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Jaguars 2023 Rookie Minicamp: "We're pleased..." 

The 2023 Offseason - Ethan Waugh

JACKSONVILLE – Ethan Waugh discussed many specifics.

But during his first public comments since the 2023 NFL Draft, the Jaguars' assistant general manager also offered an overview of the team's '23 draft class.

"We're pleased with the guys we have," Waugh said.

Waugh spoke Friday during 2023 Jaguars Rookie Minicamp, which ended Saturday at TIAA Bank Field. Full video of his media availability discussing his first draft with the organization can be seen here. Among the highlights:

Waugh's thoughts on Day Three, when the Jaguars selected 10 players in Rounds 4-7. The Jaguars entered the day with those 10 selections, trying unsuccessfully throughout the day to trade up.

Waugh said he was "not really surprised" the Jaguars couldn't trade.

"Sometimes it's just more difficult than others," Waugh said. "You have to take two to tango, right? The old cliché. You have to get the right deal with the right team at the right time and it just unfortunately didn't work. It's just kind of part of it.

"You make a lot of calls. The worst thing they can say is, 'No.' You just kind of have to keep digging, keep finding another team that'll listen to you."

The Jaguars on Day Three nonetheless had what Waugh called a "busy" day, selecting two players in Round 4, two in Round 5, three in Round 6 and three in Round 7.

"The timeframe on those picks is very small," Waugh said, referencing the five minutes between selections during Rounds 2-6 and the four minutes during Round 7. "So, there's not a lot of trading. If there is a trade, that's happening very fast. You're trying to make sure everybody's on board with these guys as they come off. Then you're also kind of tr trying to plan for [collegiate] free agency after the draft to fill out your 90[-player roster] as everything changes.

"It is hectic, but it's fun. That's the most active part of draft weekend. Usually, draft days are pretty boring, so a little bit of activity's fun."

Waugh offered thoughts on multiple '23 draft selections, including right tackle Anton Harrison – the No. 27 overall selection:

"He has really quick feet and he's a very efficient pass protector. His pressures-allowed rate is extremely low. When one of our scouts was there in about the middle of the season, he had made one mental error for the season. So, he's a reliable guy. He's going to be where he needs to be and he's going to be a really efficient player."

2023 Jaguars Rookie Minicamp

RB Tank Bigsby (4)

Waugh on:

  • Running back Tank Bigsby, No. 88 overall: "I love what he brings as a well-rounded running back. Just throw the stats out: Top five fastest running backs in the draft, top five heaviest running backs in the draft, top five yards after contact in the draft. He plays physical. He plays aggressive. He finished runs going forward and despite that physicality, he's still effective with the passing game. He gives us another [running back]. In this day and age, leaning on one running back is pretty hard. The more you have in that room, the better."
  • Linebacker Ventrell Miller, the No. 121 overall selection who played most of his senior season at the University of Florida with a foot injury: "When you look at the film, when Ventrell's healthy, he's a really good football player. He's very instinctive. He's quick. He can run. Then additionally off the field and in the locker room there at Florida, he has been a multiple-year captain. He's a fantastic kid. He has the DNA that we're looking for in the locker room."
  • Edge defender Yasir Abdullah, No. 136 overall: "He's kind of a wide-frame guy. He is a little different than the [Jaguars edge defenders] Travon [Walkers] and the Josh Allens of the world just in terms of overall size. He's very fast. His get off is excellent. He's very instinctive."
  • Safety Antonio Johnson, the No. 160 overall selection projected by many to be selected earlier: "As you get into that range in the draft teams kind of diverge a little bit on what they need to fill out their rosters. Some players kind of slip a little bit and you end up getting a good bargain on a guy." Waugh called Johnson "a long player. He's lean. He has long arms, covers a lot of ground and he's a physical tackler."
  • Defensive tackle Raymond Vohasek, No. 227 overall: "He's kind of a throwback, a blue-collar interior defensive lineman that has all those traits. He's a unique case in that he was a junior college player, so he wasn't really highly recruited in high school. North Carolina doesn't take many junior college players, and he went there and had a heck of a career. You talk to the schools they play, that's always somebody that they bring up: 'Take a look at this guy. He gave us problems.'''

View top photos of Jaguars players throughout rookie minicamp practice at TIAA Bank Field.

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