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INDIANAPOLIS – Let's get to it … Ed from Ponte Vedra, FL:
I read your answer on Dante Fowler Jr. Tuesday and realize I'm just a very old geezer. That story is so far out to what I consider "life happening" that I get a headache shaking my head. Nevertheless, I respect you answering and defending.
John: I'm old, too, Ed. And while I appreciate your respect, it's unwarranted in this case. Answering a question about Fowler Jr. Wednesday wasn't a big deal – and there's nothing to defend. I'll assume the video is the story until someone tells me there's more to the story – more video, more context, more … something. Unless there is, Dante Fowler Jr. did nothing wrong.
Max from Wyckoff, NJ:
There are reports the Jags "covet" Malik Jackson and are going to go hard after him. Do you think the Jaguars will have Malik Jackson on their roster next year? Also with Odrick and Sen'Derrick already in the middle, what would the Jags' D-line look like with Malik on the team?
John: I have no idea if the reports that the Jaguars covet Malik Jackson are correct, though I suspect many teams will covet him in free agency considering how he played last regular season and in the postseason. I also wouldn't be surprised if the Jaguars pursued a player such as Jackson when free agency opens March 9. Will the Jaguars have Jackson on the roster next year? I have no idea. How would the line look if that did happen? Deeper? Definitely. Better? Probably. As far as Jared Odrick and Sen'Derrick Marks, remember: players move around a lot in the Jaguars' scheme. Versatility and depth are good things. Odrick in particular moved around a lot last year, playing strong-side end and tackle. Players also don't play every snap. Ideally, defensive linemen rotate extensively. Very extensively.
Mike from Des Moines, IA:
I think what is happening to Dante Fowler Jr. is a great learning experience. Where I grew up, standard procedure for a situation such as this is to allow the two consenting persons to fight to get it out of their systems, then separate them once they run out of gas – or before someone gets hurt. I personally don't think that is wrong. Now that he knows there are cameras everywhere – and anything you do can be put on the internet – I think if he ever finds himself in a questionable situation, he will remember this and make wise decisions. Call me an optimist, John, but I see a bright young man who didn't behave irresponsibly and I believe he will have success and represent the Jaguars.
John: I agree. And Dante Fowler Jr. did nothing wrong.
Mike from Savannah, GA:
Regarding Dante Fowler, I find your comment "life happens" as very interesting. When you put yourself in a public situation that you know is volatile - life just didn't happen. You made a bad choice and brought bad publicity to you and your team.
John: There is no way from watching the tape to have any idea what happened to lead to the situation, or whether Fowler "put himself in a public situation." Dante Fowler Jr. did nothing wrong.
David from Jacksonville:
Ask your wife what's wrong with the video of Fowler standing idly by. I can't believe your words-comments concerning this situation. You have lost a fan to your column here on the Jags' website. Your comments are in line with Kayne and the other simple-minded people in this world. Just a reminder, you are speaking for the Team: are you not a Jag beat writer? "I honestly didn't find what Fowler did disturbing at all …" For the love of humanity. I guess you would sit by and let two females fight over you. Ha. That's as impressive as your comments.
John: Losing fans bothers me. Being called simple-minded? Not so much. Dante Fowler Jr. did nothing wrong.
Neil from Gloucester, UK:
Dear Sir John of Oehser. I am still learning the game, but with the change to these smaller edge rushers with speed, do you see the offensive tackle position moving towards a lighter – and therefore – faster type of player to mirror the speed element? Height, weight and long arms doesn't seem to be working! Thank you.
John: Athleticism is always a premium trait for the left-tackle position, but there's a limit to how light a player can get at the position. Luke Joeckel's primary issue, for example, isn't athleticism, speed or quickness. More often than not – particularly in 2014 – it has been a strength and size issue. I think the league will continue trying to find quick, athletic players for the left-tackle position but not at the expense of a significant amount of size.
David from Oviedo, FL:
O-Zone, since you will be at the Combine all week, I thought it would be a golden opportunity to help David Caldwell with some of your own research. Often in these settings, players give a rehearsed response; it would be telling to get an "honest" reaction. For instance, to determine if a player has fear in his heart, have Shadrick pretend he's going to punch the guy in the face, and see how that player reacts. Will he cower in fear or will he be lose control and tear Shadrick limb from limb? P.S. Don't forget to record it!
John: This actually isn't that far-fetched a scenario. Don't cross Shadrick. I've looked in his eyes. Pure molten rage.
Chad from Sinking Spring, PA:
I was looking at Joey Bosa's stats; what stood out was he only had five sacks last year. If he's considered a potential elite pass rusher in the NFL wouldn't you think he should have had more sacks and dominated in college first? I know Dante only had 8.5 sacks coming out of Florida, but it would seem that number would be a lot higher given the level of competition would be lesser in college than the NFL.
John: I don't worry too, too much about college statistics when evaluating a player. J.J. Watt had 11.5 sacks in two seasons at Wisconsin; he is relatively good NFL pass rusher. Bosa played with a lot of other great players. How many opportunities did he have? How many pressures? How much impact? Those things aren't always measured in statistics. Bosa appears to have all of the traits you want in an NFL edge player, traits that often translate to NFL success more than college statistics.
Steve from Nashville, TN:
How many quarterbacks – if any – do you see being picked ahead of the Jaguars in the first round assuming they keep the No. 5 slot?
John: At least one.
Stephen from Parsippany, NJ:
Who do you think the Jaguars will draft? And what positions do you think the Jaguars need?
John: I think the Jaguars will draft Joey Bosa, DeForest Buckner or Jalen Ramsey. I think they need pass rusher, defensive line, safety and interior offensive line.
Bob from Sumter, SC:
If Bosa and Ramsey are both selected when the Jags are on the clock who would you select?
John: DeForest Buckner. That's my thought right now, but check in with me after the combine.
Eric from Jacksonville:
What do toddlers, magpies and fans have in common? The are all attracted to shiny things, toddlers put them in their mouth, magpies hide them and fans want to sign them. If it fell to the ground and the owner did not pick it up, what does that tell us?
John: My cat's attracted to shiny objects, too. We have one of those things that flashes a little laser light on the wall and the floor. From time to time, we'll use it and make him jump around. We do this until we get bored. After that, he usually falls asleep. He's also overweight.
Austin from Jacksonville:
In today's world with social media, could you foresee a franchise and/or general manager taking a poll from the fans as to which player the team selects in the first (or any) round? If so, do you think the fan base as a whole would be driven to research more and possibly even pay (and sell out) to go to the combine and tryouts? Not to mention the number of hits this hypothetical franchise's webpage would receive to watch footage or even interviews with potential draft selections. Now, I know we are getting out there, but in case you say 'There is no way this is possible.' Think of the moon, splitting the atom, a round Earth, and that science fiction, can become reality. The game seems to becoming more and more about the fans, isn't it?
John: I'm not saying it will never, ever, ever happen – and I'm not saying it's not possible. I am saying that the consensus of many is not necessarily superior to the decision of a qualified few.
Willis from Jacksonville:
Right or wrong, Dante apologized for his video; where's your apology for the combine vid?
John: I'll have been married 24 years in July. Apologies are my life.

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