first, the west coast offense or Joe Montana? Did Bill Walsh have the system designed and then draft Joe Montana to run it, or did he design the system around his skills?

Vic: Bill Walsh was using west coast offense principles and plays when he was the Bengals' offensive coordinator, before he became the 49ers' head coach. The design came first, Montana came second.

Steve from Jacksonville:
Can we stop asking questions about soccer and talk about a real man's sport?

Vic: You mean "underwear" football?

Jonathan from Maumelle, AR:
I love your sarcastic answer about fall football practice to the Arkansan. You have to understand that all we have here is the beloved Razorbacks and all colleges consider the upcoming practices as "fall practice." Next to Mississippi, Arkansas is the worst state in the south for professional sports. When are the next scheduled practices for the Jags?

Vic: I was just being playful, but, seriously, I hate that college term "fall practice." It's mid-August, temperatures are in the 90's and we haven't even bought the beer for our Labor Day picnics yet. Fall practice? That's ridiculous. Call it what it is, football camp or summer camp. The NFL calls it "training camp," and the Jaguars begin their training camp practices on July 29. Players are to report on July 28. By the way, I learned something from that question. I didn't know the first day of each of the four seasons changes. For example, the first day of fall alternates between Sept. 22 and 23 every two years (at least it has in recent years and will continue to do that through 2014).

Travis from Ormond Beach, FL:
I was wondering your opinion on the service academies and their football teams.

Vic: They play great block and tackle football with a premium on discipline and effort. I admire their players, their coaches and their philosophy of play. The academies operate with some major disadvantages and one great advantage. The disadvantages are the size restrictions, the academic demands and the commitment to active duty required of each player. The one great advantage is they can legally pay their players. Their success is built on "system" football.

Kelly from Jacksonville:
When should we expect to see first and second-round picks Marcedes Lewis and Maurice Drew arrive in town? Will they get to participate in many OTA's before they break before training camp?

Vic: Lewis will be in Jacksonville next week for the Jaguars' final two spring practices. It's expected Drew will be unable to attend the final two practices. A preliminary hearing on his assault charge is scheduled for next Wednesday, the final day of OTA's.

Pat from Bryceville, FL:
It has been a few weeks since I've visited "Ask Vic" but you sure haven't lost your touch. You must have been in the mood for zingers (on Wednesday); the Pittsburgh lady's dog, fall football practice, underwear practice. But the one about Uncle Lewis lost me. Who is he? Oh, by the way. Are you writing for Jay Leno in the offseason?

Vic: Here's a hint: "Hey Gris, if you're not doing anything constructive, run into the living room and get my stogey." Need another one? He's Aunt Bethany's husband.

Zoltan from Budapest, Hungary:
I'm gentle person, Vic. If someone has different or negative view in an issue, I don't yelling ugly words back to him. And here in Hungary are no censors either. And just one point. Yesterday evening was a match between Poland and Germany, and the Germans won with a goal in the final minute. And it was still an intensive, exciting match. Back to issue, Jaguars. How do you see? Does the team a positive progress so far preparing to the season, in your point of view?

Vic: Yo, Zoltan. You gotta chill, man. It's only June. Things are cool. Why don't you fly in for the opener and check out the ville. You know, we could tee it up a little, hit the grill room afterward and then scope the beach for some chicks.

Chris from Orlando, FL:
Do the Jags have a fight song? If not, can we get someone to get on that?

Vic: How about this? "Hail to the Jaguars … sons of Jacksonville."

Adam from Jacksonville:
Didn't want to throw Danny W's name in the college systems QB argument?

Vic: You're right. He's the all-time leading example of a system quarterback. I've seen better arms on slot machines.

Tim from Jacksonville:
What is Travis Henry's problem? He has repeatedly disgraced his team. He has been arrested for the fourth time in seven months. What do you do with a player like this?

Vic: Ah, it's not Travis Henry, it's Chris Henry, Emily. Chris Henry of the Bengals; not Travis Henry of the Titans.

Jesse from Tallahassee, FL:
I gotta know. Was that a typo in your article? Did you mean 58? Did Scooby Doo really kick a 68-yarder? Until I hear otherwise, I am figuring it was a typo and you meant a very impressive 58.

Vic: It was 68. That's a six and an eight. I was standing two fields away, bored to tears watching the Jaguars play two-hand tag, when I noticed Josh Scobee was flexing his leg muscles for the other special teams guys. I couldn't tell exactly where he was, but it appeared as though he had the ball on a tee near his 40-yard line. No snapper, no rush and he was kicking with a serious breeze at his back, which I'm guessing was the impetus to the whole thing. Boom! The ball came off his foot like one of those drives I hit at three in the morning. It cleared the bar with ease; others didn't. After practice, I asked Josh, "How far was the one you made?" He said, "68. The last one that fell short was from 70." So he's got that going for him.

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