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No 'direct offer'

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jeff from Jacksonville:
Does the NFL allow teams to do as they do in other sports and pay some of a player's salary for a given year in order to make a trade more attractive and workable for both sides, so that a team such as the Jaguars are able to get some kind of compensation for a player of Brunell's caliber, instead of having to cut him and get nothing in return?

Vic: The NFL does not permit its teams to pay a portion of the salary of a player who is on another team. But, of course, there are always ways around the rule. For example, a player with a $4 million salary could be traded to another team and the original team could give that player a $2 million going-away bonus that would persuade the player to re-do his deal so that his new team would only inherit a $2 million salary and a $2 million salary cap hit. That's allowable.

Bharat from Jacksonville:
Are you inclined to believe Del Rio that there's no substance to the rumors regarding Brunell, as you reported yesterday? I figure you'd have more experience with this kind of stuff.

Vic: Jack Del Rio looked us right in the eye when he said, "There was never a direct offer of our starting quarterback." That's the truth. The Jaguars asked at least four teams if they were interested in any of the Jags' quarterbacks. So, yes, I believe Del Rio was telling the truth when he said there was no "direct offer."

Rick from St. Marys, GA:
I thought Darius, McCree and Mathis provided a solid group of safeties and that David Young displayed enough potential to make the team as a fourth, developmental safety. I was under the impression our secondary was relatively strong compared to other areas of the team. Why were our first upgrade moves on the waiver wire for secondary help, and why would we trade a valuable future draft pick for a safety who does not appear to be a guy who will seriously challenge to be a starter?

Vic: I, too, was surprised. But the answer is obvious: They have a high opinion of Anthony Mitchell.

Erik from Jacksonville:
Great column, Vic! I read it for the first time today and found myself reading two weeks-plus of past comments. You continue to stress the "future" of this team, but what's wrong with the present? I agree this team is not going to win the Super Bowl this year, but I believe they will be much better than last year's 6-10 team; 8-8 is a good goal; 9-7 or 10-6 could get a team into the playoffs. We look forward to this season with optimism. Why not you?

Vic: My instincts tell me it's time to rebuild; to make this a truly new era by emphasizing the future. But that doesn't mean I'm right; it's just what I believe to be right.

Daryn from Gainesville, FL:
Why can't some of these fans understand the need to move onto the future? What Mark Brunell, Jimmy Smith and other veterans did for this franchise in 1996-99 was unbelievable and will never be forgotten by this city, but that's not going to equate to another magical season in 2003. These are the same "core" players who went 7-9, 6-10 and 6-10 the last three seasons.

Vic: It's human nature to resist change.

Mike from Jacksonville:
I think Romanowski should be fired from the Raiders, banned from football and arrested for assault. Why does the league tolerate guys like Romo, who is no stranger to bad behavior?

Vic: I, too, have grown weary of his WWF routine.

Alan from Jacksonville:
The Jaguars' chances of making the playoffs this season are clearly slim to none. Why is there any hesitation in the organization to release Brunell, Brady and Jimmy Smith? If they truly want to turn the franchise around, this seems like a no-brainer. Then Garrard could get a season under his belt, improve his stock, and then the team can trade him next year, making way for Leftwich to take over. Does this make too much sense?

Vic: I can't answer your question other than to say Jack Del Rio told the media yesterday, "We have a plan." Let's wait and see what that plan is.

Todd from Toledo, OH:
What round pick do you think the Ravens are getting (for Anthony Mitchell)?

Vic: Probably a seventh-rounder, conditional on Mitchell making the Jags' final roster.

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