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June 1 rule favors players

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Tommy Tzamaras from Jacksonville:
You keep saying the Jaguars should take the best available player in the draft next weekend. Let's say that when it's the Jaguars' time to pick, the best available player would be a safety. I don't see safety being a great need on this team this year. Do you really think the Jaguars should pick the safety or take the next best defensive lineman? And how does the concept of best available player actually work? Do they go by the scores they have given each individual player?
OK, you guys win. Take the worst available player.

Randall Thompson from Woodmere, NY:
I just wanted to say I'm concerned because I'm hearing a lot about the Jaguars' biggest needs. I hear there's big needs on the defensive line, the linebacking corps and, until the signing of Chris Naeole, the offensive line, and that the Jaguars plan to address these needs in the draft. But if we're rebuilding, then shouldn't we be rebuilding instead of patching weak spots?

Chris Duncan from Jacksonville:
I was wondering what your opinion on the rule regarding the June 1 rule is. I've heard some people on talk-radio say they are for the rule because it benefits the teams and some people say they are against it because it is bad for the players, in regards to keeping them on a team for months longer when they know they will probably be released, thereby preventing them from earning high-dollar contracts.
The team is doing the player a favor by releasing him right after June 1. The team is not bound to do that. It could have the player report for the start of training camp, then cut him, but that would only delay the player's future two more months. The June 1 rule was instituted as a means of settling those roster issues before the start of training camp, so a player may have the luxury of landing with a new team and having plenty of time to acclimate himself to his new environs. As you can see, the June 1 rule is clearly a player-friendly creation. The problem with moving the deadline to earlier in the spring is that it would flood the market with even more free agents, which would tilt the scales of supply and demand in the teams' favor, and the players union wouldn't like that. In my opinion, Keenan McCardell will catch on with a new team and at no significant contract loss, and have plenty of time to introduce himself to his new team and its offensive system.

Kyle Newman from Jacksonville:
What is your opinion on Ryan Sims? Some mock drafts have him taken high, others late in the first round. Also, if he is available, will the Jaguars take him?
Ryan Sims will go high in the first round. He may not have the athletic skills of an Albert Haynesworth, but Sims is dedicated and coachable and guarantees his new team will get everything he has to give. He would certainly be on the Jaguars' short list.

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