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Mojo at Pro Bowl


Maurice Jones-Drew has launched himself into the elite echelon of NFL players with being voted to play in the 2010 Pro Bowl.

Second in the NFL and first in the AFC in rushing touchdowns, Jones-Drew set a Jaguars single-season record with 15 rushing touchdowns and finished with a career-best 1,391 yards in his first season as a starter.

Known to the fans as "Mojo," he put together a contest for two groups of Jaguars fans to win an all-expense paid trip to the Pro Bowl and have a meet and greet with him at his hotel.

Jones-Drew sat down with in South Florida to talk about his Pro Bowl contest and his experience at the Pro Bowl this week.

How has it gone so far this week in preparation for your first Pro Bowl?

It's fun. It's definitely exciting to be around some of these guys. You play against them a bunch and then you get to practice and interact with them. It's pretty cool just to get to know those people.

How much of a thrill was it for you to meet the fans who won your "Pro Bowl With Mojo" contest?

It's always great to spend time with our fans. (The contest) was something we threw together and it was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun to meet and interact with them.

How much fun has it been for you to be out here with your fellow Jaguar teammate David Garrard?

You always want to be out here with someone you know. He did a great job with what he had this year and held us together. It's well deserved for him.

I noticed you wearing a Ravens hat at practice today. What was the reasoning behind that?

They said it might rain today and I wanted to wear a hat that I didn't really care about and ruin it.

What have you learned from some of the veterans in your experience here?

Have fun and relax. It's an all-star game and it supposed to be exciting so you're supposed to take in all the amenities and enjoy the moment.

What does you being voted into the Pro Bowl say about the respect you've earned?

It's an honor to be playing amongst the best. Obviously when you come into the league your main goal is to win the Super Bowl and the next best thing is the Pro Bowl.

How does it feel to be just the second running back in franchise history to be in the Pro Bowl?

It feels great. We're finally getting some recognition and the market is starting to get a little bit bigger. It's an honor. A lot of the hard work we put in throughout this year has paid off; not just what I've done but with the offensive line and Marcedes (Lewis).

You're going to stay here through the week for the Super Bowl. Any special plans?

Just hang out and relax with friends and family. It's a fun mini-vacation for me.

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