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Just do your job

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Andy from Jacksonville:
Who was faster in their prime, Fred Taylor or Chris Johnson?

Vic: Fred and Tony Dorsett had the best open-field, sustained speed I've ever seen. I haven't seen enough of Johnson to put him into that category, but I've seen what he can do to the corner of a defense and it's jaw-dropping. Different players show their speed in different ways. I always thought Fred was his fastest when he was one cut and go. Dorsett was a burst back. Not even Gale Sayers could crease a defense as quickly as Dorsett could. Johnson is most dangerous when he gets out on the edge of a defense. His elusiveness makes him even faster than his 40 time.

Don from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
David Garrard has a very smooth throwing motion. It looks so simple and effortless but it has the zip, similar to Terry Bradshaw. Do you agree?

Vic: What you're describing is the sign of a strong arm. What strong-armed quarterback didn't have a smooth throwing motion? Bradshaw struggled early in his career with touch. He harnessed his arm strength later in his career by quieting his lower body during the throw. He would stand with his feet together and flick the ball downfield to Swann or Stallworth; that's how strong Bradshaw's arm was. John Elway and Dan Marino had beautifully smooth but powerful throwing motions. Johnny Unitas threw a pass with such grace that he finished with the index finger of his right hand pointing at his target. Brett Favre can get a little herky-jerky with his delivery, but I have never seen him throw a pass that he didn't appear to be relaxed, confident of getting the ball there and capable of throwing it harder if he needed to do so. Ben Roethlisberger is another quarterback who appears to throw the ball with ease – he often appears as though he's pushing the ball – yet, when he needs to cut it loose, he can. I remember being impressed by that on a touchdown pass to Hines Ward in one of the two games the Jaguars won in Pittsburgh in 2007. Roethlisberger saw a crack of light and knew he'd have to step on it, and he did. There's a field mike that's open to the press box at Heinz Field and I can remember the smack Roethlisberger's pass made when it hit the chest plate on Ward's shoulder pads. Aaron Rodgers is another quarterback who always seems to have enough arm to get the ball there but seldom needs to cut it loose. Garrard has a strong arm and a smooth delivery. I watched him in OTAs this past spring and I can remember thinking to myself how effortless his throwing motion is. There's no denying his talent. He's got all the tools. He's got a great arm, mobility and athletic talent, and the best thing about Garrard is that he's extremely durable. Matt Schaub throws a nice ball but he's not been durable and that's a big issue for the Texans as they attempt to go to the next level. It's all between the ears for Garrard. His talent will allow him to play as well as he prepares.

Hugh from St. Petersburg, FL:
We don't have an identity at Jaguars games and it's something we need to set us apart from other stadiums. I know it's annoying, but how about the Jaguars give out Jaguar vuvuzela horns for the first preseason game and first regular season game? It made South Africa famous and it couldn't hurt us. It would allow us to make some noise when Peyton is trying to call a play. What do you think?

Vic: I'll let you lead us on this one. You can be the first to blow your vuvuzela. Let me know how that turns out.

Scott from St. Augustine, FL:
Can you let us know what day the Oklahoma drill will be?

Vic: It is traditionally conducted during the first full-pads practice of training camp, which is scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 1, at seven p.m. If everything is as it has been in the past, that'll be the practice in which the Oklahoma is conducted, but I can't confirm that until I talk to coach Jack Del Rio.

Mike from Lake Elsinore, CA:
What position of former players has translated to more head coaching tenures?

Vic: I don't know and I don't know where to find out. I did a quick review of coaches and the positions they played when they were players, and I found examples of successful coaches at every position. Sean Peyton is a former quarterback. Tom Landry, Don Shula and Tony Dungy were defensive backs. Vince Lombardi and Chuck Noll were offensive linemen. Marty Schottenheimer and Bill Cowher were linebackers. Mike Ditka was a tight end. I don't think any one position qualifies you more or less to be an NFL coach, but if I did a comprehensive investigation, I bet it would turn up more offensive linemen than any other position.

John from Orlando, FL:
Kirk Morrison mentioned that he is not necessarily a vocal leader on the field, and that he prefers to lead by example. Does the Jaguars defense have a vocal leader on the field? If so, who is it? Is a vocal leader a real need on either side of the ball?

Vic: I'm not big on vocal leaders. I don't want any of my work mates, other than my bosses, critiquing my work and I don't need them to provide a pep talk, either. In fact, I would resent being critiqued by my work mates and I might tell them, "You do your job and I'll do mine." I'd also be willing to bet that most players feel the same way. Just do your job. Vocal leaders are for the fans, not teammates, and I can cite a lot of examples through the years of players rolling their eyes at me when a teammate has decided to become the voice of the clubhouse.

Sarah from Derwood, MD:
After reading Keisha from Washington's question on June 28, my boyfriend immediately questioned me as to why I (a girlfriend of a huge Jaguars fan) had never submitted a question to his favorite "Ask Vic" blog. So here I am wondering, why is my boyfriend, a man who has never even set foot in Florida, let alone Jacksonville, such a die-hard Jaguars fan? He doesn't have any relatives or close friends who are fans; he just has undying love for the Jags and you, Vic? Tell me, why all the love?

Vic: Jealous, huh? Obviously, I'm more capable of satisfying your boyfriend's emotional needs.

Charles from Midlothian, VA:
Hope you had a great vacation. Welcome back to the FIFA-free dead zone.

Vic: Is it over?

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