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Jacksonville Jaguars change the game for local businesses


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In the spirit of innovation that seems to be the new norm at the Jacksonville Jaguars, the team has rolled out a new local business program called Jaguars BLACK. This program, as the first of its kind in the Jacksonville business community, was "designed to help local Jacksonville businesses create opportunities to drive their own success," says Mark Lamping, president of the Jaguars.

In strategic planning sessions this offseason, the Jaguars recognized a weakness and an opportunity in their offering – the total number of corporate, business and hospitality customers was much lower than the league average.  

"We were underserving the business community. Our corporate base was around 20% of total accounts, while the average for teams across the league hovered around 30%," said Steve Ziff, vice president of marketing and digital media for the team.

Ziff added, "We saw this challenge that presented itself as an opportunity for growth. Our goal is to create a viable membership program for businesses and show the Jacksonville community the value in working with us."

Building upon the current membership benefits of the Jags365 initiative that was launched last year, Jaguars Black offers local clients a full slate of assets and opportunities to build their businesses and drive return on their investment with the team. Membership benefits include such offerings as the opportunity to receive unique exposure and recognition for their business through dedicated content marketing programs; luxury stadium experiences with on-the-field access; and partner networking and speaking engagements. Through Jaguars Black, clients also receive a personal hospitality consultant that will help their business define the best possible use of their tickets and maximize opportunities to generate more business through Jaguars Black exclusive events.

Ziff has noticed the need for a compelling sports entertainment opportunity for Jacksonville's business owners, and is confident that Jaguars Black will be transformational for the business community in Jacksonville.

"What makes this program unique is the depth of the program," Ziff explains. "The Jaguars Black 'Business Playbook' is our manual built for success featuring best practices on sports entertainment after analyzing a lot of companies' challenges, objections and failures of their previous hospitality and entertainment strategies."

Among other benefits offered through the program, companies will be able to connect to each other through the Jaguars Black Book, an online business directory, and be recognized for their local business achievements on the field during games at EverBank Feld.

How do businesses get involved in Jaguars Black? It appears the answer is "however it makes the most sense for their businesses. The program is rooted in the premise of complete customization." Through developing a personalized solution for each business based on their needs and objectives, "our goal is to help businesses deliver an incredible experience and create a wow moment for their clients," says Ziff.

Hopes are high for Jaguars Black, with the team looking to grow its business customer base closer to the 30-40% mark. Ultimately, the Jaguars are aiming to be successful in helping Jacksonville businesses generate more business and, in return, they hope to find success as well.

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