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Let's be sensible about this

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Keith from Jacksonville:
Come on, Vic. Are you playing too much golf? How can you say on your radio show that Matt Cavanaugh would be a good hire for offensive coordinator when he never had the Ravens in the top half of the league in offense in his six years there?

Vic: I said he would be a legitimate candidate and I believe that to be true. Matt Cavanaugh is a veteran offensive coordinator who did some very impressive things in his six years as the Ravens' offensive coordinator. In 2000, Cavanaugh found a way to turn an offense that scored only one touchdown in October into an offense that averaged 27.6 points per game with Trent Dilfer at quarterback in the final two months of the regular season. Then, with Dilfer at quarterback, the Ravens went on to win the Super Bowl by averaging 23.8 points per game in the postseason, including 34 points in the Super Bowl. Yeah, the 2000 Ravens won with defense, but by season's end the Ravens offense had come to life. Cavanaugh would probably still be the Ravens' coordinator had they drafted Daunte Culpepper instead of Chris McAlister in 1999. Look at the quarterbacks Cavanaugh has had to endure: Tony Banks, Stoney Case, Scott Mitchell, Chris Redman, Elvis Grbac, Randall Cunningham, Jeff Blake, Anthony Wright and Kyle Boller. Dilfer is the best of that bunch and he was a laughing stock in Tampa. Cavanaugh is a guy who believes in running the ball and throwing it downfield, and I think that's Jack Del Rio's philosophy of offense, too. There are seven teams with a vacancy at offensive coordinator and all of them will be selecting from a list of candidates that will be dominated by guys who have been fired from somewhere else or who have never been an NFL coordinator before. I've probably received a hundred e-mails since USC blew out Oklahoma demanding that the Jaguars hire Norm Chow. Sure, who doesn't want Norm Chow? But do you think there's any chance Norm Chow might wait for Pete Carroll to make a decision on the 49ers job? Do you think there's any chance Norm Chow might become the next head coach at USC? Or somewhere else? Or even go with Carroll to the 49ers, if that's what Carroll does? Hey, why stop at Norm Chow? Let's give Bill Walsh a call. Come on, folks, let's be sensible about this.

Paul from West Palm Beach, FL:
What exactly does passes-defensed mean? Does it mean passes that were thrown to his man or to his zone? If so, it seems odd that Rashean Mathis only had 21 passes-defensed for a 16-game season.

Vic: A pass-defensed is a pass that was batted away by a defender. For example, when a defensive back denies a receiver a pass reception by breaking up the pass, the defender is awarded a pass-defensed. A defensive lineman is also awarded a pass-defensed when he knocks down a pass at the line of scrimmage. By the way, Rashean Mathis was credited with 22 passes-defensed in 2004.

Nate from Macclenny, FL:
Well, you said it; 10 wins and we're in. We got nine and we were eliminated. During the season, I picture the Jags office as a pretty busy place, getting ready for the next game. Prior to the season, I see it busy there, too, evaluating players. What is the office like now that the season is over? How long do the players and coaches hang around until they go back to their families?

Vic: The NFL is a year-round business. Players on non-playoff teams get extra rest in the winter before the offseason conditioning program begins in March, but coaches are here just about every day. The coaches will begin breaking down film. There will be a postseason evaluation of each player's performance during the season and there will be evaluation meetings. Coaches will go to the Senior Bowl in late January, then February brings the scouting combine and the pace picks up as the draft begins to near. March, of course, brings free agency. If there's a down time, it would be from late June until the start of training camp league-wide.

Steve from Jacksonville:
I was unable to catch "Jaguars This Week" on Wednesday and I was hoping to listen on the site on Thursday. It was not there! Will this show continue to be archived on the site now that the season is over, or do I need to be more diligent about finding a radio on Wednesdays? Also, what about other webcasts such as "Reporters' Corner?"

Vic: As we move toward free agency, you'll see activity increase on the site, but we are now in a period when the focus is on the playoffs and the Jaguars aren't in them. The stage belongs to the playoff teams for the next month. Of course, the Super Bowl will be played in Jacksonville and I will offer Super Bowl coverage for our readers all during the week of the big game. I'll lobby for "Jaguars This Week" to be offered on the site, but you might want to be more diligent about finding a radio.

Rick from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
How much time do you spend polishing the punctuation, spelling and grammar of "Ask Vic" submitters? I only ask because I think you have been very gracious representing my comments. I am sure I do not punctuate or type that well. Thank you.

Vic: I want to make sure we are viewed as a distinguished group, which, of course, we are.

Lauren from Orlando, FL:
Have you seen the FOX Sports final ranking of the Jags? "This is the team that needs to move to Los Angeles." I know the stadium is too big and Wayne Weaver is doing something about that, but what else can we do to prove to the rest of the league Jacksonville is for real?

Vic: What can you do to prove Jacksonville is for real? Go to the game. That's all. None of this would be happening if the seats were full.

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