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Let your heart be your guide

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Tammy from Austin, TX:
I am a big Jaguar fan and we need a kicker. My husband has kicked since he was 16 and he can kick 50-yard field goals without blinking an eye. He never has pursued this talent, but when he saw the awful performance of the Jaguars kickers he was amazed the NFL could not find a good kicker. We would like to know how one would go about trying out for a Jaguar kicker. He is very good and kicks on a regular basis. I know this sounds too good to be true but he is very talented. I would really appreciate it if you would give me information on what he would need to do.

Vic: Write a letter to the personnel director of every team in the league. That's what Tommy Maddox did.

Shaun from Lake Charles, LA:
The last four weeks have been upsetting for Jaguar fans everywhere, but I liked their black pants Sunday night. Will they be using them for the rest of the year?

Vic: It's a decision that'll be made the week of each game.

Don from Jacksonville, FL:
You keep saying this is a rebuilding year. Our quarterback, best receiver and best running back are just getting older and slower and, other than Stacey Mack, we have no quality backups in any of those positions. How are we rebuilding?

Vic: Quarterback, wide receiver and running back aren't the only positions on the field. The Jaguars have begun their rebuilding project by first addressing offensive and defensive tackle, where the Jaguars have drafted Maurice Williams, Mike Pearson, Marcus Stroud and John Henderson the last two years. Those four players represent the foundation of this team's future, and at the four positions that represent the foundation of any good team. Rebuilding is not a one-year project.

Russ from Buffalo, NY:
What has happened to Patrick Johnson? He started off so good, now we never see him getting the ball.

Vic: Patrick Johnson has been slowed the past two games by an abdominal strain.

Jason from Jacksonville:
Do you think it's fair for long-time Gator and Jaguar fans to cheer for Spurrier on Sunday? Or is that completely uncalled for and disrespectful to Weaver and Coughlin?

Vic: Let your heart be your guide.

Sean from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
I'm sure there are curious minds out there who want to know if those supposed sports "psychologists" are still on the team's payroll? If so, how much of a cap hit are they gonna be next year because they certainly need to be cut.

Vic: Sports psychologists do not count against the salary cap.

Dennis from Jacksonville:
Do you think it's time for a change at head coach at the end of the year? People blame Coughlin for the salary cap problems but he wasn't the one negotiating the deals. I don't want to be one of those teams that start losing and hire a new coach every year and never get better. I think we should start getting rid of some older players, pick up some draft picks and start with some youth, and then let's see how Tom fares. Your thoughts?

Vic: The final record will always have the final say. Coaches who lose get fired. Nothing more needs to be said.

David from Orlando, FL:
I am proud of Marcus Stroud for the way he bounced back from the cheap shot to his knees. He came back with great intensity and heart. Is the league going to fine the Giants for the nasty hit on Marcus Stroud?

Vic: If I was Dick LeBeau, I would guarantee it.

Shawn from Jacksonville:
Great column! Your insights have greatly helped the Jaguar fans get a handle on key issues. My question is this: With Maurice Williams out for the year and Zach Wiegert having injury problems, are the Jaguars considering bringing in a veteran or two to fill their rolls, or try to develop our young linemen at possibly the expense of our skill players?

Vic: To what young linemen are you referring? Mike Pearson? He's the only one and, yes, you can pencil him into the starting lineup for the rest of the year, if he stays healthy. I think Pearson has a bright future and, as I stated in a previous question, he is one of the building blocks for this team's future.

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