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NFL sets rotation of schedule


The NFL has decided on its rotation of schedule for the 2002-2009 seasons. Under the scheduling plan for realignment, which will move the Jaguars from the AFC Central Division to the AFC South, the Jaguars will play six AFC South games, four games against teams from another AFC division, four games against teams from an NFC division, and two games against a team in each of the other two AFC divisions whose previous-season finish corresponds with the Jaguars'.

In 2002, the Jaguars will play the four teams in each of the AFC North and NFC East divisions; 2003, AFC East and NFC South; 2004, AFC West and NFC North; 2005, AFC North and NFC West; 2006, AFC East and NFC East; 2007, AFC West and NFC South; 2008, AFC North and NFC North; 2009, AFC East and NFC West.

Per the scheduling plan, in 2002 the Jaguars will play home and away games against AFC South opponents Houston, Indianapolis and Tennessee, games against Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh from the AFC North, and games against Dallas, the New York Giants, Philadelphia and Washington from the NFC East.

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