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O-Zone Podcast: Steve Wyche of NFL Network

NFL Network reporter Steve Wyche speaks on camera before an NFL football game between the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019 in Los Angeles. (Ben Liebenberg via AP)

JACKSONVILLE – This needn't be a long rebuild.

History shows that's often true in the NFL – and as Steve Wyche sees it, that very well could be the case for the Jaguars and Head Coach Urban Meyer.

"If Trevor Lawrence is what he is [expected to be], it's not going to take too long," Wyche said.

Wyche, longtime reporter/analyst/host for NFL Network, discussed multiple topics with senior writer John Oehser on this week's O-Zone Podcast – including Meyer's likely impact in his first season with the organization and the Jaguars potentially selecting Clemson University quarterback Trevor Lawrence No. 1 overall in the 2021 Draft.

Wyche said the potential marriage of Lawrence and Meyer's offense makes the possibility particularly intriguing.

"He can run, he can throw it, he's tough," Wyche said of Lawrence. "We've seen all of those things. The Jaguars are going to run that RPO offense that Trevor Lawrence ran at Clemson. These are the things that Urban Meyer runs and that more and more teams are running. This is why Trevor Lawrence is a fit.

"If you're going to the to squeeze him into an old-school, pro-style offense, then maybe people would say, 'Well, he doesn't read this,' or, 'He comes off his first read.' But because they're running what he did in college, you're not hearing nearly as much of, 'OK, this is a flaw,' or, 'This is a flaw.'''

Other topics discussed by Wyche:

*The potential for a 17-game NFL regular season as early as 2021.

*The situation involving quarterback Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans.

*The Indianapolis Colts' recent reported trade with the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Carson Wentz.

Wyche also discussed the impact that the No. 1 overall selection could have on the Jaguars' organization, as well as how long it could take to improve from last season's 1-15 season to being able to contend late in the season. Wyche said while turnarounds needn't take a long time, a degree of patience is necessary in any building process.

"It might be a two- or three-year deal," Wyche said. "You want to find people who are going to fit what Urban Meyer wants to do, what this coaching staff wants to do – people who fit the personality. Build up those trenches. You've got to build up that defensive line and the front seven.

"We've seen in the NFL that it doesn't take long. It doesn't take long if you build things the right way and don't try to go for the short-term fix."

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