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ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! I don't like to brag but i can't help noticing why Griffin fumbled last week...ME! That's right, if you check the game footage...ok well not the actual game footage...but if you ask anyone who was at the game they'll tell you that i was seen doing my voodoo jinx on the Broncos just before the last clearly i was responsible for that last play....Akin and our defense simply jumped on the ball....they've already thanked me.

Oh yeah i also have to apologize for how close the game was...that too was my fault...i figure if i'm going to take the credit for good stuff i might as well take the blame for the bad stuff...The game never should have been that close...had i been able to skydive into the game as planned we would have easily beaten the Broncos...why?...well because the team would have used the energy created from my stunt to carry them through the game...but not to worry i'm planning to skydive into the Colts game on October 3rd so make sure you are there and in your seats by 12:40pm...I'm hoping the winds won't be as strong that day as they were last Sunday...

Oh yeah i also need to apologize to all the people that were in their cars last week at noon on Atlantic Blvd heading to the Stadium...after we cancelled the jump i still needed to get back to the game from Craig Airport...well a couple nice guys happened to be heading to the game in a convertible Cadillac and gave me a ride...but the traffic was terrible so we had to do some "creative traffic management"...Thanks to all who let us cut through traffic...LEGALLY of course...i made it to the Stadium at 12:45 just in time to ride out on the field for my intro...which was really bad...i forgot to have anything planned as a back-up so i went back to the lame beating up the horse won't happen again!

Well on to the TITANS...hold on a sec i have to throw up....blaghghghggghaaaah!!!!!!...i can't even type that name without getting sick...I won't say i hate the Titans...ok i do...but i can't help it...i'm not sure if it's Fisher, McNair or their Raccoon they have for a mascot...his name is about lame...he looks like a wet rat with two black eyes...Most of the guys in the league think he has rabies...all i know is that he smells really bad and has a really bad under bite...his under bite is so bad he can poor a drink into his mouth without opening it...he also has a propensity for sticking quarters in his nose...i don't know why ...i guess there isn't much to do in Nashville...Although I know what they'll be doing this Sunday in Nashville....LOSING!!!!!

Well i gotta go get my place set up for Hurricane Jeanne...everyone out there be safe and take care during this 5th storm to hit Florida in 6 weeks...Oh yeah and JEA please make sure the city has power from 1:00pm -4:00pm on Sunday!

Much Love


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