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O-Zone: Ready and waiting

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it … Nate from York, PA:
I don't understand why people keep talking about Dave Caldwell losing his job. Even if the Jags don't have a good season, which I don't see happening, he has done a tremendous job bringing the talent to this team and finding gems like Allen Hurns. Hats off to the scouting, too, for that. But if the talent isn't being utilized correctly, how does that come back to the general manager?
John: When teams have three consecutive losing seasons in the first three seasons of a regime, people are going to talk about head coaches and general managers not returning. That's the nature of losing, and the nature of the scrutiny of the NFL. As such, there is going to be talk throughout the offseason about hot seats and the futures of Caldwell and Bradley. We've discussed Bradley's extension/future ad nauseam in recent moments, and I believe the Jaguars will show enough improvement that he will return – but I do believe improvement must be shown. As far as Caldwell, I agree that he has done a very good job reestablishing the foundation of this franchise. I expect him to be the Jaguars' general manager for a long time – and I agree with you that his future is not as dependent on the 2016 record as Bradley's.
John from Jacksonville:
I've been thinking … it would be great to have two Top 5 draft picks in Round 1 this coming season instead of just one. Wait, I guess we do have two in both Dante Fowler and the one TBD. What I'm trying to say is with last season now in the past it's as if we are getting what would be equivalent to two Top 5 first-round picks this season. As long as a lens doesn't crack in my rose colored glasses, I'm happy.
John: #DTWD
Jason from Suffolk, VA:
Is drafting a center in the mid-rounds of this year's draft very likely? A.J. Cann and Brandon Linder have already proven to be excellent guards. Why not draft and start a center? Whoever loses the left tackle battle could then provide excellent depth to the line. I think this scenario is a better alternative to switching Linder to center.
John: There certainly is a faction of fans who feel this way. I don't get the feeling the people making the decisions on this with the Jaguars are part of the faction. I see the loser of the left-tackle battle likely starting at guard, with the offensive line likely some variation of Jermey Parnell, A.J. Cann, Brandon Linder, Kelvin Beachum and Luke Joeckel.
Ryk from Amelia Island, FL:
Limo Bob, your enthusiasm is boundless if not misguided. See Ditka, 1999, Ricky Williams. This is why you don't trade away part or all of your draft class.
John: Oh, that's right … there is that.
Travis from High Springs, FL:
Hi John, I recently heard Aldon Smith was a free agent. Is that correct? If so, is he someone the Jags may be interested in to help the pass rush?
John: Yes, Smith is a free agent. He also won't be eligible to play until late November 2016. For that reason and many others, I don't think the Jaguars will be interested in signing Smith.
Zachary from California:
What player do you need for your defense?
John: The best one available in the draft.
Rob from Brunswick, GA:
I have been hearing two games in London – one away and one home – is all but a done deal at this point. While this is an excellent idea and I'm on board, do you think that would be the limit of what we would do? We have Jags fans all over the United States, so I would hate to give up more games than that. Many only get to see the team when we hit up their towns.
John: I believe back-to-back games in London – one home and one away – is something with which the Jaguars could and should experiment. It makes too much sense logistically to not be explored. But I in no way think it's "all but a done deal." If it does happen … yeah, I think that would be the limit.
Zac from Orange Park, FL:
It looks like the Browns are where the Jaguars were three years ago. If you were essentially starting from scratch as a general manager, would you draft a quarterback in the first round and build around him or would you build a foundation first and draft a guy next year?
John: How good is the quarterback?
Preston from Oakville, CT:
O-Man, it seems the Jaguars are starting to gain some national recognition. Although I don't put too much stake in this matter, could you see the Jaguars warranting a prime-time game this year outside of the guaranteed Thursday Night game?
John: I think there is a slight, slight chance the Jaguars could get a non-Thursday prime-time game this year. That's up from last year when I thought there was no chance.
Greg from Jacksonville and Section122:
People want to whine and complain about the London game. Okay, here are some facts, fellow fans. We have one of the Top 5 lowest ticket prices in the league, a thing we have enjoyed for many years. So, if you want Shad to stop the London games, agree to bring the price up for the seats to make up the difference. Wait, what? You don't want to pay more for your season tickets? Then stop complaining about the London game. We got it good, people – and as much as I would love to have an additional home game, I love being to afford my tickets more. All it takes is us paying for PSLs and Top 5 ticket price in the league and I am sure all those pesky London games go away.
John: You're a little rough, Greg, but yeah …
Jason from Falling Waters, WV:
Dan Skuta moving to LEO is intriguing. Is he above the caliber of Ryan Davis?
John: Dan Skuta isn't moving to Leo, exactly. He is going to play Otto linebacker with a pass-rushing role as a Leo in some situations. He's different than Davis in that he is a starting-level outside, strong-side linebacker who can move over and rush the passer from the edge. Davis is a Leo end who is primarily an interior rusher in passing situations.
Bo from Dresden, NC:
Injuries are a part of the game. Does the fact that Myles Jack is coming off one possibly steer us away from picking him?
John: No.
Don from Mayport, FL:
Jags need a bona fide stud with their first pick. Is it Jalen Ramsey, Myles Jack or bust? Any other defensive draft prospect(s) you consider to possess extraordinary elite talent?
John: Joey Bosa and DeForest Buckner. I don't believe the Jaguars would take the latter, but I think they would strongly consider the former. It has become vogue in recent weeks to discount Bosa as an elite-level prospect. That's incorrect.
Thomas from Sidwell:
Here's one for getting rid of the last of the Gene Smith players this year. That's the real secret to success.
John: Nah, it's not, but that will happen in time.
Kent from Jacksonville:
I just saw a "latest mock draft" that has the Jaguars taking Jalen Ramsey over Joey Bosa. Now, I understand that mock drafts are like … opinions … and it really depends how Dave has his board rated, BUT: given that they signed Gipson in free agency and still need pass rush help, would you see Dave passing on Bosa in favor of Ramsey a likely scenario?
John: I'm fresh off seeing Jalen Ramsey's Florida State Pro Day, so I'm admittedly a little biased, but if Caldwell has seen the same player on film that I saw for 10 minutes in Tallahassee … yeah, I could see him selecting Ramsey over pretty much anyone. Ramsey is a special athlete and may be a once-in-a-generation player at his position. Those are awfully difficult to pass regardless of the position the player happens to play.
Wayne from St. Augustine, FL:
The Jaguars' first pick has to be Shaq Lawson. He is the best edge rusher in the entire draft and that is the Jaguars' greatest need. It seems simple. Where am I wrong?
John: Who knows? Maybe you're not.
Darrick from Jacksonville:
Is Jacksonville really ready to have a winning team? I'm not being facetious. There has been a noticeable uptick in the amount of positive press. If the team starts stringing wins together, outsiders will begin to latch on and really start to pay attention. Do you believe this city is really ready to become THAT city and THAT fan base?
John: If the team wins, then absolutely the city is ready to become that city and that fan base. In a lot of ways, this city and this fan base has been ready to be that city and that fan base for a long, long time. Absolutely, positively.

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