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Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Scott from Atlantic Beach, FL:
Can you please explain the difference between a "jam" and "bump and run?"

Vic: A "jam" is an attempt by a defender to make contact with the receiver for the purpose of impeding his progress downfield. Today's rules prohibit a defender from making contact with a defender beyond five yards from the line of scrimmage. "Bump and run" is a defensive technique in which the defender continues to bump the receiver as the two are running downfield. Prior to the rules changes of 1978, defenders were permitted to make contact with a receiver until the ball was in the air. "Bump and run" was a technique pioneered by Lions cornerback Lem Barney and used with such dominance by the Steelers' Mel Blount and other top corners of the time that contact beyond five yards from the line of scrimmage was outlawed for the purpose of promoting more yards passing and points scored by the offense.

Jeff from Syracuse, NY:
Vic, too much sun for you lately? The Texans as favorites in the AFC South? I think someone named Peyton Manning and his team will have something to say about that. Jacksonville and Houston are very comparable, yet, you, the Jags writer, would favor Houston? Wow!

Vic: This is conclusive proof that fans really don't want me to tell them what I think, they want me to tell them what they think. OK, I'll give you what you want: Who will win the division? The Jaguars. Who will win the Super Bowl? The Jaguars. What team will have the most players in the Pro Bowl? The Jaguars. Feel better?

Eric from Jacksonville:
How do Jags season ticket sales compare with those teams that have had poor turnouts the last few years (St. Louis, Detroit, Oakland)?

Vic: I don't know because no other team in the league offers the transparency about their ticket sales that the Jaguars do.

Chris from Jacksonville:
How many years/seasons must a player go through before he can officially retire and draw a pension? How much, generally, is the pension, or does it vary with how much money they individually make?

Vic: A player must accrue four credited seasons to be fully vested in the NFL's pension plan. How much he receives according to the pension plan is determined by his numbers of years of service as a player.

James from St. Petersburg, FL:
I live in St. Pete, where the Rays play, and every summer they have concert series where they bring in musical entertainment after the game and it really helps bring people in to buy tickets. Plus, it shows people that may have not seen how good the team is to come in and also watch the team. Would the Jags front office be into doing something like that?

Vic: Since 2001, the Rays have ranked 28th, 28th, 29th, 29th, 30th, 29th, 29th, 26th and 23rd in attendance among Major League Baseball's 30 teams, which includes their World Series season in 2008. The Rays are not a team I would use as a template for ticket sales. You know what works? Having fans that love to go to the game. That's what works. Having fans you don't have to beg to go to the game. Having fans go because they wanna see a baseball game or a football game, not because they're having fireworks or a concert. That stuff will only work now and then. Love of the game is what works day after day, night after night. Red Sox fans don't go to Fenway to see fireworks and concerts. They go to Fenway to see the Red Sox.

John from Tallahassee, FL:
This is your last chance to retain my respect for you as a journalist. I have for a long time read your columns and enjoyed your perspective as a journalist. Your self-righteous treatment of the issue with PEDs, however, makes me wonder how wise it is to continue reading your column. After discussing the issue with many of my peers, it has become clear to me that with regards to my generation, until the NFL tests for HGH they can proclaim no desire to banning PEDs without sounding like hypocrites. If you serve as a voice for these hypocrites, then you are no better than them. The NFL is one of the most lucrative corporations in the world, so for them to say that they do not test for HGH because of costs is completely ridiculous and reeks of hypocrisy. If you want to serve as a tool to their corporation, so be it. I don't blame you, just don't blame me for not reading your column anymore. The fact is the NFL wants the biggest, fastest, strongest athletes they can get, all the while providing the illusion to the old-school fans that they care about PEDs, therefore, they have a drug-testing program in place that they know most of the players will be able to skirt. You know it, I know it, all fans know it. I don't expect you to post this; if you do it will only be a portion of it to make me sound ridiculous (as you did before). But, I thought I would submit this question as a last chance for you to regain my respect for you as an honest, objective journalist. You know as well as I do that PEDs are here to stay, but if you continue to take this self-righteous stance then, while I'll continue to read your column due to me being a diehard Jags fan, I will no longer respect much of what you have to say. Cheers, Vic.

Vic: I promise not to blame you.

Matthew from Ocilla, GA:
I understand the BAP strategy perfectly, I just wholeheartedly disagree with it to my very soul.

Vic: So do I. The most important thing is that we continue to perseverate on this subject. Why? For the same reason that the man kept banging his head against the wall: Because it felt so good when he stopped.

Adam from Bloomsbury, NJ:
Would you please explain the cornerback-wide receiver match up? Does the top corner cover the best receiver or usually X or Z or always stay on the same side of the field?

Vic: There's no rule; you do what your personnel dictates. The Jets assign Darrelle Revis to the opposition's best wide receiver, provided he's worth that kind of attention. The Jets didn't think Mike Sims-Walker was worthy of Revis' attention in the first half of last year's game, and it cost them the game. If you don't have a defender the caliber of Revis, then you'll likely just leave your corners right and left. The right corner is considered to be the "squat corner" because he often "squats" at 10 yards, which is another way of saying he plays a lot of zone. The left corner is traditionally the premier of the two corners, only because most offenses are right-handed.

Joseph from Jacksonville:
When it comes to football and, specifically, the Jaguars, you are truly a voice of reason and provide excellent insight to Jag fans, however, your disrespect for soccer is ignorant and a testament to why most sports fans in America don't follow an amazing sport. It's also a testament to the isolation/ignorance of our country. What the NFL is to America is what soccer is to the rest of the world. America is missing out. It's sad.

Vic: If they were playing the World Cup in my backyard, I'd close the blinds.

Jordan from Fort Pierce, FL:
Who was the most notable celebrity you have seen at a Jaguars game?

Vic: I covered the Super Bowl between the Eagles and Patriots from inside my office, with the TV on and the door shut. Why? Because the press box seat I was assigned was so awful that I would've had to watch the game on TV, so why not watch it on my TV in my office? Hey, it was still closer to the field than the press box seat I was assigned. Anyhow, at some point during the game I needed to make a run down the hall to the bathroom. When I opened my office door, President Bush, the first one, was standing right in front of my door talking to some people. The Secret Service guys gave me a hard look so I closed the door and sat back down. It was kind of cool. Toward the end of the game, I opened my door again and this time the Eagles cheerleaders were filing by, for my review, of course. That was really cool. Then, in the fall of 2008, during a normal work day, I opened my door to make that trip down the hallway and, all of a sudden, out of a dressing room directly across the hall from my office comes Sarah Palin. I don't think I have to tell you how exciting that was.

Charles from Port Saint Lucie, FL:
Who has the final say on which players make the 53-man roster, Jack Del Rio or Gene Smith?

Vic: Smith.

Ed from Jacksonville:
Do you think the reason the Super Bowl is usually played in warmer climates is so the big wigs will be comfortable?

Vic: Yeah, that's probably one of the reasons.

Chris from East Windsor, NJ:
Can football players collect unemployment if they get cut?

Vic: They can and do.

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