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O-Zone Late Night: Jaguars 30, Steelers 9


Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Wow, wow. Wow.

Did we mention, "Wow?"

The Jaguars beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 30-9, at Heinz Field Sunday. The Jaguars had Two Pick Sixes. They intercepted Big Ben five times – that's right, five. Leonard Fournette rushed for 181 yards and a 90-yard touchdown.

The Jaguars are assured of at least a share of first place on October 8.

Did we mention, "Wow?"

Bill from Hawthorn Woods, IL:
Good win. Even a bit of an unexpected win. It sure makes up for the unexpected loss last week in New York. I think if you looked at the schedule to start the season and said the team would start 3-2, we would have taken it. That said, can we agree that having the defense score more than the offense is not a path to sustained success?
John: You're darned right Sunday's victory was unexpected and you're darned right any victory at Pittsburgh is a good victory. Was the Jaguars' offense good Sunday? Not the entire game, but it ran well in the second half. Look, the Jaguars won a big game Sunday. They're 3-2. They're in this thing – heck, they're in first place in the AFC South. In October. You win games any way you can in the NFL – and after you win, you try to keep improving your weaknesses. Enjoy this, Bill. The Jaguars just beat the Steelers on the road and made their fans leave Heinz Field midway through the fourth quarter. That doesn't happen every day.
Shane from Atlanta, GA:
Not gonna lie: if you'd told me before the game that a quarterback was going to have four interceptions  I would not have even watched.
John: What if I'd said five?
Brian from Zealand, MI:
One for Colvin. He seemed to be wherever the ball was today.
John: Aaron Colvin has been a good nickel back for a long time for this team. He appeared to play very well in Pittsburgh Sunday. He didn't appear to be alone.
Zach from Muskego, WI:
Aaron Colvin tackles like a grown man! Everyone else should just watch and learn from him in practice.
John: Hey, one more fer Colvin!
Josh from Columbus, OH:
Hey John, any chance we can make Flight 27 Leonard Fournette's new nickname?
John: Fournette two-yard touchdown dive in the first half was reminiscent of Walter Payton and LaDainian Tomlinson – the two best backs I remember when it came to hurdling the line of scrimmage. I remember Fournette doing this in training camp and Marrone saying the team needed to figure out if it was something that Fournette was going to do on a planned, regular basis. It looked on Sunday like something he should do on a planned, regular basis.
JT from Rosamond, CA:
At this point in his career Bortles does not seem capable of hitting mid-range passes at all. He looks like he never threw a ball prior to college. It's so awkward watching him throw. It's sad knowing that it is only Game 5 for the Jags and we are definitely drafting a quarterback to replace him.
John: This was the much-ballyhooed, oft-lampooned, sometimes-disappointing First Email of the Game. I suppose Bortles' play early may have merited such an email, but the reality was Bortles did a nice job early managing this one and keeping the Jaguars very even through the first half. The defense took over from there.
Richard from Starke, FL:
John: #DTWD
George from Jacksonville:
That was good. The defense was tough and the run game was punishing - just need some improvement in the passing game. Is there a possibility that Allen Robinson can come back this season? I think they changed a rule a few years ago that allowed injured players to return in the same year.
John: Sunday was good for the Jaguars. The defense was game-changing and the run game indeed did what this team wants its run game to do. No, Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson can't return this season. While league rules would allow it, he sustained a torn anterior cruciate ligament. That's a season-ending injury, and his goals will involve 2018.
Jeremy from Newport, RI:
I see the Jags fielded their JV team today so that's cool.
John: Sometimes people say things that seem insightful one minute and seem sort of silly the next …
Sam from Boston, MA:
It's so easy to hate the Jaguars. The few times they actually show highlights on television it's them doing something boneheaded. Worst franchise in American sports. Not even close. You fit in well. When I think about what could have been it makes me sad. There is never a light at the end of the tunnel with this team. And those helmets are World League stupid.
John: See? #hottakes #youfitinwell
Sid from Sidsonville:
Looks like a team that has already quit for the year.
John: … see?

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