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O-Zone: Time to lie down

JACKSONVILLE – FYI, we're a bit off the rails today. Maybe it's the Dead Zone. Maybe it's something else. Maybe I'm just too dazed to know.

As keeper of the gates here in the O-Zone, it's probably on me to get things back right. Maybe tomorrow. That said, I think we should all be prepared as we move forward today for the weirdest O-Zone I can recall in nearly two years.

Deep breath . . . one more . . . OK . . .

Let's get to it . . .

Cameron from Kearney, NE:
Mr. O, this and that? Whoever you are = hope? Hope, for what? You sir, have blinded me (mind's eye will never recover!) I have Speedos and thongs running through my subjective mind, and I want THONGS! I will buy tickets@! Swimming pool, here I come!
John: See what I mean?
Jonathan from Smyrna, GA:
Attempting to put guys on mental depth charts on the defensive backs position a week prior to July can be taxing. Taking a step back shows us a YOUNG, COMPETITIVE UNIT with much to prove, AND will only get tighter in competition when we inevitably pick up more depth with some veteran acquisitions later. Have I seen the light?
John: You seem to be discussing the defensive back position, and yes, it's difficult to put together the depth chart right now. Dwayne Gratz seems likely to start at corner, with Johnathan Cyprien and Dwight Lowery at safety. Alan Ball is pretty clearly the starting corner opposite Gratz, but I'll feel better about that as the long-term depth chart once we get a couple of weeks into camp.
Michael from Jacksonville:
John, my company will be issuing myself a bonus in August. That bonus will buy my season tickets. I'm coming. #TellCoach
John: What's a bonus? #ThingstoaskShad
Darrell from Starke, FL:
Too bad about the Wookie wage scale, but remember Luke... The Force will be with you, Always.
John: I drove through Starke this weekend.
Trey from Jacksonville:
Talk about ironic. You once again post another Tebow question/statement. How are those page views coming along?
John: I drove through Gainesville this weekend, too.
Colin from St. Simons Island, GA:
Yoooo, Johnny O! I went to caravan Saturday in Brunswick and was in shock to see players I recognized before my eyes. I got all the autographs from players and cheerleaders. I hope these caravans continue every year! Brunswick was the least desired spot according to the votes. I am a huge fan! Next year Brunswick is the spot of attention!
John: I don't know about Brunswick being the least-desired spot. I darned sure wouldn't have voted that way, but the caravan is indeed a great thing for fans. The Jaguars, as you mention, don't simply offer up practice-squad players and reserves at these events. I attended two caravans, with Tyson Alualu, Sen'Derrick Marks, Cecil Shorts III, Blaine Gabbert, Bryan Anger and Josh Scobee in attendance at one or the other. That's yet another example of the organization's commitment to fans, and as far as I know, the caravans will continue.
Chris from Savannah, GA:
What is the reasoning behind the trend in the NFL of teams only carrying two quarterbacks?
John: Teams carrying three quarterbacks used to be quite common, but it's a practice that has dwindled in recent seasons, with many teams opting to now carry two. The teams that carry two often keep one on the practice squad for the purpose of development – and to have an extra arm for practice. The reason for most teams carrying two is actually pretty simple. Realistically, a contending team is going to have difficulty staying in contention if the No. 2 quarterback has to play for any extended time. If a team gets down to the No. 3, it's in even more dire circumstances.
Bill from Scottsburg, NY:
Does Mike Florio do a great job? Is his website very popular?
John: Word.
Marcus from Jacksonville:
What is the reasoning behind not addressing Maurice Jones-Drew's contract until the offseason? Are they afraid it will be a distraction? I just feel like at least starting the conversation has no downside. At least you know where you stand. If you happen to be standing insurmountable distances apart, then you have time to make the necessary moves, be that negotiating or possibly trading.
John: The Jaguars have decided to let this season play out before making decisions on trying to re-sign unrestricted free agents. Remember, this is a first-year coaching staff and a first-year front office. They want to see the players for a full season before nailing down long-term decisions. If it's obvious by December that the team wants to move forward with Jones-Drew or, say, Eugene Monroe, there's nothing written in stone that says the team can't begin addressing those issues a bit earlier.
John from Section 105:
I'm thinking a lack of a pool dress code being highlighted on the world's largest video boards will lead to some very interesting possibilities....and maybe a little bit of throw up.
John: It will be sort of like my videos and even a lot of O-Zones – worth seeing in a lot of cases, and worth not seeing in a lot of other cases.
James from Orange Park, FL:
When it comes to LeBron James, there are two types of people: Those who find reasons (excuses) why LeBron James wins and those who find reasons (excuses) why LeBron James loses.
John: That's what happens to polarizing figures in sports. There was a time when people thought Michael Jordan couldn't win titles. There was a time when people said the same thing about John Elway. Time changed that with each player. The storyline and themes of James' career have yet to play out completely, but it would seem he'll be remembered as, I don't know, a pretty good player. And for now, at least, he's a two-time NBA Champion.
Etheric from Rockville, FL:
In your opinion John, what is the best rock song? Worst?
John: The best is the one where they sing about the thing. The worst is that song they sing about those other things.
Gator from Section My Couch:
I hear Lageman doin' another great interview with the rookies. You know who would do an award-winning job playin' Luke in a movie? Would make everyone around him, director, producer, cameraman better? Has the size, the atheism, camera I really need to say it?
John: Gator, I don't know that you meant to write, "atheism," but there's brilliance here either way.
Bill from Ponte Vedra, FL:
I'm envisioning Jaguars staff day at the new pool(s) as a similar scene to Caddy Day at Bushwood Country Club.
John: JP Shadrick and I have already talked this idea through pretty extensively. I'm looking forward to it. As for JP, he is singularly focused on the day to the point that he has rescheduled vacations and adjusted his budget. Let's just say, when there's a pool party, Shadrick stands united and is all in.
David from The Island:
I like listening to Bianchi in the AM. He definitely has opinions and is usually entertaining. Both good things. The problem I have with people in his line of work is they often have opinions without knowing the facts. That makes them lazy since they are spreading their opinion without all the facts. If you want entertainment, sports radio is fine. If you want facts, well, look somewhere else.
John: I wouldn't necessarily say it makes them lazy. I'd argue that sports columnists and media personalities typically work pretty hard. It's a bit harder to have good ideas, execute them and be entertaining in the public eye every day than people might think. That probably sounds like I'm giving more credit to many media types than they deserve, but I know how difficult it is and have a high level of respect for it. Bianchi and other media types have their opinion, and their job is to use their forums to entertain as best they can. There are a lot of people who are good at this, and Bianchi is one of them. He isn't correct all of the time, nor do I necessarily expect him to be.
Mike from Section 238:
If you were a Hawaiian surfer, or an Olympic speed skater, or married a Beatle, or continue this theme any would be the Ono-Zone.
John: I'm so NOT encouraging this . . .
Benjamin from Jacksonville:
If you were writing for the Saints you could call it the Geaux-Zone. If someone made you eat your words you could call it the Crow-Zone. If you aren't a fan of Cobra Command you could call it the G.I. Joe-Zone. If you think fish eggs taste good you could call it the Roe-Zone. If you called this town Jagsonville you could call it the Portmanteau-Zone. I know I'm late on this, but I figured I'd give it a try. Too much all at once?
John: . . . I'm staying out of the way, you'll notice . . .
Dane from Jacksonville:
A public service announcement to all of your readers: If you scroll up and down real fast, the title changes to "Yo-yo-Zone." Thank you.
John: . . . seriously, I'd really like it noticed that I have nothing to do with this . . .
Andy from St. Augustine, FL:
Rhyming with the O-Zone is over? Over? Did you say over? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! And it ain't over now...cause when the going gets tough..... .......the tough get going! Who's with me? C'mon! If you had 7 years of college go down the drain, it could be the Blut-O-Zone.
John: . . . I need to lie down.

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