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Let it snow, you know

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Matthew from Melbourne, Australia:
Do you think that being in a three-team state has impacted on the low attendance at Jaguars games?

Vic: No, that's not it. If there's anything about Florida's population that impacts attendance negatively, it's that so many of the football fans in Florida have loyalties to teams from the northeast. This is a major transplant state. People move to Florida but their loyalties often don't.

Scott from Canandaigua, NY:
In regard to John's question about Daryl Smith, do you see him playing "Mike" or "Will?" I understand that Mike Peterson came on strong last year in the middle, but for three seasons he excelled at "Will." Based on this info, wouldn't it be worth a try to send Peterson back to "Will?"

Vic: That may happen, but there's no reason to push any panic buttons at this time. Daryl Smith made major gains and looked very natural at weakside linebacker in the spring. However it turns out, the bottom line, in my opinion, is that Smith and Mike Peterson are going to be on the field together.

Joe from Yokosuka, Japan:
Your answer about tradition is true. I figured that it takes a generation at least to create a tradition in the fans. Tampa fans were proud to wear brown bags in their early days, now they wear Pirates outfits. Steelers fans began waving towels in their glorious '70s. The next generation of Jaguars fans will have a signature element. What might that be?

Vic: Signature fan elements are important to tradition, no doubt: Lambeau Leap, Browns dawg pound, Florida State chop, Florida gator arms, etc. Yeah, the Jaguars need something like that, and they have a way of happening in the most innocent and unpredictable ways. For example, Patriots fans have developed an interesting snow-game tradition I love. When the Jaguars played there last year, a snowstorm enveloped Gillette Stadium just before halftime. That prompted the stadium music picker to play the snow song, and every time it got to the refrain, the fans belted out in unison, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow." The Patriots, of course, have been involved in several big-time snow games in the last three years, and "let it snow" has become a signature element. Well, it's not likely to snow in Jacksonville, but something similar in the way of a unique fan reaction will come along. It'll happen. Give it time.

Jeremy from Jacksonville:
Do you think it's worth my time and money to go to a preseason game? What is the cheapest I can get a seat for?

Vic: I'm not gonna tell you preseason football is a great value, but I will tell you the "Ask Vic" convention is offering a very strong value for the Tampa Bay game; a $20 ticket that may be the best value in the stadium, and you'll be sitting with other "Ask Vic" readers. Do I think that's worth it? Yes.

Chris from Philadelphia, PA:
John in Neptune Beach is half right, there are a lot of animals here, but a lot of good fans, too. But enough about Philly; is there any info you can share regarding Byron and Reggie working out together on their own, as they said they would? Have you had a chance to speak to either of them?

Vic: This isn't an interview time of year. Training camp is rapidly approaching. We'll do the interviews then. But, yes, they're here and working out.

Randy from Oxford, PA:
The difference between doing a hard count and moving from under center is that the hard count involves no physical motion. The QB can be given a false-start penalty if he does a hard count that has movement in it.

Vic: I know all of that, but the point is the quarterback is still attempting to draw the defense offside. The only difference is he's attempting to do it with his voice. What's the difference? The intent is the same.

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