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Kiper made it an event

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Mike from St. Augustine, FL:
The other option for us to acquire another pick would be to trade someone currently on the roster. Do you think that is likely this year?

Vic: It would depend on who they draft. If they were to draft a player at a position at which the Jaguars are deep, they could consider trading a veteran player at that position for the purpose of acquiring an extra pick or picks. I wouldn't say it's likely because every team has players it would like to trade for picks, but most teams value picks over players and that means picks-for-players trades are tough to make.

Craig from Stanley, Falkland Islands:
Can a QB work on building up throwing-arm strength?

Vic: A quarterback can tighten his spiral and sharpen the trajectory and velocity of his short passes with improved technique and physical maturity, but raw throwing power can't be significantly improved. A guy with a candy arm will always have a candy arm and it'll show most when he's in the wind and cold and he's being forced to throw the ball outside his comfort zone. Drew Brees is right on the edge. He can't lose anything off his fastball and continue to play at his current level. I think it also helps Brees that he plays in a dome and in a division that has two of them and another game every year in south Florida.

Mark from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
Given all the draft hype and impact it has had on the popularity of pro football and assuming Mel Kiper was the catalyst for the draft popularity, should he be in the Hall of the Fame?

Vic: No, he shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame, but I acknowledge that he has made the draft the event it is today. Until he came along, the draft was a pick-and-take-a-nap-until-your-next-pick event. As ESPN's draft star, Kiper took the draft to a previously-unimagined level of event status. The NFL owes him plenty. Kiper had the guts to take on personnel directors and coaches with edgy commentary. Kiper's the guy who gave license to every reporter and fan to express their opinions on players. I haven't always agreed with his opinions, but I like his work.

Austin from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Hey, Vicbow, you said Colt McCoy lacks arm strength and while I don't disagree with you, I do think a quarterback can be good without elite arm strength. Are there any successful quarterbacks in today's game that lack arm strength? Also, who has the stronger arm out of Tebow and McCoy?

Vic: Lots of quarterbacks have achieved elite status without having elite arm strength. Joe Montana didn't have elite arm strength, but Montana's arm was strong enough. That's all it has to be, strong enough to make all the throws. That's the key. You have to be able to make all the throws. It doesn't mean you have to be able to make all the throws with equal aplomb, it just means the defense has to respect the fact that you can make the "honey hole" throw if necessary. Montana could. Brees can, although that's not the throw he wants to make and he has to hump up to make it. I don't think McCoy can make all the throws. I'm not sure Tebow can, either. Monte Kiffin kind of exposed him by forcing him over and over to make that "honey hole" throw. That's what the Tennessee defense was giving him but it was easy to see that either he or Urban Meyer or both were not comfortable with trying it. Tebow, however, has a stronger arm than McCoy.

Andy from Jacksonville:
With the signing of Kampman and Hayward, would you say the Jags' biggest need is still on the defensive front line?

Vic: Yes, I would. The Jaguars didn't solve anything long-term with the additions of Aaron Kampman and Reggie Hayward. Kampman is going into his ninth year and Hayward is going into his 10th. Kampman is coming off an ACL and Hayward is trying to fight back from two major injuries to the same ankle. Kampman and Hayward are for now. The Jaguars need young lions for now and the future. The question you've asked is at the root of the kind of thinking that got this team into the trouble it's in up front. Never, ever forsake your future for the present. The two lines are at the core of a team's future and they require constant attention. Take care of the future and the future will take care of the present.

Kenneth from Jacksonville:
Hey, Vicbow, let's say the Jaguars trade down for a late first and a second-rounder, do you take Tebow in the late first round?

Vic: No, only with the second pick. I'll allow that, so the fans can have their way and prove to me they'll fill the stadium, but I won't agree to using the first pick on Tebow.

Tom from Valkaria, FL:
Bubba Smith in 1967?

Vic: I thought about him, but the prime years of his career were shortened by injury and that's why I didn't include him as a player who was worthy of the first overall pick.

Chris from Jacksonville:
Regarding Colt McCoy having to play a playoff game in the Northeast, he should be fine if he plays in the NFC. It's almost a 50/50 dome to open field ratio.

Vic: Do we have a geography problem here, because I'm having trouble finding domes in the Northeast? The Giants? The Eagles? The Redskins? Even in the AFC, the Jets, Steelers, Patriots, Bills, Ravens?

Adam from Jacksonville:
Where does Troy Williamson fit into the rotation next season? Do you expect him to start opposite Sims-Walker?

Vic: Nobody fits anywhere right now. That's what they're going to determine by their performance in training camp and in the preseason. Mike Sims-Walker has certainly earned a starting job heading into training camp, but I don't see anything set in stone at wide receiver. It's still a position that's in the process of being shaped.

Shane from Macy, IN:
Which teams in the league are on the rise and which teams are falling?

Vic: That's a question that was much easier to answer in the old days because rebuilding was much easier to identify and turnarounds weren't nearly as quick as they are today. In the AFC, if there's a team I believe to clearly be on the rise, it's Houston. The Texans should be considered ready to go. The time for patience in Houston is over. It's time to win. Miami did what I expected last season, which is to say miss the playoffs. The Dolphins shot up on the strength of a cake schedule in 2008 and fell down last year due to a ridiculously difficult schedule. Truth be known, they were a better team last year than they were the year before. The Dolphins are a team on the rise. They've identified their quarterback of the future and, along with the Jets, they could push the Patriots aside in the AFC East. I think the Broncos could be headed for tough times. The Raiders situation is beyond my comprehension. In the NFC, I would put the Falcons in the same category as the Dolphins. The Falcons are a team on the rise and with a good draft this year, look out. The Cardinals are a team on the rise, too, and the 49ers, depending on what they do at quarterback, might also qualify. The Bucs are hard in decline. That's going to be a tough one to turn around. I'm waiting for one good thing to happen in St. Louis.

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