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O-Zone: Giving his best

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Jared from O-Town:
Let's say for argument's sake that Luke Joeckel ends up losing the left-tackle battle and the staff uses him at left guard this season. Even if he plays well, do they keep a No. 2 overall pick at guard on the roster next season? Seems a bit overpriced for the position.
John: Absolutely, it's a possibility. Joeckel is entering the final year of his contract and is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent after the 2016 season. His contract will be renegotiated – with the Jaguars or with another team – at some point and that contract won't have anything to do with either what he made his first four NFL seasons or where he was drafted. Would the Jaguars retain him under that scenario? Would he want to stay and play left guard or go somewhere else and try to play tackle? All are decisions for the future – and all depend on the outcome of training camp and the regular season. Either way, it's impossible to know if Joeckel would be overpriced for a left guard until it's known what he would be making playing left guard. For argument's sake.
Eloquently Wasted from the Comments Section:
No question here, O – just banned from my favorite site on the internet and wanted to make sure all the people down below knew I'm alive. #moodachay #dtwd #endtheban
John: Thank goodness for that.
Morgan from Jacksonville:
Will England leaving the EU have any impact on the Jags' games in London? I'm not just connecting random dots, for the record. From my understanding, this will have a huge economic impact on England – and that is, after all, why we are playing there … right? I don't know if it really will make a difference, though, since we did sign contracts to go there ... right?
John: Jaguars President Mark Lamping addressed this Friday, saying that England's departure from the EU and its accompanying impact likely will take several years to sort itself out. Lamping said the biggest immediate concern is the move's effect on the exchange rate. As far as the Jaguars' commitment to playing games in London, Lamping said Friday's news does not change that. The Jaguars are committed to playing in Wembley Stadium once a year through 2020 and I expect they will do just that.
Gamble from Brasilia, Brazil:
If there's a gator in the bushes and he's callin' your name, what's he saying?
John: I would assume he's telling me I should return home again. What else would a gator in the bushes say?
Doug from Jacksonville:
I had a discussion where I claimed I wouldn't trade Blake Bortles for Tom Brady. Yes, Brady's accomplishments are incredible, but I wouldn't trade away a quarterback with Bortles' upside this early in his career for Brady at the end of his career. Perhaps if this team was full of veterans and needed to win now, but with the youth of this team I keep Bortles. What do you think?
John: The answer obviously depends on the specifics of the question – and how much longer Brady will play. If you believe Brady's only going to play another year or two – and if the question is "Who do you want for the long-term for your franchise?" – then obviously you take Bortles. If the question is, "Do you want the best quarterback right now?" then you take Brady.
Greg from St. Johns, FL:
Mr. O, love the column and read every day. But, everyone takes a day of rest at some point. I am thinking NOW is the time for you to take a break from the consecutive days of writing in the O-Zone and do something else with those 10 minutes. Heck, take a couple of days off. WE will be here when you get back.
John: Nah, I'm good.
Mike from Des Moines, IA:
Spandau Ballet or Bronski Beat? The Smiths or The Cure? Crowded House or OMD?
John: Spandau Ballet because "True." The Smiths because everything. OMD because "Tesla Girls" and not because "If You Leave."
Tony from St. Augustine, FL:
Any chance of Myles Jack playing strong safety? I think he would be great in that Kam Chancellor role. Your thoughts?
John: Could Jack play strong safety? Yes, his body type and skill set indicates he could. But the Jaguars believe his future is at linebacker and that's where he'll play this season. I think Jack will play linebacker this season and eventually settle into the Jaguars' starting middle or outside linebacker role – more likely, the middle.
Spencer from Atlanta, GA:
I was hoping you could clarify the Lotto position. When Gus Bradley first installed his defensive, it seemed that the Leo was the hybrid 4-3 DE/3-4 OLB role. Last season, the Otto was the Jags' Sam. I've heard all three (Lotto, Otto, and Leo) mentioned this offseason. All I can figure is Lotto replaced Otto in terminology due to added positional duties to the Otto position, which had previously been solely the Leo's responsibility. Will there ever be a Lotto and Otto on the field at the same time? I don't know if you can include any chalkboard action in the O-Zone, but I'd really appreciate it if you would elucidate. Thanks, Spencer.
John: It's probably best not to overthink this, and to be honest the whole Lotto/Otto/Leo thing makes a lot of people's heads hurt – including my own, at times. The positions at their core are strong-side linebacker (Otto) and pass-rushing defensive end (Leo). The Otto essentially is an outside, strong-side linebacker who sometimes plays similarly to a defensive end. That role is being referred to as the "Lotto" this season, primarily because it's expected that it will rush the passer – a la, the Leo – a little more than last season. So, yes, the Lotto essentially replaced the Otto in terminology due to added positional duties – and no, there probably won't be an Otto and Lotto on the field at the same time.
Dalton from UCF:
How many quarterbacks do you think will make the roster? I say only Blake Bortles and Chad Henne. Then we can try to hide Brandon Allen on the practice squad and determine if he's ready to take over Henne's spot in 2017.
John: Brandon Allen looked very good in organized team activities and it was a little surprising he was available in the sixth round in the draft. If he plays in preseason and looks as good as he looked in the offseason it will be difficult to get him through on the practice squad. For that reason, I think there's a fairly good chance the Jaguars keep three quarterbacks on the roster in 2016.
Kyle from Somewhere, OH:
So, our offensive line is improved because we signed a guy coming off a major injury and we have another guy coming back from a serious injury. Sounds like confidence to me.
John: The Jaguars actually have a lot of confidence that the addition of Kelvin Beachum and Brandon Linder will mean a lot of improvement on the offensive line. As far as your level of confidence, I can't control that. One thing to remember: if you believe every NFL player who ever has been injured will never contribute again you're going to rule out a lot of players.
Tony from Ocala, FL:
Hey O, which of the undrafted free agent rookies trying to make the team do you think have a legit shot at making it on both offense and defense? What's your call? My thoughts: maybe Wilson and Bowman. They appear to be the guys I have read or heard any real talk about. Do you think any of the offensive line UDFA rookies have a shot? Or are maybe some of them bound for the practice squad?
John: Both players – safety Jarrod Wilson and tight end Braeden Bowman – stood out during organized team activities and minicamp, with Wilson in particularly showing a good nose for the ball late in the offseason. Both would figure to have a chance at the roster, partly because they're at positions where it appears there are winnable jobs in reserve roles. It's difficult to gauge UDFA's chances until the preseason and training camp. That's when the pads go on and that's when undrafted players can gain traction toward making the roster.
Desmond from Spring Hill, FL:
Do you stretch before you do the O-ZONE?
John: I usually "run" before writing the O-Zone and before I run I go through a frightening, awkward ritual that I think of as stretching … so technically … usually … yes.
Josh from Deep South, TX:
I hear you powerwalk. Just wondering, how much do you walk per day? Since I am the biggest Jag fan in Texas, I just need to know.
John: I do not walk every day. What I do is sometimes define as running, but more accurately described as stumbling and staggering in a messy desperate state hoping not to fall. As for how far I go per day, I do the best I can, Josh. I do the best I can.

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