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Offensive line could be area of strength

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Trip Dotson from Jacksonville:
Now that Brunell might have to run again to save his life, what do you think his willingness to run is gonna be when a pass play breaks down? Is he gonna do it or take the sack?
Mark Brunell still has the mobility to avoid the rush and buy time to throw, but his running days are over.

Shawn O'Neill from Jacksonville:
I would like to begin this letter by stating I am no prude by any stretch of the imagination, however, I would like to know if the Jaguars have an alcohol-free section of seating. I took my wife and son to one game last year and that was all we could handle. Late in the game the drunks were belligerent, obnoxious (to each other) and rowdy. On our way to the car the Gator fans started taunting the equally obnoxious Seminole fans. We hurried to get out of the commotion so my son would not see the fight that was about to ensue. We had a great time until then and will give it a try early this season. If the drunks cursing and carrying on is minimal, we will go back again. If we witness what we saw last year, that is it. I think the ticket prices are reasonable and the concession prices are what I would expect. I would love to buy season tickets for the family to enjoy this season, but I am reluctant based on factors other than football that I have witnessed in the past.
The Jaguars have an alcohol-free seating area. Call the ticket office at 904-633-2000 for details.

Timothy Dumas from Lumberton, MS:
I'm a diehard Jaguars fan; the only one in my whole town. My question is: What do the Jags really need to get to the Super Bowl?
Time, patience and more drafts.

Hobert Root from St. Augustine, FL:
Brunell is a great quarterback when he has protection. Last year he got hit hard and often. Do you think he will get the pass protection he needs this year to be productive?
The Jaguars offensive line offers legitimate reason for optimism. Maurice Williams can develop into one of the best, young offensive tackles in the league. Chris Naeole is an outstanding guard who is in the prime years of his career. If Brad Meester moves to center, those three players will form an outstanding nucleus for the future. Zach Wiegert is a capable, veteran guard. The big question is at left tackle. Will second-round pick Mike Pearson be up to the task? If the Jaguars solve the vacancy at left tackle, this year's offensive line has a chance to be much better than average. It can become one of this team's areas of strength.

Steve Murray from Ocala, FL:
If the Jaguars are seriously committed to signing a veteran quarterback to back up Mark Brunell, why aren't the Jaguars looking more closely at a proven veteran such as Charlie Batch, instead of Tony Banks?
Charlie Batch is likely to draw more interest, which would make him more expensive to sign.

Matt Bush from Wadsworth, OH:
Can you give me any info about this year's training camp? I plan on coming from outside of Cleveland and need any info you might have.
Players report to training camp at Alltel Stadium on July 25. The first practice is set for the following day. Training camp will be open to the public.

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