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O-Zone: Home alone

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Stephen from Jacksonville:
Do you believe any current Jaguars are capable of recording double-digit sacks in 2016? Who do you predict will be the team's best and most consistent pass rusher during the upcoming season? Would you take the under or over for a Jaguars defensive team total of 39.5 sacks in 2016?
John: This answer is different than it would have been in March. That's because in March we hadn't seen Dante Fowler Jr. look very, very good during organized team activities and minicamp. After watching him move and seeing his confidence in his surgically repaired knee, I do believe he is capable of recording double-digit sacks this season. Double-digit sacks is a lofty goal for a first-year player, but while I don't know if he will reach that, I do believe he will be the Jaguars' best pass rusher – and I believe whether or not he reaches double digits he consistently will affect the opposing quarterback. As for reaching 40 sacks as a team, that's a big number, too. I absolutely think the Jaguars' pass rush will be more effective on third down this season and therefore the defense won't be as vulnerable to long drives, which is what they need from their pass rush far more than a specific sacks number.
John from Boynton Beach, FL:
Are the rumors true? Did you really play Ralphie in The Christmas Story movie when you were a kid?
John: No. I was busy getting my stand up career started.
Jay from Jacksonville:
'O'Man, Fowler's injury last year may really be a blessing in disguise. The defensive additions in 2016 may create the talent infusion for him to not only be successful in his first year, but to be confident. If he had started last year it may have taken away from the confidence factor that all rookies need to help a rapid view of expectations fans want in an early first-round pick. Whatever happens this year I feel the management has done an awesome job of putting together a competitive bunch of athletes that can get the job done if they "solidify." Just Do It!
John: I can't rightfully say there was much benefit to Fowler missing his rookie season. There's nothing positive about a missed season or a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Now, that doesn't mean Fowler won't overcome those things and be successful. I think he will do just that.
Chad from EverBank:
Einstein a Go Go or Milk Bar?
John: Einstein's. The Milk Bar was a little after my time, but I saw the Connells at Einstein's January 1998. And if you weren't there, I delight in your despair. (I'll wait for you).
Mike from Middleburg, FL:
Could there be staff changes if we start out at 0-5 this year in the middle of the season? Thank you.
John: The Jaguars can't be 0-5 at midseason because midseason occurs eight games into the season. As far as what would happen if the Jaguars start 0-5, I suppose there could be changes, but that's a far-fetched disaster scenario. I don't think it's Shad Khan's mode of operation to make midseason staff changes with the Jaguars, and I think it would take something pretty extreme to change modes.
Rob from the DUUUU:
O Man, who is Roy Miller's backup? Abry Jones? Is he (Miller) considered more of a nose tackle than a normal defensive tackle? It has been said that he would likely start beside Malik Jackson, but is it also possible that Jackson could shift to Miller's position and allow Sen'Derrick Marks to play beside him? Do you think that would be the case (starting Jackson and Marks) on first downs if Miller were injured?
John: Abry Jones is Roy Miller's top backup entering training camp, and he likely would be the first option to play in the base, first-down package alongside Jackson in the event of an injury to Miller. I don't think you'll see a whole lot of Marks and Jackson alongside each other in the base because the Jaguars really want to keep Marks' snaps down to a reasonable number. They believe he's most effective when he's playing, say, 30ish snaps a game or fewer. If you start putting him in base packages, that number gets bigger in a hurry.
Doug from Jacksonville:
I moved to town in 2002, attended most home games 2003-2008 and became a season-ticket holder in 2009. I never had a "glory-days" stretch and the playoff win in Pittsburgh is my "Denver" game. Day One or not, I have been a fan through the roughest of times. Day One fans had home playoff games and AFC Championship games to hold on to. I have none. My kids are named Del Rio and Maurice. My dog is named Jax. Kid on the way, boy or girl … doesn't matter … will be named Oehser. Who wins now, Tom from Jacksonville?
John: I don't know who wins between you and Tom, but your child on the way is going to have a wonderful life.
Jeff from Siler City, NC:
Wanted to share a little story of "The Night." I was the special events coordinator at The Landing. With the holidays approaching, I had booked an all-tuba band of mostly elderly gents puffing out carols on about 35 tubas under the huge tree at center court. As night came, I – like most outside of the families of the 35 tuba players – was casually watching the announcement of the next NFL franchise. Charlotte had been announced, and it was a foregone conclusion the other would be St. Louis or Baltimore. Lo and behold, they announce Jacksonville as the second city and the few there that evening hooted and hollered, much to the delight of the tuba-playing band, who thought it was for them. Someone on a local news channel said, "Let's go celebrate at The Landing!" In a matter of seconds, a line of headlights was heading over the bridge off I-95 toward us like Field of Dreams. I remember having to stop that concert and get those gents off the stage as soon as possible as the place erupted into a spontaneous Florida-Georgia type weekend crowd. The whole courtyard was a love-in the likes I have never seen. I'm sure there were a few new Fat Tuesday's cup ornaments added to that tree that night!
John: You should have let the tuba band keep playing.
Bo from Dresden, NC:
Going into camp is it possible for a player like Sen'Derrick Marks to be released if he's not what he once was? Or does the team have too much money invested in him?
John: Anything's possible, but Marks' skills would had to have deteriorated to a striking degree for that to happen. I have no reason to believe that will be the case. He was beginning to look like the 2014 version of Marks toward the end of the five-game stretch he played last season, and there's no reason to think the knee that kept him out early that season won't be healthier this season. And remember, the 2014 version of Marks was pretty good. Really good, in fact.
Rik from JAX:
J.O., please stop trying to build up Paul Posulsuzny – It's time to get guys looking up to somebody else. He's a leader that really needs to be coaching. Please don't tell me or anyone else that keeps up with this team that he is going to play on third down this year and expect anyone to take you seriously. Kindly, Realistic Jags Fan.
John: OK, but you're wrong about Posluszny needing to be coaching. He's an effective player, which is why the Jaguars are starting him at middle linebacker.
Rob from Brunswick, GA:
Thank you for answering my question about who our emergency quarterback is. As de facto EQB does this affect the chances of Denard Robinson making the roster? He hasn't shined at running back and with T.J. Yeldon and Chris Ivory shoe-ins – and several other great young talents at running back – it would seem logical that he isn't a lead-pipe lock to make the team at that position. How, if at all, does being able to play quarterback somewhat change his chances if at all?
John: Don't rule out Robinson making the roster. While Yeldon and Ivory are clearly ahead of him, there isn't nearly as separation between Robinson and the other backs. But Robinson's ability as a quarterback affects his roster status almost not at all. The occasions that call for a third quarterback are too few to base roster decisions on that.
Ryan from Apopka, FL:
My dad had four season tickets for the 1995 inaugural season, and took my mom and two older brothers to the very first home game. I might not have been at the first game, but am a fan from the beginning. Now my wife and I are season-ticket holders next to my parents. #leftathome
John: My childhood was based firmly upon a foundation of #leftathome. #Kindredspirits

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