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Lotteries, dust and the schedule

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Rodney from Panama City, FL:
I see everything about the Super Bowl coming to Jacksonville in 2005, but do not see anything about being able to purchase tickets other than winning a drawing for the chance to purchase them. Are tickets to any Super Bowl available to be purchased by the public or do you have to win some type of lotto to get a chance to purchase them?

Vic: The NFL office conducts a lottery. You submit your name to them to enter the lottery.

Ben from Jacksonville:
If Weaver wants to win back fan support in Jacksonville, he should open the Monday noon press conferences to the season ticket holders, not just the media. Let the fans ask the questions, too. It's the fans who support this franchise while the media attends games for free and feeds at the buffet table in the air-conditioned press box. Open all the press conferences to the season ticket holders.

Vic: I'll pass on your suggestion to the Professional Football Writers of America.

Jason from Jacksonville:
One of Wayne Weaver's comments on Del Rio's style is that "it's not going to be this three yards and a cloud of dust." My question is, what's wrong with three yards and a cloud of dust? Especially if it wins football games. Sure, I love to watch the Rams throw it all over the field, and I'm greatly entertained by the Raiders throwing 16 five-yard outs on their way to the end zone, but in the end, isn't the team's record all that counts? I'd love to hear your opinion on the subject.

Vic: I prefer 3.3 yards and a cloud of dust.

Stephen from Neptune Beach, FL:
Is it your opinion we should let go of the past (Brunell, Smith, Taylor, etc.) and build this team from scratch? Or do you see any utility in keeping some of these guys and their salaries?

Vic: Why would you want to get rid of Fred Taylor? He has another year left on his contract, will be relatively inexpensive and will be clearly motivated to do well with free agency on his horizon. As far as Mark Brunell is concerned, I'd like to wait on making a decision until it's decided what kind of offense the Jaguars are going to run under Jack Del Rio. I've had football people I respect tell me Brunell's skills are perfectly suited for the west coast offense. Plus, Brunell's salary cap situation is very positive because it's low on remaining amortization. Jimmy Smith's cap situation is so bad that it may be impossible to do anything but hope he returns to his performance level of a couple of years ago. Sweeping clean is a good thought for a new coach in a new era, but it's not as easy as it sounds.

Kyle from Jacksonville:
How would you rate the upcoming 2003 schedule? I can't wait because Del Rio gets to coach against his former teams.

Vic: The 2003 schedule may be the toughest in the Jaguars' history. At New England, the Jets, Atlanta, Carolina and Baltimore represent a killer road schedule, and Buffalo, Miami, New Orleans, Tampa Bay and San Diego represent a home schedule of five non-division teams who all finished .500 or above.

Lane from Orlando, FL:
Wayne Weaver's hesitation in hiring Savage is probably quite justifiable. To inject youth into a franchise is one thing, but to completely turn your team over to two guys without a lot of experience is a risk the Jags could do without. I think a veteran front office guy coupled with Del Rio is a much better combination. Do you think Modrak is the lead candidate and the best choice in your opinion?

Vic: I believed from the beginning that Tom Modrak would've been the best choice. He remains a candidate, but it would seem the Jaguars are going to consider new candidates before they decide on one.

Keith from DeLeon Springs, FL:
I am in the group who loved coach Coughlin but felt need for change. I also couldn't be happier with the hire of Jack Del Rio. Among the attributes he brings here, there is one I haven't heard, yet. He seems to have a great respect from players he's been around, meaning in a free-agent market we may have a better chance at getting some proven vets at a decent price. Am I right or does it just come down to money?

Vic: It's about money.

Amin from New Haven, CT:
Will the rules for overtime still apply if the Super Bowl ended in a tie.

Vic: All postseason games are played to a verdict. The existing sudden-death overtime system applies. The two teams just keep playing until someone scores.

Eric from Jacksonville:
I think I like the Del Rio hire, but I'm a bit concerned over what I'm hearing from Mr. Weaver through the media. He wants a "wide open" offense. No more "three yards and a cloud of dust." Throw in a "gadget" play here and there. What do you think about this apparent meddling into the new head coach's offensive scheme?

Vic: Wayne Weaver was just expressing his enthusiasm for his new head coach. You're reading too much into it.

Art from Jacksonville:
The experts and media pundits tell us the reason we don't have more black head coaches is because they lack experience and the more who ascend to the ranks of offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator and have success, then the more who would be accepted as head coaches. In other words, the rationale is that potential black candidates are not qualified because they lack experience. OK, if that's the case, how do we explain Jack Del Rio? Do the issue of qualifications only come up if the candidate is black? Would a black coach with Del Rio's resume ever be hired? I don't think so, but I would like your perspective.

Vic: I understand what you're saying and I agree with you.

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