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Let's wait on Soward forecast

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

(Correction: In last week's "Ask Vic," a question referred to the Jaguars having re-signed linebacker Erik Storz. Vic's answer omitted the fact that Storz has not been re-signed by the Jaguars.) Vijay Oberoi from Toronto, Ontario:
Now with Dawkins as our third receiver, will R. Jay Soward just be a kick-returner and not see any action on offense? I'm hoping he will be a kick-returner, at least, if he will not be used in the offense as much. Last year, I thought he would be similar to a Dyson on the Titans. Is there a possibility of him being that effective this year?

Vic: R. Jay Soward's situation is special because it goes beyond football. Before any of us can answer any questions about Soward's football career, we have to know the status of his attempted lifestyle changes. Soward has been suspended for the first four games of the season. At this point in time, that is the only fact about Soward's career we can trust.

Joe Peters from Green Cove Springs, FL:
I think this year is going to be a great year for the Jags. What do you
see as being the keys to success, and are there still some things the team has to achieve to obtain those keys? I believe that if everyone stays healthy and plays 110 percent, the Jags could very possibly go all the way this year.

Vic: Everyone agrees that staying healthy is a key, which brings us to another major issue about this team: It must develop support personnel, because no team can expect to remain completely healthy for a whole season. Beyond that, the Jaguars' star players have to be at their personal bests, as was the case last season on offense. This year, the defense has to be able to achieve the same. Another key ingredient is a fast start. The September schedule is very favorable, with one o'clock home games against Pittsburgh and Tennessee, and a third AFC Central game at home against Cleveland. A fast start could set the table for a promising season; a slow start would almost certainly cast a pall over the season. Also, the Jaguars must get major contributions from their rookie class, and for this team to make the playoffs, either Baltimore or Tennessee is going to have to stumble a bit, because the overall strength of the AFC will make it unlikely for three teams from one division to make the playoffs. There are a lot of key ingredients to success for the Jaguars. They begin with a win over Pittsburgh in the season-opener.

Joshua Barton from Los Angeles, CA:
I always ask a question but it's never good enough to be answered by you. I've been a Jags fan since I really started taking interest infootball, instead of baseball. With no team in LA, they are the team that is most easily liked and respected by the ability and attitude the players, coaches and organization show. With the ability of Fred Taylor and Mark Brunell, do you see the offense being real successful? I really look forward to the season. I had a daughter last year and I named her Taylor Alexis, not that Freddie had an influence or anything.

Vic: The offense has long shouldered the Jaguars' burden, and this season will be no different. There is every reason to expect the Jaguars' offense to have another ultra-productive season. That's not the concern; defense is.

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