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O-Zone: Not cool at all

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Dave from Jacksonville:
Denver was a fantastic example of an organization willing to recognize, target and acquire talent to win a championship. So far, this Jags leadership has shown desire, but has yet to acquire championship talent. Do you think in the next two months we will find out if the brain trust can pull it off? I think they have an eye for talent, but can they sell it to the right free agents? Are they willing to put up the money necessary to make an offer that can't be refused? Lamb or Lion – what is it going to be?
John: The Broncos without question made bold free-agent moves in recent seasons, including acquiring Peyton Manning, Aqib Talib and DeMarcus Ware. Still, a good chunk of their core was acquired through the draft, including Demaryius Thomas and Von Miller. The Jaguars essentially spent 2013 and 2014 trying to build a foundation of young players, after which the plan was to begin supplementing that foundation through free agency. As for the Lion-Lamb Debate, the Jaguars signed tight end Julius Thomas, right tackle Jermey Parnell and defensive end Jared Odrick last offseason and made a concerted effort to sign wide receiver Randall Cobb and safety Devin McCourty. The latter two re-signed with their own contending teams, but the pursuit of five front-line free agents – not to mention the signing of Davon House and Dan Skuta – is pretty Lion-like; I expect similar efforts this offseason. You can say a lot of things about this regime, but I don't think it's fair to portray them as non-aggressive when pursuing free agents.
Mick from California:
Stevie Nicks or Pat Benatar?
John: Deborah Harry.
Nate from Dillsburg, PA:
With Doug Martin and Matt Forte said to hit free agency, do you see David Caldwell pursuing one of them to complement T.J. Yeldon, or are we happy with what we have at running back? With Matt being older, he seems like a good veteran to spell Yeldon.
John: I don't know that Martin is a Veteran Who Spells Young Running Backs quite yet, though Forte may be arriving at that age; Still, you don't necessarily need to spend big in free agency to find a complementary back. Draft it in the later rounds – or even sign it in second-tier free agency.
Keith from Palatka, FL:
I have been keeping up with your ideas about fortifying the interior of the offensive line and I think you are on target. I also agree the best approach may be to address the guard position with a free-agent acquisition such as Kelechi Osemele from the Ravens (or one of the other better free-agent guards that may be available). I know a lot of people, including myself, would like to see Alex Mack at center, but that is iffy at best. Moving A.J. Cann to center and getting Osemele would help us with the interior as well as help with offensive-tackle depth since he played left tackle for Eugene Monroe much of last season. Your opinion is valuable to me, so what say you to this idea?
John: I like it. Many have locked on to the idea of Alex Mack because the Jaguars pursued him as a free agent two offseasons ago, and who knows: if Mack opts out of his contract with Cleveland the Jaguars perhaps could go that route. But your idea of moving Cann to center and signing a free-agent guard also is a possibility; considering the free-agent class looks far deeper at guard than center, it might even end up being a probability.
Jason from Falling Waters, VA:
Marcedes Lewis and Clay Harbor are UFAs and Nic Jacobs is an exclusive rights free agent. Marcedes works well in the Greg Olson system, but is it time to replace Harbor with Neal Sterling? A wide receiver that is much better fit as a tight end?
John: The Jaguars like the idea of Sterling as a possible move tight end. This offseason is big for him on that front.
One of the few Jags fans in Tennessee:
Say the Jags take Jalen Ramsey at 5 … would they trade up in the first round to grab Noah Spence?
John: Noah Spence's draft stock appears to be soaring since the Senior Bowl, with many analysts projecting him to go in the Top 10 or very close. The Jaguars almost certainly wouldn't move up from early in the second round to the Top 10. That's pretty much an impossible jump.
Joe from Fleming Island, FL:
It seems as though Nick Marshall's strengths are speed and smarts. I guess we don't know if has the fortitude to be a safety yet; however, if he does, we might have a great free safety in the making. What about his physical tools or play so far would prevent him from being a very good free safety?
John: Nick Marshall indeed appears to have free-safety skills; the Jaguars have discussed him possibly playing the position – and that may be a long-term approach. For the short-term, though, I can't see the Jaguars handing Marshall the starting free-safety job this offseason because he hasn't played the position at the college or NFL level. The position is too important and the Jaguars' need at the spot is too great to assume he can transition there so quickly.
Tudor from St. Augustine, FL:
Why is everyone so obsessed with Eric Weddle? He's 31 and will have an asking price WAY higher than his worth on the field ... haven't we learned the hard way what overspending in free agency can do to a team? Have I ever told you, the definition of insanity?
John: People are talking about Weddle for a couple of reasons. One is that he played at a very high level from 2010-2014 or so, and the other is that he is expected to be available when free agency begins. The availability thing is big, because good players often don't hit free agency. There indeed are other free safeties who could hit the market, and Weddle is by no means the only option. But the Jaguars need to improve the spot and may have to overpay to get it – and that could mean overpaying an older player.
Noah from Jacksonville:
As the self-appointed head of JGWADD, (Jaguars Guys With Attention Deficit Disorder) I wanted to applaud your consistency with your emphasis on hey is it time for the draft yet? I wear a coat when it's drafty. Coates was a great player, wasn't he?
John: Thank you for your flowers question soup is good carpet. Socks.
Robert from Fernandina Beach, FL:
Sports Illustrated recently evaluated their "Top 40 Footballers for hire," and their list included Josh Norman, George Iloka, Alex Mack, Cordy Glenn, Sean Smith, Kelvin Beachum, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Tashaun Gipson. ALL of these are impressive players and ALL of these are predicted to have the Jaguars as one of the three most interested teams in pursuing them. Since their average 2015 Cap Hit was less than $4 Million, what do YOU think are our chances of signing many of them?
John: Cordy Glenn and Kelvin Beachum are offensive tackles, so … nah. Aside from that … yeah, the Jaguars could pursue a few players on the list. As far signing "many," remember: there are 31 teams in the NFL and a lot of them have money to spend this offseason, too. The Jaguars aren't going to get every free agent, but they are set up to get a few at a few key positions. That's the objective, and that can be achieved.
Paul from Palm Beach Gardens, FL:
Dante Fowler Jr. will be considered for Rookie of the Year next season even though he is a 'second-year veteran,' though, because he never played a down in Year One - is that correct?
John: No, it is not.
Niel from Gloucester, UK:
Dear Sir John of Oehser. Bit confused so hoping you can clear this up. If we sign free agents to cover free safety, Leo, etc., you inferred recently that the Jags could look to draft more BAP. Do you mean best BAP pass rusher or, for example, Laremy Tunsil, if he was still available?
John: When I say Best Available Player, I mean "BAP" within the range of positions the Jaguars are seeking in the first round. If the BAP at No. 5 is a quarterback, I doubt the Jaguars would take him. If it's anywhere else, I think the Jaguars would consider it – and yes, I think that includes Tunsil. He's projected as being very, very good and if he's there are No. 5, I think they would consider it. I don't think they eventually would end up doing it, but I think they would weigh the option.
Jared from Pensacola, FL and Section116:
What a cool story it would be to follow if Taylor from FL was drafted to be a Jag.
John: Maybe it would be cool for you if the Jaguars drafted Kelvin Taylor, Fred Taylor's son. For me, it would mean covering the draft of a player whose father's draft I also covered. That's not cool, Jared. That's not cool at all.

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