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Jacksonville Jaguars focus on gaming to broaden reach and connect with fans off the field


The Jacksonville Jaguars have unveiled Jaguars Arcade, an online microsite for fans that will host games, polls, social competitions, contests, and more. Located at, Jaguars Arcade is the place to go for fans who want to enjoy fun competition while compiling points to redeem for prizes.

"Jaguars Arcade was designed as a means to engage with our brand while enjoying a challenging and fun digital experience," said Steve Ziff, Jaguars vice president of marketing and digital media. "Our goal is to reach Jags fans of all ages, and we look for this to be a key entertainment asset to grow the relationship and interact with them all year long.   We will continue to create and develop more digital and mobile offerings in the future."

The Jags have been innovative in their digital media and content marketing efforts. These engagement tools are an outgrowth of the team's #MOREJAX campaign, a push to further engage fans and provide them with unique and diverse means to connect with the Jaguars in an immersive manner.

The first video game to be offered, Duval Dash, is built in 8-bit testament to inspire gamers old and new to play a fun and simplistic competition in a team-branded environment. It is believed to be the first team-inspired video game ever created, and certainly is the first as a social, data-gathering and sharing tool. 

Duval Dash launched in-stadium on Sunday prior to the Jaguars' 23-20 win vs. the Miami Dolphins, as well as on social platforms and the Internet. It is mobile-optimized and has the ability to be short-cut for apps.

The Jaguars hope to launch two tent pole games per year on Jaguars Arcade, all of which represent creative, fun and playable ways to provide fans with a valuable and shareable online or mobile experience.

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