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3869.jpg bout them...nah i'm not using that stupid Cowboys mantra....what a win last week over the blue bills of buffalo....was it ever in doubt people...ok don't answer was a nail biter to say the least....and one of those games that can catapult a team to great things....Exhibit A...our loss in week one in the last seconds to the Panthers last year....Confidence is everything in this game and i should know....even when people think you look like an overstuffed...ok i'm digressing into my own personal insecurities....My point is...WE WON!!!!!!

On to this week and the home favorite game of the year...there is just something about the home opener that is diffeent than any other game...everyone is in a positive frame of mind...confidence is high...see there's that confidence word's everywhere...Now some people say it's because you've played one real game at most before your opener so your confidence should be high since the worst your record could be is 0-1...well if you're the Cardinals or the Bengals that may be true....but do you want to know why here in Jacksonville the Home opener is so different and special....Well i'll tell ya's the first time fans get a chance to see their favorite mascot in live action....ME!!!!....

That's right Jaguars fans you've waited all year for the real games to start so you could see what i have planned to amaze and astonish all who attend the home's the only way you'll get to see me in the Jacksonville skits aren't as funny on radio....and with the game being blacked out you'll be forced to listen to all your co-workers, who came to the game, talking about my skits and laughing uncontrollably around the water cooler on if you don't want to be left out go buy a ticket because i have some crazy stuff planned for the Broncos....I'll give you some hints...get in your seats by 12:40pm and watch your heads...during the 1st quarter break stay in your seats for another demonstration of my dance skills with the ROAR...and during the second half i have something special planned for the big pile of glue from good friend Mel Brooks inspired me.

So come one come all to the Jaguars game this Sunday...if you leave the game without being entertained i'll personally come over to your house and hop on one foot while beating myself with a frying pan....that's how confident i am that you'll have the time of your life this week....After all it's the home opener and it doesn't get any better than this....until the next home game of course!

Much Love


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