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Jonathan Quinn's Berlin Thunder back at .500


We knew going into the May 12 game that the Rhein Fire was a good team. They were very sound defensively and we knew we had to play a mistake-free game to beat them. I had an interception early in the game, but our defense rebounded and got the ball back for us. Other than that, we played a very solid game to win 23-17 in front of our home crowd.

I think the key to last week's win was our running game. The offensive line blocked well and the running backs did a great job of hitting the holes. Their rushing made all the difference in the world. The backs rushed for 119 yards and had a 4.1 yard average for the game.

Getting that type of rushing attack absolutely helps your offense. Any time you can rush like that, it takes the pressure off the passing game. We have three great backs in Rodnick Phillips, Madre Hill and Ricky Brown, and they finally had an opportunity to showcase their talent.

I think, offensively, we have a number of receivers that do a great job of getting open and running with the ball like Ahmad Merritt, Dwuane Jones and Demetrius Brown. We have guys that can go deep. We have guys that catch the ball and then get a lot of yards after the catch. We also have guys with great hands. We are definitely fortunate to be like that. It makes my job easier because I can spread the ball around without having just one go-to-guy.

I think I am getting better every week. I think my arm strength is a positive and my ability to throw the deep ball. I think I need to improve on dumping the ball to my running backs more. I think I need to quicken my feet, quicken my release and improve on my accuracy. All of which, I think, I have improved on in the past four weeks in Europe. I am here for experience, and that is exactly what I'm getting. I get to be in game situations, and there is no better practice than that.

In our past month in Europe, we haven't only focused on football. We also have some free time to tour around and sightsee. Last week, we went to Rothenburg, which is a city about six hours south of Berlin in Bavaria. It was great to see such an interesting city, and the drive there was absolutely beautiful. Germany itself is a really pretty country. I have gotten to see many different parts of Berlin and I got to see Scotland when we played there a few weeks ago.

The only problem with Germany is the language. It's the main barrier for the guys who came from the United States. Besides that, the two countries are culturally very similar. I have picked up a little German during my stay here, but not a lot.

Well, I have to get ready for our next game, so until then … Auf Weidersehen.

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