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O-Zone Late Night: Texans 37, Jaguars 17

O-Zone Late Night - 2.0

JACKSONVILLE – Sometimes, there's not much to say. Or write.

We'll discuss the Jaguars' 37-17 loss to the Houston Texans at EverBank Stadium Sunday here in the O-Zone because that's what we do in this space. I expect we'll discuss it a lot in the coming days because that's what we do in this space. But it can be summarized in a few words.

Not good at all.

The Jaguars squandered opportunities and played poorly on offense for a second consecutive week – at least for a half. A defense that played well for the first two games wilted a bit in Week 3, as tends to happen when the offense is struggling as much as was the case Sunday early.

It was a difficult loss to watch. It's the sort of game that understandably raises the ire and angst of fans. It's only Week 3, but the Jaguars are 1-2 and Sunday's loss was to a team that entered the game winless and injured. Not good at all.

Let's get to it …

JT from Palm Coast, FL

Ridley has dropped too many passes over these last two games. Hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

Wide receiver Calvin Ridley had a rough first half Sunday – two penalties and two big, dropped passes. My sense is Ridley is pressing after not having played for nearly two seasons. There's a lot of potential and explosion there. I don't expect drops to be a long-term thing for him. Stay tuned.

Travis from South of Duval

Johnny. This team looks like it's pressing. Do you get the sense when talking to the coaches and players. I mean what else can explain the super sluggish start to this year?

There's something to this. And although I did say in my previous answer that Ridley appears to be pressing a bit, I admit don't know how to define it. Or measure it. I don't know if you can point to a particular player on a particular play and say, "Yes. Player A is pressing." But players and coaches talked about it after the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2, and the first half Sunday had a similar feel. The Jaguars last week spoke of simplifying the offense and just letting the offense come to them and not try too hard to make a big play. I expect they'll speak similarly this week.

Josh from New Milford, CT

I hate that I had high expectations for this team. I'll never learn.

Fair. The season's not over yet. The Jaguars must earn your trust again. That's doable, but it will take time.

Mark from High Springs

We haven't gotten the monkey off our back in the first quarter.

This was the much-ballyhooed, oft-wonderful, rarely contested First Email of the Game. Considering how the game played out, it was about as pleasant as the correspondence got Sunday.

David from Ada, OK

Everyone can have a bad day. It just sucks when it's Sunday and it's because you're a fan. Thanks. Now if everyone would just leave me the hell alone.


*Tom from Nocatee       *

Did they let Urban back in the building?


Troy from Dover, PA

Do you think they will look for pass rush help now?

The pass rush wasn't good Sunday. But it had been OK in the first two games. I'm not saying the Jaguars won't look for pass-rush help sometime in the first half of the season. I just don't know that they will have a quick-trigger reaction to Sunday.

Andy from Alpharetta, GA

I'm laughing, but it's not funny. I know there is a lot of season left and such, but they need to figure it out, quick. It's not a talent problem (I think) so what is it?

It mostly has been an execution problem. Head Coach Doug Pederson on Sunday said it may be a little bit of a "press clipping" problem. He may have a point. That's a little surprising. I didn't expect that out of this team. It seemed motivated and focused entering the season. Pederson seemed to think otherwise late Sunday afternoon.

Chuck from Margate, Fl

Remember in the offseason when the offense was going to be the strength and the hope was the defense could keep us in games? Good times.


Jz from j-ville -> Huntsville

zone are we just destined for sadness watching this team, I'm about as optimistic as anyone but man..

I don't expect this Jaguars season to be all sadness all the time. The offense had no three and outs Sunday, and it had 406 yards total with 22 first downs. This isn't an effort to make the case that Sunday was good. It was very, very bad. But the badness wasn't as much about an inability to move the ball as much as a continuing tendency to make very ill-advised – and maddening plays – in big situations. It's easier to fix that than get an offense without ability moving. That's the hope. We'll see if it happens.

Rob from San Antonio, TX

Yikes and wowza.

The sea was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.

It's time to lock in 🔒 View top shots throughout the Week 3 divisional game in sunny Duval ➡️

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