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Just their third meeting

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Chris from Jacksonville:
I have a question about one of the calls that took place this Sunday during the San Diego game. I believe it was late in the third quarter. When Leftwich's arm was hit and he fumbled the ball forward -- I think it was Meester who fell on it -- it was recovered by the Jags about 3-4 yards forward of the fumble. Then the ref made a ruling that I had never heard of before; he said something like, "Because the ball was recovered by the team who fumbled it, the ball is to be spotted back at the point of the fumble." Is this a new rule?

Vic: It's called the "Holy Roller" rule and it's not new. It's so named because in a game between the Raiders and Chargers in the late-'70s, Raiders tight end Dave Casper appeared to have advanced a fumble into the end zone before recovering it for the game-winning touchdown on the final play of the game. So, a rule was put into effect that, inside the two-minute warnings, the fumbling team may not advance the ball; it is returned to the point of the fumble.

Bryan from Milwaukee, WI:
What do you think of coach Del Rio's early gamble on fourth-and-two? Good or bad choice?

Vic: I didn't like it. Fourth-and-two at the San Diego 26-yard line early in the second quarter, and downwind. Just kick it. What's wrong with 10-0?

Steven from Jacksonville:
I understand that any "veteran" is guaranteed full pay if released after they are on the roster for game one. How long does a player have to be in the league to be considered to have "veteran" status?

Vic: It's not just "veteran" status; it's "vested veteran" status that brings a full year's pay for having been on the roster for one game. A player becomes a "vested veteran" when he has accumulated four accrued seasons in the NFL.

Ricky from Mission, TX:
How many times have the Dolphins and Jaguars met, including the playoffs? What were the scores?

Vic: Including the postseason, the Jaguars and Dolphins have only met twice. The Jaguars rallied for a 28-21 win over the Dolphins on Monday Night Football, in a game at Alltel Stadium on Oct. 12, 1998. The following season, the Jaguars scored a 62-7 playoff win at Alltel Stadium on Jan. 15, 2000. That was the last meeting between the two teams, unless you count the preseason, and I never count the preseason.

Jonathan from King George, VA:
Can an NFL team trade a player during the season?

Vic: Up until the Oct. 14 trade deadline, yes. After that, no.

Paul from Alpharetta, GA:
How many seasons does coach Del Rio have to rebuild, keeping in mind that coach Coughlin took the team to the playoffs in two seasons. Thanks for staying positive during these rough times and I am trying very hard to learn what patience means.

Vic: In my opinion, Jack Del Rio or any coach in the situation he inherited with the Jaguars, has every reason to expect a two-year exemption. What that means is that rebuilding this team's roster should require two years to accomplish. In year three, the meter starts running.

Thomas from Jacksonville:
How many tickets total have the Jaguars sold for the upcoming Miami game? I just want that feeling back of a packed house like it was in 1999.

Vic: I can't give you the exact total, but you'll have that packed-house feeling this Sunday.

Ben from Long Beach, CA:
What are your thoughts about Fu. Do you think he can help out the team, cause on Sunday he ran the ball six times for 30 yards? Do you think he can do that every Sunday?

Vic: Ben, thank you for voluntarily complying with my vowel-rationing program. Yeah, Fu looked pretty good; he's a powerful runner. You bet he can help the team, but if he had done it every Sunday in Pittsburgh he'd still be there. Fu has a chronic hamstring problem, so, let's not get carried away. But he sure whets your appetite. If the guy can stay healthy, he could be a big-time back. That was always the thinking in Pittsburgh. Then they ran out of patience with the hamstring problem.

Lane from Orlando, FL:
Out of curiosity, I did some research and I think the only teams the Jaguars have never beaten are Green Bay, Indianapolis and St. Louis. San Diego was one of those teams prior to last weekend. Were my findings correct?

Vic: You're essentially correct, though the Jaguars haven't beaten New England in a regular-season game; they beat the Patriots in the 1998 playoffs.

Steve from Jacksonville:
I have never understood the meaning of "30-second timeouts." What is that?

Vic: Here's the rule as stated in the official NFL 2003 rulebook: "Whenever a time out is called after the two-minute warning in a half, the time out shall last 30 seconds unless more time is required because of an injury or television utilizes a commercial opportunity."

Ralph from Albany, NY:
If the Jaguars make the playoffs will you shave your head?

Vic: No; I just started growing hair, again.

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