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Jaguars still in scouting process

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Griff from Jacksonville:
Can a player who had signed a one-year contract under the new rule that only allows part of his salary to be counted toward the cap and is now a free agent (Pete Mitchell) sign the same type of contract again? Or is it a one-time occurrence?

Vic: The beneficial salary program is available to all players with four or more accrued seasons, and a player's contract may be applied to the program in multiple and consecutive seasons. The rules require that a player must be salaried at the minimum wage for his experience level, and that he may not receive a signing bonus in excess of $25,000. Any player who qualifies for the beneficial salary program will count $450,000 of salary plus the amount of his signing bonus toward that year's salary cap. For example, last season Bobby Shaw counted $475,000 against the Jaguars' salary cap.

Mike from Blacksburg, VA:
First of all, I think you have the best column I have ever read. Now, on to my question. What is the probability that if E.J. Henderson is available with the eighth pick that the Jaguars will take him? And if he is there, and the Jags don't take him, who will they take?

Vic: In my opinion, E.J. Henderson is a sensational player and I would have to believe he would be a consideration if he was available at the number eight spot. But the draft is still two months away. The Jaguars haven't zeroed in on their guy, yet. They are still in the scouting process.

Jared from Jacksonville:
Do you think the philosophy of "best available player" should fit into free agency, too? Or should a team approach free agency from a need point of view?

Vic: You'll go broke quickly if you apply the best available player theory to free agency. In my opinion, you address your needs in free agency, which allows you to select the best available player in the draft. That's the combination I prefer. If you do it the other way, I believe you'll spend yourself into salary cap trouble and, in the process, abuse the real intent of the draft, which is to make the best players available to the worst teams.

Mike from Pensacola, FL:
With obvious needs at WR, DB and OL/DL, where do you see the Jags going with their first and second-round picks this year? Obviously, the player chosen is really up in the air because you never know who will be available, but which positions do you think they will address?

Vic: I think the Jaguars would like to address defensive end, linebacker and wide receiver on the first day of the draft, but indications are they won't do that unless the players at those positions fit at the spot at which the Jaguars are selecting. We can't know what this regime's draft philosophy is until we've seen what they do when they're on the clock. I'd be lying if I told you I knew what they're going to do.

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