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No change at the top


The following is Vic Ketchman's power rankings of NFL teams for week 14 of the 2004 season.

1. Pittsburgh (11-1)—Not great, but pretty good.

2. Philadelphia (11-1)—Peaking for playoffs.

3. New England (11-1)—Ditto.

4. Indianapolis (9-3)—Can they win with a 31st defense?

5. NY Jets (9-3)—Could be catching Steelers at good time.

6. San Diego (9-3)—Chargers are impressive.

7. Atlanta (9-3)—Falcons inconsistent.

8. Green Bay (7-5)—Blown out in Philly.

9. Baltimore (7-5)—Could be in decline.

10. Denver (7-5)—Should beat Miami.

11. Minnesota (7-5)—These guys get too much respect.

12. Jacksonville (6-6)—On three-game skid.

13. Seattle (6-6)—What's wrong with Seahawks?

14. Buffalo (6-6)—You don't want to play them now.

15. Cincinnati (6-6)—Please stop the Bengals jokes.

16. St. Louis (6-6)—Hanging around.

17. Carolina (5-7)—Could make the playoffs.

18. Tampa Bay (5-7)—Top coaching job by Gruden.

19. Houston (5-7)—A number 29 defense?

20. NY Giants (5-7)—Was Manning the smart pick?

21. Dallas (5-7)—Cowboys show a little character.

22. Chicago (5-7)—Beware of Bears.

23. Detroit (5-7)—Kevin Jones is the real thing.

24. Kansas City (4-8)—Can be a spoiler.

25. Tennessee (4-8)—Playing out the string.

26. Arizona (4-8)—Another Cardinal season.

27. New Orleans (4-8)—Saints quit on Haslett.

28. Washington (4-8)—Not what Dan Snyder had in mind.

29. Oakland (4-8)—Still playing hard.

30. Cleveland (3-9)—Making plans for future.

31. Miami (2-10)—Ditto.

32. San Francisco (1-11)—What future?

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