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O-Zone: Bedtime for Bruce

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Bruce from Gotham:
My "friend," Selina, said I need to speak with you in regards to my cam problem. I just seem to be watching the Khanstruction cam all the time. For instance around 1:30 a.m. they had a pretty good light show going on with the new boards under the lights. I don't know what I am going to do when the Khanstruction stops.
John: Thanks, Selina.
Scott from Jacksonville:
Is there another period before training camp coming up where players are released due to contract obligations, or has that time passed already? Also, if players are cut during preseason are the Jags third in line to claim them?
John: There won't be another circle-the-day date this offseason for players to get released because of contract situations. June 1 used to be a red-letter date because of salary cap ramifications, but that's no longer the case because the rules have changed. That leaves the start of the new league year in early March as the only time of year there is really a wave of contract-related releases. As for training camp and preseason releases, yes, the Jaguars during that time are third in line to claim those players.
Mike from Section 146:
John, I don't think you know what a reservation is. You see, you know how to take the reservation, but you don't know how to hold the reservation. And essentially that is most important part of the reservation, the holding. Anybody can just take them.
John: Mike wins.
Jesse from Panama City, FL:
O, how has Roy Miller looked this offseason? Has his injury healed up, and do you think he's poised to be a force in the middle this year?
John: Because Miller is a defensive tackle, it's hard to say how he looked in the offseason. He didn't work much in the team periods, if at all, during the open dates of organized team activities and minicamp, but that wasn't unusual for players returning from injury. Austin Pasztor didn't work at right tackle, and other players took varying repetitions. Considering the level of shoulder pain through which Miller played last season – and it was significant – I'd say if he's healthy this season he should be significantly ahead of where he was last season.
Brian from Ponte Vedra, FL:
Safety Dance was a hit in 1983. I was playing junior high football and listening to Seek and Destroy by Metallica. I like your Jaguars insight, but I'm not sure we could be friends.
John: I indeed was listening to Men Without Hats in 1983, alternating between hanging out at Charter Point, the dunes and Ortega and also listening to Elvis Costello, the Clash and Joe Jackson with some MTV-inspired doses of Modern English mixed in. I was getting ready to head to college, scared beyond belief and trying to savor every last day. We probably wouldn't have been friends, but you darned sure would have looked at what I was doing and thought, "That guy's having a darned good time."
Trent from Fernandina Beach, FL:
I just wanted to let you know that I have read the O-Zone for 1,051 straight days, give or take. I also happen to be aware that it is published around 8 a.m., and so I spend some mornings hitting the refresh icon. And now, the dead zone.
John: Here we go, Jags!
Bruce from Gotham:
As mentioned before, as I continue to watch this Khanstruction, I think the name of the field should be changed to AwesomeField. After the unveiling all your emails are going to be about how AWESOME the show was and how AWESOME the changes are. Hope you are ready for that.
John: This was 2:08 a.m.
Nick from Jacksonville Beach and Section 149:
I for one will do my best not to let the O-Zone slip into the Dead Zone this year. I'll be sending you one real football-related question a day until camp starts. Today's question: How many pass rushers do we send on the average play? Would it be our four linemen plus the Leo or Otto mostly every play, or do the Leo and Otto both go after their quarterback? I know stats don't matter as much as fans think they do, but I sure would like to get out from the bottom in the sack column.
John: The number of pass rushers the Jaguars send on a play depends on the down-and-distance situation. On short-yardage, they might not "send" any players. On 1st-and-10, they might send just the Leo, but the Leo might not really pass rush if the play develops quickly into a run. On obvious passing situations last season, the Jaguars often sent three Leo pass rushers in the lightning package. That would be the most Leo pass rushers the Jaguars likely would have on a given play, but in obvious passing situations they also wouldn't be the only defensive players rushing the passer.
Mike from St. Mary's, GA:
Hozer, I mean Oehser, why do you think people are so down on Ace Sanders? It seemed like he contributed a lot for a rookie. Is it maybe because he had so many touches, people think they've seen everything he has to offer?
John: I don't know that "people" are down on Sanders. I do know Florida Times-Union Jaguars beat writer Ryan O'Halloran projected Sanders might be on the bubble because he wasn't as dynamic a presence at punt returns as the Jaguars originally hoped.
Tom from Virginia Beach, VA:
I think what Vick changed was the way quarterbacks were looked at. In the past there were Johnny U, Roman Gabriel, Sonny Jurgensen, etc. Not great athletes but GREAT quarterbacks. Now it seems that quarterbacks also need to be athletes as well as quarterbacks to succeed. It is a natural progression as an answer to linemen getting bigger and stronger? Vick should also remember that there were two other quarterbacks that did what he does and maybe were better: Fran Tarkenton and a certain Manning not Peyton or Eli!!!!
John: I guess I just can't get on board with much about this thread. I get what you're saying, Tom, and I sort of agree that Vick changed the way quarterbacks were viewed. He certainly cause the public to believe that the position had changed, and his SportsCenter highlights certainly helped create a perception that quarterbacks needed to run and do amazing physical things. I've said before that what I want in a quarterback is a guy who can get me to the playoffs or put me in contention year after year over an extended period of time. Since I've been following the league, those quarterbacks are players such as John Elway, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Steve Young, Joe Montana, Warren Moon, Aaron Rodgers, Dan Marino. So far, a so-called running quarterback hasn't been durable enough over a long period of time to be in that category. I simply don't think Vick has changed the game. I watch Colin Kaepernick with interest because I think he might be able to be a game-changer, but at the same time, that is because he looks like he may be able to do it with his arm from the pocket. As dynamic as he can be running, the odds are against him being a runner for his entire career.
Eric from Gettysburg, PA:
With MJD out of the picture, added offensive talent and Gerharts's huge upside/potential along with his wide-open opportunity to produce good numbers, it sounds like a perfect situation for him to be in and for us to look forward to. But I have a bad gut feeling it'll also be the perfect opportunity for something to go wrong. Let's say somewhere between Games 1-6 Toby goes down for the season and he has Todman, D-Rob and Johnson backing him up. I can imagine Todman doing a decent job handling most of the workload based on his experience and the other two should be able to jump in and split reps. But because of their lack of experience do you think we would sign another running back at that point for depth right away or let it play out and give those guys their chances? I know it's a big premature "what-if" but I was just curious of your take on it.
John: Wow, talk about a downer. Most teams are in uncertain situations if starters get hurt. The Jaguars' running back situation is no exception, but no, I don't think a signee would be the answer for the Jaguars at running back. The Jaguars might sign one for depth, but I think they'd look for one from within should Gerhart not be available.
Shawn from the Mean Streets of Arlington:
Just watched a highlight reel on Telvin Smith, I think this kid has the potential to be a 5th round steal. What's the downside on him? Size?
John: Yes.
Bruce from Gotham:
These guys really are working around the clock on this Khanstruction. Still watching at 330 a.m. and it is still AWESOME!
John: Go to bed, Bruce.

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