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Jags share views on Head Coach Bradley


After recording just two regular season wins a year ago, the Jacksonville Jaguars are expecting vast improvement in 2013 and there is a new energy sweeping through the AFC South club.

And one reason for optimism is the addition of new head coach Gus Bradley, who is bringing his high-octane, up-tempo style of coaching to Florida.

Anyone fortunate enough to watch the Jags practice this spring will have undoubtedly noticed how passionate, upbeat and excitable the 47-year-old former defensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks really is.

But don't just take our word for it. Here is what the Jaguars players have been saying about their new head coach.

"I'm excited to play for Gus. He is a high-energy guy who believes in what he's selling and we believe in him, too. We're very excited to see what we can do under his leadership. I'm excited about our coaching staff." – Linebacker Russell Allen.

"I'm excited to be here and Gus Bradley was definitely one of the main selling points for me to come and join this team. He is just so optimistic and excited – you see the passion come through when he talks and those are things that come off as genuine. You really don't get that too often in the NFL with this being a business and all. Being able to have a coach who is genuine and who understands the process for a player is a special feeling that you don't get too much around the league." – Defensive tackle Roy Miller.

"Gus is outstanding. He has a ton of energy. He has been in successful organisations before so we know he has a blueprint for success and knows exactly what he wants to do to make us into a winning team. It's exciting for us to have him as our coach." – Linebacker Paul Posluszny.

"I love him. He is full of genuine energy and excitement all the time. You can tell he is very passionate about what he does and that is contagious. When you have a head coach who is passionate and upbeat about the game that just washes in like a storm to the players." – Offensive tackle Eugene Monroe.

"Gus has a lot of energy and a lot of passion. He is very committed to being here in Jacksonville and taking this team where it needs to go in order to be successful. We're really enjoying what he is showing us." – Offensive guard Uche Nwaneri.

"Man, I love him. He is energetic, enthusiastic and he is real. He gets to the point and that's the type of guy I need to deal with as a player." – Defensive end Jeremy Mincey.

And finally, what does Gus Bradley say about himself as a head coach?

"I'm sure there will be some times when I get too excited and will have to be pulled back on gameday. But I'm in a leadership position and the players need to feel you and to feel that passion and energy. We're trying to establish a team here that plays with great enthusiasm, with great effort and toughness, and a team that plays smart. We have a tremendous opportunity as a franchise." 

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