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Luke Joeckel on's Draft Tracker Podcast


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On how the transition from playing left tackle to now playing right tackle is going:

"It's going to be a process. I definitely got better at it every single day through OTAs and then in minicamp. It's something I'm not just going to go out on the field and be totally comfortable with it, but we have enough practice and enough time to prepare for the season that by game one and by preseason game one I want to be totally comfortable; be 100 percent comfortable with my pass set. All I can do right now is just get better at my sets and my run steps every single day."

On why playing right tackle is so much different than playing left tackle:

"The technique is all pretty much the same; you're still doing the same job, you're still doing the same thing but everything is just flipped around. At left tackle, you have a left stagger in your pass sets and you're kicking back with your left foot. At right tackle, you're kicking back with your right foot and you're post foot is your left foot, so everything is kind of just flipped around right now. I'll be watching film and when you get a bull rush, you kind of jump and you drop your butt down and I'll flip my stagger, which is a bad thing just because I'm comfortable from doing that for so long. Those are some habits I have to break and definitely need to keep working on that right stagger."

On the differences between facing left defensive ends as opposed to right defensive ends:

"The left tackle is the blindside and all that [with] a right-handed quarterback. I haven't played many NFL teams but you usually put their best pass rusher on the quarterback's blindside, so the left tackle is a tough job. But nowadays most teams go two pass rushers and then they'll flip around, they'll show us different looks, so the right tackle has to be a real good pass blocker too. We're pretty much doing the exact same thing, the left and right side, and I definitely need to be strong in run blocking but I need to be extra strong in pass protection."

On the principles that Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley has put in place:

"He's just all about getting better. We're not going in here and setting any goals and all that kind of stuff. He just wants us to go out there and get better every single day. When you have a coach [where] that's all he's about it, it makes it easier for me being a rookie coming into something brand new, going to the right side and flipping sides and everything. If my head coach is just telling me to get better every single day, it makes my job a lot easier and that's something I can just focus on. Go into film every single day, go to practice every single day and all I care about is getting better than I was yesterday. He's all about that and he brings a ton of juice to the team and a ton of energy to every single practice. He's been good to play for so far."

On facing Von Miller and Damontre Moore in practice at Texas A&M:

"Practicing against those guys helped me a ton. They got me to where I was. Graduating high school early and coming in during the spring of my senior year [of high school], and the first guy I blocked in spring practice in a one-on-one was Von Miller. Going from not even touching him and watching him just run by me to where I was able to get in front of him a little bit…He helped me a ton after practice too, talking me through different stuff and just giving me tips and stuff like that. Me and Damontre worked with each other too after practice; I would tell him what I was doing, he would tell me what he was doing. Having that kind of competition every day in practice helped me a ton and become the player I became in college."

On if there is a weird vibe on the offense when there is a competition for the starting quarterback position:

"I don't think there really is that weirdness because coach [Gus] Bradley is all about competition. At every position, there is that competition; I'm fighting for a spot, Blaine [Gabbert] and Chad [Henne] are both fighting for a spot. At every position everyone is fighting for a spot and when you have that, it improves everyone's game. I feel like there is just a lot of that and being an offensive lineman, it doesn't matter who I'm blocking for; I have to adjust to who I'm blocking for, he's not going to adjust to how I block. Our entire job is to protect the quarterback and create space for the skill guys to make plays. That's my job and I have to adjust to them."

On tight end Marcedes Lewis:

"He's been a big help. Me being a young player and everything, I'm sure he'll be a help this year. The offenses I'm used to and last year's offense, we didn't have a tight end at all so it'll be nice having a tight end giving me a chip every once in a while. He's going to be a huge help for me, probably bigger than I'm a help for him I guess."

On if he has a chip on his shoulder that another offensive tackle was taken number one overall in the draft before he was selected:

"At the time, it was not the most pleasant thing ever. But first off, I'm just so happy to be here in Jacksonville. It's a perfect fit for me, you can't beat sunny Florida. At the time, it definitely kind of put a little chip on my shoulder not being the first tackle taken, which is a good thing; it's a good thing to help drive you and help compete against another guy in your same position, a guy who got that first pick in front of me. I'm definitely going to go out there and play harder, but I'm just happy to be here in Jacksonville and be playing for the Jaguars."

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