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Koetter and staff masterful

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Becky from Monticello, FL:
Once again, I had to listen to the Jaguars on the radio. The Tallahassee CBS affiliate chose not to air yesterday's game, even though we are the closest NFL market. Can anything be done about this?

Vic: I'm glad you told me. I insist on hearing bad news immediately.

Zack from Orange Park, FL:
The past few weeks I have noticed that Mathis has not been matched up with the better receivers. Against the Colts, it was David Jones on Reggie Wayne. Why don't we put our best on their best?

Vic: The Jags' best, Rashean Mathis, was on the Colts' best, Austin Collie, who came into the game with 27 catches for 359 yards and four touchdowns, as compared to Reggie Wayne's 18 catches for 260 yards and two touchdowns.

Chris from Amelia Island, FL:
I respectfully disagree with you about the Colts game being the greatest ever. While we are on the subject, however, can you give us your top five Jags home games?

Vic: 1.) This past Sunday's game, 2.) 1997 Jags-Steelers, 3.) 1996 Jags-Falcons, 4.) 2004 Jags-Steelers, 5.) 2009 Jags-Colts.

Kenny from Jacksonville:
Is using an extra offensive tackle in the tight end slot a common formation?

Vic: It is in short-yardage, but the Jaguars used it at times other than in short-yardage on Sunday. They used it to help neutralize Dwight Freeney and it was brilliant strategy. Coaches don't get nearly enough credit for truly ingenious strategy such as that; unfortunately, all fans wanna talk about is play-calling. The Jags used the extra tackle, Jordan Black, in a judicious enough way that it didn't hurt them that they had taken a receiver out of the formation. Dirk Koetter and the offensive staff turned in a masterful performance for this game. So what do the fans wanna talk about? The Jaguars' conservative play-calling at the end of the first half. It's so sad; they're missing so much.

Mike from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
After watching Michael Vick get sandwiched, I know it's risky running the quarterback in the NFL, but doesn't it seem like David's ability to make a play or two with his legs gets him fully going in a game?

Vic: After watching Vick have to leave the game on Sunday with an injury that was the result of being tackled following a run, it does seem risky to put your quarterback in running situations and it would pretty much cancel any hope the team has of making the playoffs should the quarterback get hurt and be out for an extended period of time, but I really like to see him run so let's do it anyhow.

James from Charlottesville, VA:
Is there a limit to the number of players a team can have on the injured reserve list?

Vic: You can have up to 80 guys on IR, but then you couldn't have anybody on your active roster because the combination of players on the active roster and on IR may not exceed 80.

Paul from Jacksonville:
I am stuck on a ship in the middle of nowhere and I am operating on a very small bandwidth. The interviews will not stream because of this. Would it be possible to make them available for download?

Vic: Are you a stowaway? Are you being held against your will? I don't think I've ever had a stowaway or hostage write to "Ask Vic."

Kevin from Tallahassee, FL:
I'm a new season ticket holder and I bought a foam Jaguars hat for the season and had it blessed by the bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine. I was at the first game with my foam hat and we won. I missed the next two games and we lost. I came into town for the Indy game with my foam hat and we won. Blame it on the hat?

Vic: Blame it on the bishop for not blessing enough hats.

Uca from Buffalo, NY:
What did Vince have to say for himself?

Vic: He said it was a great game. He made no mention of the better team having won.

Jon from Jacksonville:
I think I'm speaking for a lot of Jags fans when I say I am excited we are back at 2-2 after a tough four-game stretch to begin the season against four legitimate playoff-contending teams, ending in that thrilling last-second divisional win against our rival Colts on Sunday. However, I have seen over the last few seasons the Jags terrible struggles in road games. I know the Bills are 0-4 and considered among the worst teams in the league, but do I have cause to be concerned that the Jags will go up to Buffalo and look just as bad as they looked good this week at home against Indy?

Vic: Yes, you have reason for concern because this is the NFL. Even after all these years, that's the one thing that has yet to sink in. This isn't the SEC. There are no Vanderbilts (sorry, Vanderbilt, but you deserved that after having your clock cleaned by a Big East team). Boise State won by 59 points this past weekend and dropped in the rankings. That's laughable; that's college football. It's a system built on blowouts. The NFL is built on competitiveness. So, if it bothers you that the Jags play in a league that prides itself in parity and competitiveness, go ahead and start worrying. I don't worry. I just watch and enjoy.

Mark from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I've heard a lot about Caldwell's timeout, but I haven't heard an explanation for the Jaguars charged timeout when the Addai play was being reviewed in the fourth quarter. Do you know what happened?

Vic: Jack Del Rio told referee Ron Winter that the Jags wanted a time out immediately following the review because, if they didn't call time out, the clock would start as soon as the ball was put into play. That's how we know Del Rio wasn't trying to run out the clock in the Jaguars' final series. Why would you want to run out the clock and put all your eggs into the coin-toss basket?

Ryan from Las Vegas, NV:
For the second year in a row, someone in the Titans organization flipped the bird (or the double bird last year) on camera. Any take on this?

Vic: Not really. I'm not offended by birds or salty language. I'll leave that for the people who need issues in their lives.

Jim from Irvona, PA:
I was reading a recap of the game on another site and they mentioned that the Jags out-coached the Colts. Aside from the calling of the times out, would you say the Colts were out-coached?

Vic: Yes, I would. By the way, you're the first reader in "Ask Vic" history to properly use the plural form of time out.

Robert from Lake City, FL:
Was it just me or was Garrard getting rid of the ball faster than ever Sunday? Is this something he worked on during the week or were the receivers just getting open faster because of the good running game?

Vic: I don't know the answer, but I must remind you that the Jaguars were playing against the league's 24th-ranked defense (29th against the run). The previous two defenses they faced are currently ranked first and 11th. Moving the ball isn't a problem against the Colts; stopping the Colts from moving the ball is the problem. This was a game, as I had said, in which the Jaguars offense needed to carry the defense, and that's exactly what happened.

Edward from Jacksonville:
The Jaguars offensive personnel screams "West Coast Offense." Do you agree or disagree?

Vic: David Garrard is absolutely a "West Coast" type. When you look back on the 2003 draft, at a time when the Jaguars were installing the "West Coast Offense" under coordinator Bill Musgrave, it doesn't make any sense that they tried to fit Byron Leftwich into that system. The Jags had two quarterbacks on their roster – Garrard and Mark Brunell – that were perfect "West Coast" types, and then they went out and drafted a player who didn't fit it at all. It forced them to change and that forced coaching changes.

Chuck from Jacksonville:
Who is the most explosive player in the NFL today?

Vic: I think it's Adrian Peterson. The bigger question is why don't the Vikings think it's Peterson?

John from Houston, TX:
Because of your column, we did the 30/30 plan. Sunday was a glimpse at the future. Do you think we could be seeing the birth of a real contender in two years? I do and, because of you, I got the deal of the century.

Vic: Yes, I think that was a glimpse of the future, but I'm not convinced the Jags are ready to step into that future just yet. I caution fans to remain grounded. More pieces are needed.

Andrew from Jacksonville:
I noticed last night that the Dolphins' helmets now have that same sparkle effect as the Jaguars' helmets. Did we set a trend or does this have to do more with Miami's culture and fashion?

Vic: I don't know and I don't care.

Jordon from Silver Spring, MD:
It seemed like the Colts offensive line engaged in a whole bunch of movement after Manning came to the line. What exactly is the false start rule as it applies to the OL?

Vic: Linemen are not permitted to move once they assume a three-point stance, unless they have a note from their doctor saying they suffer from St. Vitus' Dance, as the Colts' offensive line does.

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