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Jaguars offense confident


Eugene Monroe's goal is to allow fewer sacks, Marcedes Lewis just wants to win and Jarett Dillard wants to catch 67 passes.

Sixty-seven? Why 67, Dillard was asked?

"He just came up with a number," Dillard said of an arbitrary figure at which the team's psychologist arrived after studying the careers of other receivers.

Tuesday was a day for testimony from the Jaguars offense, several members of which were in the media interview room. Monroe led the way.

"Significantly fewer sacks and quarterback hits," Monroe said of the goal of the offensive line in 2010.

Jaguars quarterback David Garrard was playing behind two rookie offensive tackles last season, as Monroe and Eben Britton were the starters on opening day, though Monroe was only a few weeks removed from a late arrival at training camp. His first challenge was blocking Dwight Freeney, at which Monroe struggled. A year later, Monroe winces when he watches tape of himself from last season.

"I see myself as a completely different player; a guy who can move a lot better. Watching film, I can't even recognize the guy I watch from last year," Monroe said.

In making Monroe the eighth pick of the 2009 draft, the Jaguars laid the foundation of their offensive lines of the future. A round later, General Manager Gene Smith further cemented the foundation when he selected Britton.

"We have a mindset and a focus to win a championship. That's what we're working for. There's no reason we can't be a championship team this year," Monroe said.

Saturday, he'll go up against Tampa Bay's leading sacker from a year ago, defensive end Stylez White. Will Saturday's game offer a preview of the season?

"I don't think we'll really see what we're about until we step on the field against Denver," Monroe said.

Lewis' expectations for this season are similarly high.

"My expectation for the offense is to be explosive. The sky is the limit. We're going to go out there with the belief that each time we can score. They had confidence in our offense by not going out in the draft and replacing us," Lewis said.

Coach Jack Del Rio praised Lewis at every chance in training camp. The Jaguars believe Lewis is the best block-and-catch tight end in the game.

"I want to win, period, whether I have three catches, five catches. This year, there's an effort to get me the ball. We're starting to put packages in for me," Lewis said.

Dillard recently returned to practice after missing the first two weeks of training camp with a foot injury that was the result of favoring his other foot, which he broke in a midseason game against the Jets last year.

"Physically I'm 100 percent. Now it's just the timing with the quarterback," the second-year wide receiver said.

"I think he's a lot more proficient, really focused on a lot of things," Dillard said of Garrard. "He's the leader of the team and he's doing what he needs to do."

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