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O-Zone: Oh, happy day

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Nate from Montpelier, VT:
You're going to have a difficult time trying to temper the expectations for Jaguars fans this offseason. With two high-profile draft picks so far, even more national attention will be on this team. The hype train is in full effect. I wish you luck in keeping the O-Zone under control. DUVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!
John: I don't worry about the hype train derailing the Jaguars, though without question the spotlight around this team may burn a bit brighter over the coming months. And no question this is as enthusiastic as I have seen the inbox on back-to-back days. It is a foreign feeling, and one I don't quite trust. I would say "kidding aside" except I'm not kidding – but I will say the last two days certainly have the potential to be among the most important, memorable days in franchise history. Florida State cornerback Jalen Ramsey appears to be an elite-level, franchise-altering talent – and the Jaguars followed his Thursday selection by trading up for UCLA linebacker Myles Jack early in the second round Friday. It goes without saying there is risk here. Jack has a knee issue that was concerning and real enough to push him down draft boards. But if he stays healthy, and if this duo lives up to their potential …
Timothy from Jacksonville:
What do you think of the Jacksonville Jaguars' draft so far?
John: When does it start?
Tony from El Paso, TX:
So how does Myles Jack go undrafted for so many picks?
John: I realize many readers know this, but not everyone follows the pre-draft process or even the draft itself as closely as most readers, so I'll summarize. Jack sustained a knee injury in September that ended his final season at UCLA. He reportedly sustained meniscus damage with some cartilage issues. There are physicians who believe such an issue could be a problem over the long term although most seem to believe Jack will be fine for the short term. The Jaguars would have considered Jack in the mid-teens Thursday had they traded down and they felt confident enough in the knee to trade up two spots and give up a fifth-round selection to take him Friday. A pre-draft workout in which Jack performed well helped them have that confidence – as well as the fact that Jack would have been cleared for spring drills had he remained at UCLA. Overall, the Jaguars feel good about the selection. Jack is confident the knee is fine. As a result of all that, the Jaguars got one of the draft's best players in the second round. How the knee will hold up over the long haul, only time will tell – but that's where we are right now.
Ed from Jacksonville:
What prompted the Jags to trade up a couple spots for Jack? Did they not think he would fall just a couple more spots?
John: The Jaguars traded up two spots because they believed that was the way to ensure they drafted Jack. Teams don't trade up for the fun of it.
Renee from Duval:
John, 21 years … I think the stars have aligned and the Jags are going to come into their own. I haven't felt like this since the summer of 1999. Go Jags.
John: The first two days of the Jaguars' 2016 NFL Draft evidently were cool. People liked them.
Ryan from Charlotte, NC:
Those two picks ... wow. The excitement around this team is real. Great seeing all the veterans react on Twitter. Seems like everyone has bought in.
John: The veterans bought into this team a long time ago. That's one of the reasons the vibe and energy rookies talk about feeling around here on pre-draft visits exists.
Anthony from Jacksonville:
Last year, the Jags drafted the best Gator in the draft – and now this year they drafted the best Seminole in the draft. Do you think it was merely coincidence they drafted guys that were local and in turn could help the Jaguars' fan base? I'm sure it's just a great benefit, but I was just curious if them being from local colleges helped move them up their draft board?
John: Jalen Ramsey and Dante Fowler Jr. were the best players available at the time of the draft. Where they played in college was a happy coincidence.
Rob from Pittsburgh, PA:
John, I was impressed with our new first-round pick in his interviews. He seems like a good kid and fairly mature for his age. What were your initial impressions of him?
John: I try to reserve judgments based on first meetings with players, but I had a chance to spend five or 10 minutes with Jalen Ramsey Friday and he indeed seemed impressive. I look forward to covering him off the field as well as on. He didn't seem overwhelmed by the moment, and he did seem mature for his age. He looks you in the eye when speaking, thinks before he answers and generally behaves with respect toward the person he's around – and that's a good sign. Talking to other people within the organization who spent time with them, they had the same impression. We'll see.
Brian from Ponte Vedra, FL:
Is THIS is what turning the corner feels like?
John: No. Turning the corner means winning and the Jaguars haven't done that enough yet. But this is what getting some really, really good pieces who give you a much better chance to turn the corner feels like, and that's a pretty good feeling, too.
Duke from Jacksonville:
Myles Jack – A or F??? You make the call, but I will bring it up again in three years.
John: Well, right now he's an "A," but there are also fewer things sillier or more pointless in sports than quick-trigger draft-grades. And believe me, when it comes to silly and pointless, I know my stuff.
Bill from Hammock, FL:
A week ago what chances did you give the Jaguars to draft Ramsey and Jack? DTWD
John: .00000000000001.
Jonathan from Section 215:
So, essentially we just drafted a bigger Deion Sanders and a hybrid Ray Lewis? I'm glad Shad Khan gave Gus Bradley another year. It's neat to hear all these players talking about wanting to come to Jacksonville. because they had such a good experience meeting with Gus Bradley. The pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together. How excited are you, O-Man?
John: It indeed is interesting to hear so many players consistently saying the same thing about the Jaguars and the direction under Bradley. This is a real thing the Jaguars are putting together, and the culture under Bradley is a real thing, too. It's a special thing. It's a unique thing and it's apparent players are responding to it. As far as a bigger Deion Sanders and a hybrid Ray Lewis … you didn't read that here, I don't think. You can't remotely compare Ramsey and Jack to those guys. Sanders and Lewis are all-timers, Rushmore guys at their position. Ramsey and Jack are very talented rookies and there's a long way from there to Rushmore.
Michael from Ocala, FL:
I have always wondered how it works when these guys get drafted regarding their pay. When Jalen comes in how "quick" is he a millionaire. Go Jags!
John: The millionaire thing happens when rookies they sign their contract, which now usually is sometime in late May or early June.
Joe from Pontypridd, Wales, United Kingdom:
Ramsey AND a Christmas Vacation reference in the O-Zone? What a time to be alive.
John: It was a good day.
The Lonely Jaguars Fan from Winston Salem, NC:
The best part about Friday ... all of the smiles! Smiles everywhere! Ramsey... Gus... Dave... Fans at the Bank! Welcome, Jalen (Welcome, with a BIG smile). We are so happy you are a Jaguar, and even happier that you are happy you are a Jaguar.
John: #DTWD
Tanner from Salt Lake City:
I love the Ramsey pick, but now the cornerback position looks a little crowded with the pickup of Prince Amukamara. How do you see this playing out? Will it be Davon House, Prince Amukamara, and Jalen Ramsey at nickel? What happens when Aaron Colvin comes back from suspension?
John: Ramsey will begin his Jaguars career playing corner, which means he will be competing with Amukamara. I'd be surprised if it's very long before Ramsey is starting. I also believe Ramsey will play inside a lot, which could mean a scenario where Amukamara and House are on the outside in some packages and Ramsey is on the inside. When Colvin gets back he will compete for a spot in the rotation. Overall what happened on Thursday is a position that already was pretty strong got a whole lot stronger.
Brendon from Jacksonville:
WOW … six new potential defensive starters! RAMSEY and JACK! Unreal! I was just hoping for one of them out of the first round. Now we have both. I couldn't be more excited. Fowler coming back, Amukamara, Malik, Tashaun. We actually got to pick for legitimate depth in the third round for the first time in a long time. Could not be prouder of this organization!
John: #DTWD

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