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O-Zone: Passing it along

MOBILE, Ala. – The Senior Bowl rolls on.

Let's get to it … Dave from Los Angeles, CA:
Overall, I think 2015 was really good for the Jags. A young team came tantalizingly close to making the playoffs and experienced the sting of not achieving its goal. The offensive talent is developing into a strength. The coaching staff was retained to allow for further team growth. Yet, the team finished with a poor enough record to earn a high draft pick - one last chance to add blue-chip rookies. All positives for the future.
John: There's no question this is one way to see the 2015 season; strides indeed were made, and the Jaguars absolutely progressed toward establishing an identity. They now know they're an offense capable of producing big plays and they know they have a quarterback and wide receiver for which defenses must game plan. That's a good start offensively. On defense, they showed they can stop the run and that they have several strong players in that area. That's more than they had on either side of the ball this time last offseason. Now, can they run more efficiently this season and become a team that can win defensively on third-down passing situations? Those are the next steps, and that's what a lot of the offseason will be about.
Scot from Section 240:
After analyzing the AFC Championship game film carefully, I came away with a tactic Denver employed that could also help the Jaguars. It seemed that Denver applied pressure to Tom Brady while he was trying to throw the ball. Repeatedly. While still being able to cover the NE receivers reasonably well. This in turn impacted the New England offense, and as a result, gave Denver an advantage in the outcome of the game.
John: I'll Google this to make sure you're right, but it does sound awesome.
Alan from Santa Monica, CA:
Fun fact: Brady was hit Sunday more times than any other quarterback in any game this season – regular or post season. It also happens to be the least amount of time the Broncos blitzed all season long. Funny how amazing a defense can look when you get that kind of pressure only rushing three or four guys. It's almost as if getting to the quarterback makes the secondary look that much better.
John: Imagine that.
Marc from Duuuvaall County:
Hi, John: when football writers discuss defensive backs, they often refer to someone as having great "length." Are they simply referring to a player's height, or is the meaning more complex?
John: When football people speak of length with defensive backs, they are talking about a combination of height and arm span. Length is a good thing for a defensive back.
Duke from Jacksonville:
I don't understand how David Caldwell and Gus Bradley can be anything but tied together. They came in together. Either we're happy with their progress or we're not. Even if the losing is all the coach's fault, Caldwell selected Bradley. Why would we want him to pick the next coach?
John: The general manager is about more than picking a head coach. It's about having a long-term and short-term plan for player acquisition. I suppose time will tell on the first front. On the second front, I think there's little question Caldwell is on the right road.
Josh from Grand Island, NE:
Zone, I just watched the All Access with Gus Bradley addressing the South team for the Senior Bowl. I've had to secure a general contractor to repair the wall I ran through. Where do I send the bill?
John: Shadrick.
Rick from Annandale, VA:
O, am I the only one who thinks Derek Carr, Teddy Bridgewater and Jamies Winston going to the Pro Bowl ahead of Blake Bortles is you-gotta-be-kidding-me wrong?
John: It sure ain't right, but Bortles couldn't have played in the game, anyway, because of the thumb injury sustained in the regular-season finale.
Charles from Midlothian, VA:
Not to belittle the question … but was Todd Wash HIRED to actually do the job of defensive coordinator, or to be nothing more than a place holder and a Yes Man for Gus. In other words … no change ... just deck chair rearranging. So, when will Gus be fired: 0-3 start or the 0-4 start?
John: Wash very definitely will be the coordinator. Now, if you're expecting a major overhaul in terms of scheme change and defensive approach … well, I wouldn't bet the mortgage. Wash and Bradley are of like mind in a lot of ways defensively. As for your final question, I don't see Khan ever making a coaching change midseason.
Rob from Section 114:
O-Man, it is ticket renewal time for season-ticket owners. For us ROI folks - are they worth renewing, or will this be an eighth straight year (the same number of years I have been a season-ticket owner … wait - maybe I am the bad luck for the Jags…) of 5-11 or worse? We have to prognosticate a little and there exist many variables, but does your gut say we will still be mediocre or will we make a run at the divisional title and a significant chance in the playoffs?
John: I think the Jaguars have a real chance to finish .500 or better next season. Beyond that, I'd need to figure out what the Jaguars do in free agency and the draft … oh, and how Dante Fowler Jr. and Sen'Derrick Marks return from injury. Those are factors in this discussion.
Zachary from California:
How you guys doing on your defense and offense good or bad.
John: Offense better defense eh.
Will from Jacksonville:
How many other teams interviewed Todd Wash for their defensive coordinator position? If "none," doesn't that say something?
John: The answer is none. Does it say anything? Not really, no. Experience in that position really isn't a huge barometer for future success.
Shawn from Jacksonville:
Could you please pass this on to Tommy from Jacksonville? Don't watch the games (TV revenue) or buy any services or products from any of the Jaguars sponsors such as Publix, State Farm, Fanduel, Pepsi etc. which also support the team financially – and it's impossible for his petty "dime" not to reach the team in some capacity. I'm sure the team, the organization, its sponsors, and its fans will be fine without him. It's a sad state of affairs when someone chooses not to support the Jaguars because they do not agree or are not happy with one of their decisions. I'll happily spend a little extra this year in his absence. #DTWD
John: #DTWD
Adam from St. Johns, FL:
Have all the fun you want with me, but the point remains the same. You said yourself the Jags would be closer to 8-8 than 4-12. We'll, they're not and I don't understand why it's crazy to believe that's not exceptable. We're giving extension for losing. This all seems completely exceptable to the front office. Please tell me when we should be mad about losing. Next season, 2020? I don't want to be impatient anymore. I want to know what is a reasonable time the fans should expect winning. Simple question that you'll make a joke out of, I'm sure.
John: I've always been pretty consistent that I don't know how to answer questions about when fans should be mad. People can be mad about what they want when they want, and besides – a quick look at the inbox tells me that most fans have no problem getting angry. I indeed thought the Jaguars would be closer to .500 than 4-12 this past season – and had a few plays in a few games gone their way, they probably would have achieved that. Jaguars Owner Shad Khan thought the foundation being in place and the progress shown was enough to give this thing another year. I believe the Jaguars have a very good chance to push to be above .500 next season. If they do, then I think it all stays together; if they don't, I doubt it will. As for a joke, I'm a little dry right now, though I do have a couple of gambling jokes people sometimes find … well, acceptable.
Steve from Denver, CO:
O, did you see old-timer Peyton Manning run for a first down vs the Patriots? When I suggested our younger, more athletic quarterback who ran for an average of 7.5 YPC his first year run you shot it down. If he only ran two-to-three times per game, slid to avoid injury, and only ran to loosen up the D … why not try another weapon?
John: I never shot down Bortles scrambling when under pressure, and in fact Bortles rushed 52 times for 310 yards this season. I did shoot down the idea of the Jaguars emphasizing Bortles' running ability as a featured part of the offense. The great ones win from the pocket.
Michael from Orange Park, FL:
O-Zone, please pass this on to Messrs. Caldwell, Bradley and Wash: We fans would like next year's defense to be at least 85 percent of what Denver's defensive line achieved in the AFC Championship game.
John: I'll bet you would.

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