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OH YEAH YOU KNOW IT...We're NUMBER ONE!...ok so i'm celebrating a little too much...i know it's just a 5th win and the season is only half over but it feels good to be back in first place where I....i mean WE belong....i don't want to take credit for all of our success but i think it's pretty obvious to the experienced NFL eye that I have absolutely NOTHING to do with our losses and everything to do with our wins....If you can't see that than i guess you don't have an experienced NFL eye.

Yes we beat the Colts and now we come to my favorite week of the year...Halloween!!!!'s great because of so many FREE candy for one....and you get to wear anything you want no matter how crazy looking and people will still give you FREE candy....and the weather get's a little cooler which keeps the FREE candy from melting while you're outside....what else....uh....oh yeah FREE candy....and in honor of the holiday i will give my Halloween Safety Tips....Tip 1 - Use double ply toilet pa...uh oh...wrong list...scratch that...listen to your parents kids.

I'll be headed to Denver Colorodo this weekend and unfortunately won't be around Jacksonville to scare little kids...i mean give treats to all the precious kiddies...My good buddy Miles the Bronco has invited me to his home game this week against the Falcons to help him entertain his fans at halftime....We will be playing football against a 10 -12 year old Pop Warner team in a battle between Boys and Beasts....We will once again make up for years of frustration and torture brought upon us by little boys aged 10 -12, by dominating them with our superior football'll be great! (say last 3 words with a Scottish accent for effect)....and for the record i'm not worried about the high altitude affecting me at all....i'm sure last year was a fluke....i still say those symptoms only APPEARED to be exactly related to high altitude sickness.

So go out and get yourself a costume if you haven't already...and if you're looking for a Jaxson de Ville Halloween costume....and i know you are....i'm sorry but you'll have to make one yourself....if you've purchased my replica jersey, which is for sale at the stadium merchandise stands, you can wear that....but you're on your own with coming up with a fur body and head....don't worry people will know who you are trying to be...after all i'm a world famous A list...ok maybe B list...alright FINE J list celebrity....whatever....people will know!

Look out Houston....we're coming to make up for last year's loss you gave us in the last second when Carr dove over the goal do so i predict that we will lull you guys into thinking you have the game won like we've done a few times this year already....then in the last few minutes we'll be down by 7 and have the ball....we all know what happens in that scenario....Byron will lead us to victory....unless of course he throws a pick and you guys run it back for a which case we'll lose by 14....but that could never happen!

Much Love


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